HOUSE TOUR! The BEFORE and AFTER | HelloThalita
HOUSE TOUR! The BEFORE and AFTER | HelloThalita

Hey guys, welcome back
to my channel. I am Thalita Ferraz, and today’s video is
going to be a little different from what I usually do here on this channel. The thing is, I want to keep recording videos
for this channel, I just don’t know what to do. I feel like I don’t really just want to sit
in front of the camera, and talk to you guys. I’ve been thinking a lot about making more
vlog style videos. I want to share a little bit of my life with
you. I used to do that a lot on my Brazilian channel. Like I told you guys before, I am Brazilian,
and I had a pretty huge channel in Brazil, I had 2.5 million followers. A lot of things happened, and I decided to
just stop. It’s been about two years now since I stopped
recording videos for that channel, which is crazy. But I used to record a lot of vlogs, and I
really enjoy making vlogs, sharing my life. So for today’s vlog,
I’m actually going to show you guys … I’m going to give you a tour of my house. I’ve been asked a lot on Instagram to show
my house, to give you guys a tour, but I’ve been so busy lately, and I also have been
doing a lot in this house. So, we bought this house six months ago, and
it wasn’t very pretty. We got a really good deal for this house. That was the main reason why we bought it. When we saw this house for the first time,
I personally fell in love with it. I loved the layout, I love how open the house
was. But my husband didn’t really like the idea
of renovating everything. The house was not destroyed, but it wasn’t
very pretty. So yeah, this house was pretty beat up when
we got it. My husband wasn’t happy
at all, but the price was pretty good, and we had the money to put in into the house,
we had the money to pay for everything. Not for everything, we’ve been saving a lot,
and it’s not easy. Houses’ stuff is so expensive. We’ve been doing a lot ourselves too, like
painting. We did the kitchen backsplash, which was terrible. I’m going to show you guys in a little bit. So yeah, now the house is finally coming together. We still have to do the two bathrooms, we
have the master bathroom, and we have the guest bathroom. In the guest bathroom, which is right next
to me, they have this really weird tile. And then our master bathroom, it’s pretty
disgusting. If you see the shower, it has this black … it
looks like mold. But I think about it, and I’m like, “Did
they ever wash this bathroom, the shower?” Because it doesn’t look like it, it’s gross. All right. I guess I am done talking. Oh yeah, let’s go to the tour, because that’s
why you guys are here for. All right, so this is
our house right there. This is the front yard that we still got to
finish. This looks terrible, I know. Oh yeah, this is our driveway. We have, as you guys can see, a three-car
garage. I love the front of our house, I think it’s
pretty cute. We are in a corner lot, so yeah, we have a
lot of land. This is the rest of our front yard, that’s
where we have the landscaping. Right across the street, we have this big
field. So we don’t have anybody in front of us, we
feels like we don’t have anyone around, which is great. ou want to say hi to
the camera? That’s my little princess. All right, so this is the first living room
that we have here. Also we have this wine fridge. We are not using this yet, but we are going
to do a little decoration right here, we’re going to have some wine. And if anybody wants to sit and have some
wine, they can do it. So yeah, I’m going to
show you guys the before right now. It wasn’t very pretty, you guys can actually
see it right now. They had carpet all over. But now that we actually have the wood floor,
it looks so much better, right? It looks so much better. Right across, we have our dining table. I haven’t really done anything here. I’m thinking about putting two big plants
right across at that wall right there. And then, I don’t know, putting some mirrors
right here. I’m not sure yet. And now my favorite part of the house, the
kitchen and our living room. I love this two areas. It looks so good right now. So this right here is our kitchen. And like I said, my husband and I, we did
this backsplash, and it was terrible. If you guys ever want to do it yourself, I
don’t even know if you should do it. It took us four days. It was miserable, but we did it. I love the farm houses. As you guys can see, I love the farmhouse
style, and I wanted something more rustic. So that’s why we got this counter top right
here. You guys can see it right now, it kind of
looks like cement [inaudible 00:06:15]. So I know right here on this wall is a little
empty right now, but it’s because we’re still going to put some shelves right there. We are going to do some floating shelves,
it’s going to look so pretty. They’re going to be … we’re thinking about
the same color as the stools. I love this light color. For wood, it looks like natural wood, and
I think will look really pretty. And this kitchen, compared to before, it’s
so much better right now. The soffit, as you guys can see, was way too
big, and it just didn’t really look pretty. So yeah, I’m pretty happy with how this kitchen
turned out. Now, let’s go to the
