How MBJ helps small businesses to go digital | Dropbox UK | Dropbox
How MBJ helps small businesses to go digital | Dropbox UK | Dropbox

Our mission is to enable SME’s to have a digital presence. A lot of people underestimate what a positive impact a good web presence can have on their business. They don’t realise that it’s our modern day shopping window. If you go outside right now, and your wife
asks you where do you want to eat tonight, what’s the first thing you do? You probably go on Google, and you have a look, maybe on TripAdvisor, potentially, when you find one you’re going to click through to their website and see if it’s any good. If you have a substandard experience on the web, you just translate that into a substandard experience in the restaurant, and you’re probably going to think ah, maybe I can find a better restaurant. We came up with WAS (Website As a Service) because we felt that it’s too difficult for small or medium sized businesses to go digital. So we tried to narrow it down to really three simple things, It’s the concept, it’s the development and
then it’s the maintenance of the website. From the outside, it looks very scary, so we actually have clients who tell us they feel like digital dinosaurs, and I always think that’s quite funny, them describing themselves this way, and they actually said having worked with us for a couple of weeks they realise it’s not that scary and you have to learn it step by step. What this new digital age has really enabled us to do is to source the best talent and knowledge for whatever we need. So be that Dropbox for file sharing or MBJ
for creating a website, you know, people just want to do what they are doing best. So for example, brewing their coffee, cooking
your meal, repairing shoes, whatever it may be, but they want to be the best at it. We have one client, his name is Steve, he
is a personal trainer, and his web presence enabled him to focus more on the clients because he can spend more time doing what he is really good at, rather than focusing on marketing or lead generation, so he can actually put in 10-20% more onto the client. I think my main advice to businesses would be to take a leap of faith and to go digital, to find your customers, to find your clients
and to really connect with them online.

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