Homemade decorative curtain with drinking straw/DIY home decoration idea/Art&Craft with PRATIMA
Homemade decorative curtain with drinking straw/DIY home decoration idea/Art&Craft with PRATIMA

All the materials details has been given in the description box Take the straw then fold twice on 1 cm, now fold the straw diagonally and keep on the folded part like this.. after that fold the rest part twice like this…. now keep your thumb finger in the gape and move the rest of the part diagonally like this…. now the last portion of the straw put inside the folded part Here I am using a unused card you can use any other object Using woolen thread roll the thread on the card and make a thick roll of woolen thread now take out the roll and tie with another same color thread like this… Take 2 tbs of white cement using glue according to requirement for making dough using acrylic yellow color near about 1 tsp now mix the all things properly do not use water,if required use glue I am making this for beads,if you want you can purchase the beads from the market also now with this dough you can make any design as you wish for making hole on it I am using toothpick dry it for 15 minutes here I am using cotton thread you can use nylon threat also for making it take a big needle then make the curtain like this here I have used ‘Chumki’ of green color,it is optional you can skip

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