How-To: Apply Behr Premium Wet-Look Sealer
How-To: Apply Behr Premium Wet-Look Sealer

Behr Premium Wet-Look Sealer is an
interior and exterior clear, non-yellowing, 100 percent acrylic
latex based masonry sealer. Behr Premium Wet-Look Sealer is an
excellent topcoat for paints and stains or uncoated
concrete and masonry surfaces. It can be used on previously coated or
uncoated vertical or horizontal surfaces such as
pavers, concrete, Mexican tile and unglazed tile, brick, aggregate, natural and artificial
stone, masonry and stucco. Before you apply Behr Premium Wet-Look
Sealer, is essential you have a properly cleaned and prepped surface. If you have a new or uncoated surface,
please refer to the prep uncoated concrete for sealer video. If you have uncoated pavers, brick or
natural stone please refer to the prep uncoated pavers,
brick or natural stone for sealers video. If you have coated concrete, please refer
to the prep coated concrete for sealers video. Now that the surface is cleaned and
prepped, it is time to apply the wet-look sealer. Please follow all label instructions. Do not apply in direct sunlight, on wet
surfaces or if rain or heavy dew is expected
within 24 hours. Apply a thin coat using a nylon-
polyester brushed, ¼ inch to ⅜ inch nap
roller, high-quality pad applicator or a high-quality pumps prayer with an
adjustable tip. Use the appropriate spread rate per
gallon. Use this product when air and surface
temperatures are between 50°-80° F If sprayed, back roll for a uniform
thickness. Additional coats, no more than four, may
be added for added sheen and durability. An annual touch-up may be required in
areas subject to tire traffic. Wet-look sealer will dry to touch in one
hour. Allow first go to drive four hours before deciding if a second coat is
necessary. Be sure the surface is fully cured
before use. Allow 24 hours for light foot traffic. Allow 72 hours for heavy foot traffic
and furniture. Allow 14 days before subjecting to
automotive tires. Allow 30 days before rinsing or
cleaning with mild detergent. Clean-up is easy with just soap and
water. Now we have shown you how easy it is to
apply Behr Premium Wet-Look Sealer. Enjoy your beautifully sealed and
protected surface.

17 thoughts on “How-To: Apply Behr Premium Wet-Look Sealer”

  1. kilowone says:

    You never show how applyed! 😂

  2. shelley says:

    I did this with this exact sealer and it has white spots and streaks

  3. Lloyd Williams says:

    Unfortunately (or fortunately I suppose), I've seen enough questionable customer feedback to prompt me to return the product and go with another. When purchased at a Home Depot, the paint department "expert" knew nothing about the product (application, tips, likely life of the product in a sheltered but outdoor setting). I just don't want to take the chance.

  4. Robert Swift says:

    just applied 3 coats and was disappointed with the final result,I will use another product instead next time to see if i have better results.

  5. RedLikeWine says:

    I'm surprised at all the negative comments. I bought the Behr Concrete Stain kit 4 years ago and followed the directions carefully and it came out beautifully. The last step was applying the Wet Look Sealer and if you follow the directions and not put furniture on it for 72 hours, you should have no problems. About every other year I have added another coat of the Wet Look Sealer to freshen it up as with wear it needs it, but other than that, it's awesome! I get many compliments on it and some have said it looks like professionally applied scored floors.  I'm wondering if, perhaps, the other folks who are reporting problems with this product is because they did not properly prep the pavement before application?

  6. Marcelo Pino says:

    Hola. Puede ser utilizado en deck madera exterior?. Gracias!

  7. Lisa Dormady says:

    Is there a way to reverse the milky white look? Part of my patio has this finish and I spent several hours of time (and money) using Behr Concrete dye on it, which turned out beautiful, and now it looks awful over much of the area. I used as directed and applied with a roller (and brush around the edges). How do I fix this?

  8. Kool Kat Recording Studios says:

    Got it and about to Apply it now after viewing these videos. Thanks

  9. cal Al says:

    Serveon Sealants is the way to go! Outlasts these guys by YEARS!

  10. Doug Wang says:

    It turns white and flakes off. Don't waste your money on this sealer

  11. jbravo70 says:

    Used outside and looked good for about a week, then started to bubble and crack off. I was told it’s because of calcium or efflorescence makes shiny coat crack and chip

  12. jija ji says:

    I did mine and it came out pretty good,I did second coat after a week , I washed the Concrete with water and applied the 2nd coat it looks very good

  13. Aaron Chen says:

    How am I supposed to apply this with "DO NOT APPLY IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT" in SoCal when sun is always out? What world do they live in?

  14. Ken Moon says:

    I've used this for 20 years (give or take) on my paver stone patios and think it is the best product I've tried. The ONLY times (two) that I had poor results was due to my own mistakes. I use a sprayer application. It probably takes a little more product, but I can make sure I get a thorough saturation/coverage in the cracks between the pavers. I've learned how to set my sprayer as to get a good coating of the area with-out over saturation. In my opinion/experience over saturation does not lead to milky or white finish – it just wastes the product -which is a mite expensive (probably my only complaint!) I tried rolling only once. Unfortunately; when they say to BACK ROLL they intend just that -BACK ROLL! I rolled like I was painting a wall which led to milky, white , and the most crappy finish you can imagine. I then tried cleaning, power washing, using every type cleaner to include acetone, denatured alcohol,etc. to no avail…It took forever to get it DO NOT OVER ROLL with paint roller -you'll wish you hadn't! If applied correctly, it looks great! wears well -I get from 2 to 2 1/2 years between applications. btw..does anyone know where the best buys for Behrs can be found?

  15. CJB says:

    Product is garbage

  16. Shawn says:

    Would this product be used in a shower basin? Currently have flattish natural stone and a lot of grout lines. Was wanting to cover existing surface to help reduce times I have to clean grout.
    Welcome any other ideas……anyone?

  17. rajaa j. elasri says:

    Horrible product …..don't use it you will ruin your patio

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