How much does new carpet cost Including installation and pad
How much does new carpet cost Including installation and pad

Hi, I’m Jerri Levinson at Carpets of Arizona we’re a small family-owned business. No one over five foot six I want to answer a common question that we always get on the phone What does carpet cost and obviously it’s a hard one to answer because there’s so many variables First of all, what does the carpet cost? What’s the cost of the Pad the installation tear out furniture Move? What’s the measurement of the room? It’s a little bit complicated to measure But I get it you want an idea rough idea of what the carpet is going to cost you, so Let me give you this example Get you started lease and give you an idea of what carpet costs, so and it depends on your situation So let’s say you’re selling the house First of all you should know about the dream program That’s a program where we will install carpet for you And you don’t pay anything until the house is sold ask us about the home seller dream program It’s a perfect situation for you, but let’s say you’re paying for it out of pocket I think you can expect to spend $2.50 to $3.50 a square foot to have new carpet installed for a house that you’re selling okay? you’re going to get a little bit cheaper carpet, but you’re Trying to sell the house not to have gorgeous carpet that you’re going to love and live with Okay, next you plan on living there a Few years Three to five years it’s not your dream home after that you’re going to sell it or rent it very common, so you want to be about $4.50 to $5.50 a square foot and What that is it’s going to give you a carpet that you’re going to be able to live with for a few years and then You’re going to be able to clean it up enough professionally, so you don’t have to replace it That’s what we don’t want you to have to do is we’re plate actually you should replace your carpet every three months if it were up to me, but practically speaking if you’re going to live in the house three to five years then You’re looking at $4.50 to $5.50 per ft. you won’t have to replace that carpet Just get it professionally cleaned, and then you’ll be able to sell or rent your house Next you got a lot of action going on you got kids you got pets you got friends You got your husband’s friends coming over there making a mess you got the pool in the backyard You need something that’s going to hold up very well Obviously, there’s hard surfaces that hold up better But you love carpet you want a softer treatment in your family room and certainly in your bedrooms But you’ve got a lot of action going on in the house. So you want a carpet That’s usually $5.50 on up to $9.50 and and more huge selection huge variety for you But this carpet is going to clean up professionally very well. It’s going to hold up well. You’re going to get 15 to 20 Year warranties out of it. So this is a great carpet. You’re going to only replace it because you’re sick of the color Okay, next you’re going to live in that house the rest of your life Price is about the same you know $5.50 to $9.50 and even higher on up from there We’ve got really soft plush carpet Great carpet to choose from you got patterns a huge variety but carpet that cleans up very well That won’t need Restretching That the seems hold together very well, you know we’re not going to sell you something based on price You’re going to live in that house the rest of your years you want something good durable that you’re going to love enjoy And it’s going to be easy to clean And easy to live with so I’d like you to do is come on down to the showroom 480 East Warner Road, We can help give you an idea of the cost But we want to send you home with some samples today, so you can live with it in your home Make sure it’s the right carpet for you Take advantage of the I Love My Carpet Guarantee, so we guarantee you’re going to love the color if not We’ll actually replace it for you come on down 480 East Warner Road You’re going to love working with my salespeople in our showroom We are located right in between Arizona Avenue McQueen on the north side of Warner Carpets of Arizona. We look forward to seeing you

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  1. LetsgetSkadooshed1123 says:

    Good video. Well spoken and thiight out. I can tell you are a good man who knows what he is talking about. If I lived in Arizona, I would have you change my carpet.

  2. Lawrence Jameson says:

    Did he just say you should replace your carpet every 3 months? Fuck you!!

  3. Louis A. McCaII II says:

    Great video!

  4. JEFF PAIN says:

    all carpet stores rip off there customers and the carpet
    installers…this company here makes the installers pay them in turn
    youll get a cheaper job…because the installers making less
    money…again getting ripped off

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