House Cleaning Tips & Advice : Cleaning Wicker Furniture
House Cleaning Tips & Advice : Cleaning Wicker Furniture

For wicker furniture, you can use a warm,
soapy rag and just wipe down on the surface of all the furniture. To get inside the crevices
you can use a soft bristled brush, this one you can just buy at Wal-Mart or whatever,
and get inside each one of the little crevices to get the dust out because sometimes dust
gets settled down in there that you can’t reach. You can also use homemade furniture
polish, baby oil and lemon extract to just kind of give it a little bit of shine. If
you get the furniture really wet, sometimes you have to to get all the dust out, you can
sit it outside in the sun to dry. And make sure you wait a couple days to sit on it and
make sure it’s completely dry or else you’ll distort the actual shape of the furniture.

6 thoughts on “House Cleaning Tips & Advice : Cleaning Wicker Furniture”

  1. AmbientWarrior says:

    nice. good tips.
    Ive got an interest in wicker. lol >< My uncle sells wicker and I do his website. haha

  2. CV says:

    what city Ambient?


    BTW Expertvillage, the best way to clean wicker is regularly vacuuming it w/a bristle brush.
    Trust me, I design, build, buy and sell more than you can imagine. 😉
    Avoid water if you can.

  3. AmbientWarrior says:

    when I posted that comment he was online only. But since then he opened a shop in Cairo, GA. I've got one of his ads up in my vids. ^_^

  4. Mark Grabowski says:

    Great demonstration Gale! Sending this to my social wicker networks and saving for customers who ask… 🙂

    Mark @WickerParadise

  5. Zinnia Amor says:

    very nice

  6. NativeNYerChicHK says:

    The brush that comes with a dust pan, that little hand held dust broom, is so much easier than that tiny brush, it gets to more of the surface at each pass.

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