Homegoods & Marshalls Home Decor Haul
Homegoods & Marshalls Home Decor Haul


50 thoughts on “Homegoods & Marshalls Home Decor Haul”

  1. Jessica Maldonado says:

    Oh em gee!! I got so excited when I saw the notification that u uploaded, amazing haul!!! Love ur channel!!

  2. Lacy Lace says:

    I love your style! So glad I found your channel! ❤️

  3. LOVELY DECOR says:


  4. Designs and Inspirations -GreenCrystalRose says:

    The art the tray the topiary I am so in love with everything especially the tray😍😍😍
    I'm waiting for more topiaries to come out I ordered some from amazon and they were all damaged still using them but need to replace them

  5. Jordyns Mommy says:

    Beautiful things! I love them all!

  6. linda dixon says:

    Beautiful items you chose. And I love the picture, when I first saw it, I thought it was a zgallerie original. Great idea.

  7. Sylvia Uppal says:


  8. Decorating Dollars says:

    Gorgeous finds! That tray is stunning! Love it! Enjoy

  9. JulieSimplyLove says:

    Absolutely beautiful love your haul 🙌🏽🙌🏽


    I love EVERY single piece you have!! I love your style!!

  11. Shanaky Williamson says:

    beautiful every thing

  12. Gloria Salsman says:

    Where did you buy your candle holders? The silver ones, and the crystal long candles, and can you tell me where you bought your glitter pillow that's on your couch, they are all so pretty and the pillows behind the glitter pillows , I can never find pillows when I go out shopping, or if I do they are never on sale, $100.00 is to pricey for me

  13. modelchickny says:

    Love all your items. Nice taste, I love the diamond tray. I just uploaded a few videos as well. Hope you stop by!

  14. Deeb Ford says:

    Beautiful Gorgeous I love everything. will you b showing us where you placed the items you purchased in your home decor. tfs

  15. Gloria Salsman says:

    Hello, but for some reason I can't get Ingram? I don't what the trouble is, you did say that you bought them from home Goods? Do you think TJMAX would have them? Or where would I be able to buy at a lower price , cause I know tjmax is high on some items, an id so is marschels, , I am retired so I have to watch what I spend, so I try to buy items that are on sale or clearance,

  16. Gloria Salsman says:

    When I worked, if there was something that I wanted I would buy, but now that I am retired I have to watch what I buy,

  17. Mary Rodriguez says:

    Love, love love home goods !!!! New subscribed … Blessings love uuuuu ❤️

  18. Veronica Salas says:

    Wow everything is gorgeous! My very favorite is the diamond tray😊 new sub here. Best wishes with your channel.

  19. Moelipstick says:

    Love the zgallerie inspired art

  20. GoGo Woods says:

    fantastic haul

  21. thelma johnson says:

    Really loooooove the turntable. Everything else is gorgeous, but the turn table got me. You did a great job on the art, tfs

  22. Petrina Steer says:

    All the pieces are gorgeous!

  23. Tammy B. Jones says:

    awesome haul

  24. Florence Black says:


  25. Its all about Perspective says:

    it's absolutely beautiful. gr8 haul

  26. Karhi Flores says:

    I love all ur items.. please I should do a home tour would love to see how u decorate with all ur pieces ur purchased. So I could have and idea on how to decor my home lol.. TFS god bless u

  27. Alma Almaraz says:

    How much was the throw blanket? Everything looks really beautiful!

  28. blondie warrior says:

    your decorations

  29. ginajeani says:

    You have fab taste. You are such an inspiration.

  30. absolutely adonis says:

    I have watched this vid several times now. This is my style. Thank you for sharing your fabulous luxury decor with us. ⚜️👍🏼

  31. Mommy Garcia says:

    Omg !!! All the bling is sooo breathtaking !!! Love that mirrored tray georgeous !!!! Great haul !!!

  32. Yojna Singh says:

    Simply wow

  33. Life with Ro Nicole says:

    Just subscribed. Loving the hauls

  34. Sharonda Reed says:

    My favorite items in this video are the pillows.

  35. The New HouseWife01 says:

    Awesome finds, everything is gorge!!

  36. marie etienne says:

    Love you channel New subbie

  37. Rhonda Hill says:

    I love it all! great deal chic. new subbie

  38. Ahnyis B says:

    Beautiful Beautiful items I love how creative u were with the art work very awesome.

  39. Tianna Marie says:

    Where did you nuy that painting from and what kind of sparkles did you purchase to add to it? I might get creative this weekend. LOL.

  40. Mahira Kassimi says:

    I love your warm classy style it makes me feel good

  41. Ginny Carroll says:

    I love your print. I may have missed where you got it from and how long ago?

  42. Ginny Carroll says:

    Read through other comments. Found the answer to where you bought the art. New subscriber. Love your haul.

  43. Tiffany Billotte says:

    I wish I could hear you!!!

  44. Nancy Adames says:

    me fascinó tienes muy buen gusto congratulation…….

  45. Patty Caswell says:

    Good Morning I have a question. How hard is to keep a white sofa/couch clean? My hubby and I are going back and forth about it as our last child and grandchild moved out this weekend and now I can have a grown up living room.

  46. Deloris Bledsoe says:

    This was a very nice haul. I love the art work and candles absolutely beautiful!. Thanks for sharing.

  47. Marsha Anderson says:

    New to channel I love that

  48. Marie Brawley says:

    Love everything💝❤

  49. Панчали Коробко says:

    Please tell me in which store you bought it. It's very beautiful! (I'm only learning English and partly understand what you're talking about).

  50. Marie Andersen says:

    Can i buy the blanket online+ 🙂

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