How do I cover my ugly, damp basement walls?
How do I cover my ugly, damp basement walls?

[Intro Music] Ron: Well a lot of times what we find in basements is a white powdery material on the walls and is not really sightly. Maybe some cracking, maybe there is a lot of moisture on the walls So we have a great line of wall products designed specifically for basements. They are all inorganic materials as well. And we have a wall system called BrightWall and what that is is a very thin, 8-inch thick vinyl plastic paneling It is white and is designed for basement environments where there could be some moisture. A Laundry room, a bathroom and when it is on the wall it looks great. Takes a really dark, damp basement and really brightens it up. That is one of our more popular wall systems. Another wall system that we have is called ThermalDry Wall. That is designed for basements that are finished or semi-finished, where there is heat and you want to reflect some of that heat back into the room. One of the benefits to our wall systems is that if there is any kind of seepage or vapor transmission behind the wall or some kind of wall seepage, it will go right directly into our WaterGuard System.

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  1. Randy Mac says:

    Where are you guys located

  2. Christopher Hesano says:

    Can I buy this locally?

  3. Cecilie M says:

    Yes!! I would be interested in buying this product! Where can I order or buy it?

  4. Jessica Lynne says:

    Where can I buy these panels in Canada?

  5. Maurice Calis says:

    How come your video has the same photos from Adirondack Basement's video?

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