living room. Our fireplace wasn’t like this before. My husband was actually the one that refinished
the fireplace. So yeah. And right here, as you guys can see, we built
this shoe shelves right here, which has this industrial look. I still have to finish the creating both of
them because it’s not easy. There have a lot of space in there, and a
lot of things to fill in. So it’s going to take me a while till we finish
everything. All right. So now our bathroom, which is the guest downstairs
bathroom was so ugly. They had this red paint all over, and they
also painted the ceiling. We are not done yet, it’s really plain. We still have to do a lot in this bathroom,
but it looks so much better than before. All right, so now we’re going to go upstairs
because otherwise this video is going to be way, way too long. So this is our bedroom,
we are not done decorating this bedroom. But anyway, so this is our bedroom. We still got to buy a little bench right here
to put in front of the bed, so we can storage our pillows. And right here on the left side, I’m still
going to buy a big dresser. And then on top, I’m going to put a big round
gold mirror. So yeah, I feel like that’s pretty much all
we need for this bedroom. This is where our TV is, and that’s between
your bed right there. Let me show you guys the master bathroom. Okay. It’s a little mess in here. That’s the shower. Look how disgusting the shower looks. So that’s why we’re not even using. So our plans is to remove everything, paint
everything white, put a different shower. I’m going to show you guys. We’re also going to take this vinyl, this
floor out, we’re going to put new floors. We’re going to do a lot in this bathroom,
and I am going to show you guys when we do it. Right here is Ron’s
closet, always messy. He’s worse than me with his closet. So he has this whole closet just for him. Clothes all over. Right here, we have the guest bedroom, which
was a really, really dark green when we first got here. They had this gigantic fan on the bedroom,
which I feel like it took so much space, and made it look a lot smaller. And this bedroom also have a closet. And it’s a big closet, so anybody that comes
here, and want to stay tonight, or maybe the weekend, they have this nice bedroom. And Petunia comes with it, right Pey? Okay, this is the bathroom that I was talking
about with you guys. This is not bad. You can actually just paint it white, because
I feel like white … we don’t have any windows here, so white will give the illusion that
it’s brighter. So we’re going to paint it all white, and
we are definitely changing this floor. This was the tile that
was all over the hallway. Can you guys believe that? That was the tile. And then right here, this is my shooting area. That’s where I usually have all my camera
stuff. This is the place I record my outfit videos. If you guys have never seen it before, you
can go to my Instagram, and see all of my views. So by the way, the reason my closet is so
messy today, it’s because my friend and I, we are going tomorrow to LA for Beautycon,
and I still have to do my luggage. So I’m checking which clothes I’m going to
take with me. I like to put all of them together, I like
to put them on, to see if I really like them. And if you guys want to see how I do my luggage,
I can actually make a video for you. Let me know in the comments. But anyway, this is my closet, this is my
magical place. Before I show you my closet, I’m going to
show you the before. This bedroom was pink,
this I guess, it probably was a kid’s bedroom. And then we turned this bedroom into a closet,
and I just love it. We did a pretty good job building this closet. That’s where I put all of my shoes. And this is not just a closet, this is also
a work area. That’s my desk right there, which has my bags
and everything all over it. But that’s usually where I work. So, it’s not just a closet, it’s a closet
and office. I actually have way too much space right now,
but I am a fashion blogger, I post a lot. I’m always taking pictures, like outfit pictures. I’m always doing outfit videos on my Instagram. So I need this space. I know a lot of people are going to say, “My
gosh, that’s way too much.” Not for me, I’m always getting free clothes
from companies, and I’m always buying clothes. So yeah, I need the space. And this is enough for me. Oh my gosh, I talked
way too much. My throat hurts right now. Anyway, I really hope you guys liked it. I tried to do a pretty detailed tour. Like I said, I showed to you guys the before
and after. I guess it was pretty clear, right? You guys actually could see the house and
everything, right? I really hope so. So much to talk about. But anyway, I promise you guys that I am actually
going to show the renovation for the guest bathroom and the master bathroom. But anyway, this video is already way too
long. Thank you so much guys for watching. I’m going to bring you guys with me to LA,
I’m going to show you everything. I’m probably going to have part one and part
two for Beautycon. So yeah, keep an eye here my channel. I don’t know yet, the days I’m going to be
posting videos. I’m still thinking about it. But yeah, thank you so much for watching,
and I see you guys next time. Bye.

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