How It’s Made | VersaCourt Tile
How It’s Made | VersaCourt Tile

Before VersaCourt tile is used to create the
highlight of your backyard, the focus of your facility, or the show piece of your playground,
it starts as plastic resin. This resin, mixed with colorants and other
additives, is the result of many years of research and development to ensure optimal
performance. The proprietary blend is then fed into our
state-of-the-art molding machines where the liquified resin is forced into a cavity, cured,
and removed. Once complete, the tile is shuttled from the
machine to its first quality control check-where technicians inspect for flatness, color consistency,
and other attributes. From here the tile is put into inventory to
satisfy future orders. When a new court is designed and entered into
the system, our assembly team gets a detailed drawing for the court, showing all tile, game
line options, and any custom logos. The team pulls all the tile for your court
and then assembles it in our facility. Game lines are painted on using ultra-durable
paints and any logos are hand painted by our in-house artists. This unique assembly method provides yet another
excellent quality check. When the final quality check is complete,
your court is dis-assembled into 4×4 sheets and given a number that aligns with the number
listed on your assembly instructions. These instructions are safely packaged with
your entire court & shipped for easy assembly by you, or your VersaCourt dealer. Build your dream residential or commercial
court today by visiting

2 thoughts on “How It’s Made | VersaCourt Tile”

  1. ThatAboyTrevor says:

    How much would it be to do a Black line main full court and do side way courts with just key on sides and can the side court be green line going around and white for the volleyball court and Red for other side court?

  2. Mr.Awesome says:

    I want a court

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