How To Antique Furniture | Dark Wax Tutorial
How To Antique Furniture | Dark Wax Tutorial

Hey there, it’s Rosanne here from Country Chic Paint In this video I’m going to show you how to
use dark wax to antique your furniture, so stay tuned. In this video we’re going to be using
the following supplies: We’re using Country Chic Paint’s antiquing wax
as well as a large wax brush and a lint free cloth. We’ve been working on
this little chair in some other videos so if you want to learn
about the entire process make sure to check out our YouTube channel
for our other videos With our antiquing wax it is
not necessary to apply natural wax first. You can if you want to but for this project I’m just going to apply it straight on the chair. I like using the
Country Chic Paint wax brushes to apply to wax because it’s
easier to get the paint in all the nooks and crannies of your piece, but you could also use a lint free rag if you
prefer So you’ll simply swirl it into your jar and then you’ll just brush it onto your piece I find it easiest to apply circular motions to spread out the wax Our wax doesn’t contain solvents so it’s
very environmentally friendly It does mean that the consistency is
a bit harder than you might be used to so you’ll need to keep in mind that the
wax can take up to three to four weeks to fully cure Since the wax is all natural and doesn’t contain chemical dryers it will stay
workable for a long time so you can also wait with buffing if you
need to run out halfway through for example to store your wax brushes I recommend
putting them in a ziploc bag or you can also use our brush soap to clean them after use after applying the wax you can buff it right away with a lint free cloth. So
normally I would not use antiquing wax on a seating surface of a chair because even though after it cures it feels dry, it can still give up some of the pigment and the last thing you want is to stain your clothing
with wax There’s another little tip I want to
show you and that is how you can use our natural
wax to manipulate your antiquing wax You just simply put some on a cloth and
you can use it as an eraser so you’re going to remove the antiquing wax with the natural wax so if you’ve applied too much then you can
always take some away Besides antiquing wax and
natural wax we also carry white wax, pearl wax, and gold wax If you want to learn more about
Country Chic Paint, you can visit our website or simply click on the
link below If you like this video then leave us a like or a comment and we’ll be sure to get back to your questions Thank you so much for watching and happy

28 thoughts on “How To Antique Furniture | Dark Wax Tutorial”

  1. chris carlson says:

    Good tip about the wax and seating…..could you use a sealer?

  2. Martine Bangs says:

    I would love to try antiquing wax on a mirror that has a lot of details on the frame…

  3. Kaytlin Bailey says:

    Love the clear natural wax tip! Didn't know that. I have a chair this could be used on that would be great!

  4. Jessy Jordan McCrindle says:

    Awesome tips, thanks. I think the tutorials are great. I found it really hard to hear you talking with the music in the background though, might wanna tweet that lol

  5. Laura Boyer says:

    Thanks so much for this video! I'm picking up an antique buffet this weekend that I'd love to paint in Simplicity and then try a little of the antiquing wax on top.

  6. Jan Scheuerman says:

    Love this, thanks so much!  I will be sure to use my signature color, Seas the Day and do a table I have with this wax…would love to try the Country Chic antique wax with it!  Seas the Day!  Jan

  7. Ocean Family says:

    I just bought some last week.  Now I have tips n how to use it.  This channel is great!

  8. Tracy Lagaza says:

    never tried and winning a container would change that!

  9. Hue New Painted Furniture says:

    Great info, regarding waxing a chair seat. Can't wait to try the white wax and pearl wax.

  10. Dana Jacobs says:

    I have used others "dark wax" and it does not go on very well.  I would love to try yours.  I have a wall piece that I would like to antique.

  11. Dawn Bianco says:

    I have an antique bedroom set that is in dire need of a redo. Can't wait to use this product! Great channel!

  12. Christina Rossi says:

    I would love to try the antiquing wax on an old window frame that I will be using as a picture frame. Love your video and tips.

  13. Chandi Holliman says:

    As for what I would do with the wax? I have several pieces I am working on right now. Most likely it would be a mirror , a new fun antique dressing table or antique table I plan to paint. I am starting up a new small consignment business this summer painting pieces for a thrift store. If it does well I plan to build hold classes, and begin to carry your products. I would love to try the gold wax. Thank you for your professional videos, and wonderful tips.

  14. Laura Schmitz says:

    I am working on refinishing a 150-year old family dining room table and about a dozen mismatched chairs. I have used a milk paint in various colors on the chairs, and would LOVE to try using an antique wax on them. I love the video!

  15. shabbychick2007 says:

    Love the videos. I love the tip about using the clear wax to make dark wax corrections. I have made a few mistakes where that tip would have come in very handy! 🙂

  16. Tracy Bonsall says:

    nice look i like how pleasant the wax went on.

  17. Vivian Smith says:

    Your tutorials are great!  I am so excited about painting a piece of furniture I have just purchased from a rummage sale with your paint.  It looks very easy to use the antique wax.  Looking forward to trying it.

  18. Atkins says:

    I have a shutter I'm about to paint I will use the glaze on that.

  19. Brittany Jantzi says:

    Great video. Thanks for all the tips. It makes me excited to try waxing the buffet and hutch that I'm just finishing painting.

  20. Debra Lee says:

    This is a good informative tutorial. I am waiting for the perfect piece to paint!

  21. Billie Marrs says:

    still new to using wax and have only used the clear but have several projects waiting

  22. Daphne Harnum says:

    This is the third video I have watched this morning and I can not wait ti try my project!!!!!

  23. Connie Morales says:

    Learning something with everyone I watch. There are so many new techniques since I last painted furniture over 20 years ago.

  24. Dcn Dean A. Hermann says:

    Glad to hear you have gold wax. Blue paint – how dark is it? I'll just go to the website and see if it is displayed.

  25. Michelle Stratford says:

    hi. As you have both antiquing dust, what differentiates the 2? in other words, if I want to antique a piece, how do i tell which one I should use?

  26. Lucy Ricardo says:

    Very nice products. I especially like the effects of this Dark Wax, but I like all of the tecniques.

  27. Lucy Ricardo says:

    And further…you're greatly appreciated for your hard work! Because of considerate people like yourself, folks like me can learn much about what you are teaching thru videographing. : ) Thanks for all the information and photos on your website.

  28. NW AG says:

    Exceptionally helpful!

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