How-To: Apply Behr Premium Low-Lustre Sealer
How-To: Apply Behr Premium Low-Lustre Sealer

The Behr Premium Low-Luster Sealer, is an interior and exterior clear, non-
yellowing, 100-percent acrylic latex based masonry sealer. Behr Premium Low-Luster Sealer, is an
excellent topcoat for paints and stains or uncoated concrete and masonry
surfaces. It can be used on previously coated or
uncoated vertical or horizontal surfaces, such as pavers, concrete, Mexican tile, and unglazed tiles, brick, aggregate natural and artificial stone, masonry and stucco. Before you apply Behr Premium Low-Luster Sealer, it is essential you have a properly cleaned and prepped surface. If you have a new or uncoated surface,
please refer to the prep uncoated concrete for sealers video. If you have one coated pavers, brick or
natural stone, please refer to the prep uncoated pavers
brick or natural stone for sealers video. If you have coated concrete, please refer
to the prep coated concrete for sealers video. Now that the surface is cleaned and
prepped, it is time to apply the low- luster sealer. Please follow all label instructions. Do not apply in direct sunlight on wet
surfaces or rain or heavy dew is expected
within 24 hours. Apply a thin coat using a nylon
polyester brush, ¼ inch to ⅜ inch nap
roller, high-quality pad applicator or a high-quality pump sprayer with an
adjustable tip. Use the appropriate spread rate per
gallon. Use this product when air and surface
temperatures are between 50°-80° F. If sprayed, back roll for a uniform
thickness. Additional coats, no more than four, may
be added for added durability. An annual touch-up may be required in
areas subject to tire traffic. Low-luster Sealer will try to touch in
one hour. Allow first coat to dry four hours before
deciding if a second coat is necessary. Be sure the surface is fully cured before
use. Allow 24 hours for light foot traffic. Allow 72 hours for heavy foot traffic
and furniture. Allow 14 days before subjecting to
automotive tires. Allow 30 days before rinsing or
cleaning with mild detergent. Clean-up is easy with just soap and
water. We have just shown you how easy it is to
apply Behr Premium Low-Luster Sealer. Enjoy your beautifully sealed and
protected surface.

9 thoughts on “How-To: Apply Behr Premium Low-Lustre Sealer”

  1. Rose Yake says:

    A "professional" tile contractor applied Behr Low-Lustre Sealer to the grout of our ceramic tile floors throughout our home after first applying a stain/sealer on the grout. He splashed the sealer on the tile which makes the tile appear dirty. It's a mess! Any suggestions are appreciated.

  2. Charlotte Robinson says:

    This sounds easy and PERFECT, but having used the sealer on a small covered porch that had been stained with a Behr product, I cannot recommend it. Waiting 24 hours between layers, I applied as instructions indicate, putting down two three thin layers. The floor now has a milky appearance and looks terrible. The Customer Service at Behr was friendly and nice, but suggested stripping all layers of Behr productand starting over might be the only solution!! I must admit, we did have unexpected rain 12 hours after I applied the last coat, but I am so sad about the appearance and unsure as to how to proceed. I think it would have been worth an investment of a professional.

  3. Tom Wrzos says:

    Maybe the very worst product I have ever used.  Do not use!  Applied as directed in a very light coat.  Very milky appearance and now I have a total mess.  Behr customer service was good but the product is terrible.  Check out the reviews.  There are people who make their living removing this product.

  4. Zz Greg says:

    Well, well, well.  And to think I was on the verge of trying this stuff, which according to the comments is an invitation to a NIGHTMARE !    Had favorable experience with Behr  fence stain, but looks like the search for driveway sealant will continue.  Wondering if the LOW LUSTER introduces the problems.  Really don't want anything but a natural appearing concrete driveway.   Compared to organic chemistry class (many years ago) this driveway sealant project is becoming a  bigger headache.

  5. Twin Sticks says:

    I have found that a low lustre sealers in general have very little protection and make the floor look like raw unfinished looking floor and as most are just a waste of time and money. I use and low lustre before grouting a new floor "Only" to keep the grout from staining. EVERY I MEAN EVERY customer where I have used low luster doesn't like the dull finish and I have had to go back and use HIGH GLOSS.   I highly recommend the high gloss Behr wet look sealer and it works GREAT and makes the surface new, wet and clean.

  6. Ray Tatro says:

    is there any way to correct a milky result without stripping hopefully something simple?

  7. Manu B says:

    This product ruined our custom painted patio.Here's what happened:

  8. Sally Platt says:

    Wish I'd read these comments before letting my contractor use this product. Unfortunately, I didn't and now my new flagstone porch and walkway are that awful milky color. Makes me absolutely sick. I'm on the phone with Behr customer service right now and am hoping to get some help with this. At least customer service was easy to reach by phone and the gentleman who answered is very polite and trying hard to be helpful. Fingers crossed!

  9. Nick N says:

    Lots of negative comments here. I just used 8 gallons on our new driveway and it looks great. It looks like i did nothing which is what I wanted, but know it's sealed.

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