How to Apply Wet & Forget for Lichen Removal
How to Apply Wet & Forget for Lichen Removal

Hi my name is Jenny thanks for joining
us today it’s going to be Spring and Summer in some parts of the country. You may be noticing that moss, mold, mildew and algae around your home but what about lichen? At Wet & Forget we
get lots of questions from people about whether or not Wet & Forget will work on lichen. It will, but we do have some special instructions. You may be wondering how to identify lichen or even if you
have it around your home. Lichen is typically found near large
bodies of water. So if you live near a lake or an ocean or stream you might have lichen on your roof, siding, or
deck. But, overall, lichen really can grow
anywhere and we have found some here on this sign. You can see that lichen tend to grow in these circular almost tree and plant like shapes on the surface. They’re often raised above the surface and they can be green, or yellow or even black in color. If you do find some lichen around your home, don’t worry Wet & Forget can get rid of lichen, just as well as moss, mold, and mildew. However, we do have a few special application instructions for you. When you’re applying Wet & Forget to lichen, mix it up as you normally would in your pump-up or backpack sprayer. Spray the area down that has the lichen making sure your getting good saturation. Then, go back and repeat that before the first application dries. I’ve just finished my first application
of Wet & Forget on this lichen. As you can see I made sure i got a very good saturation
covering the entire surface so that the Wet and Forget can soak in to these individual growths, down to the roots. Now that I’ve completed my first
application of Wet And Forget, I need to apply a second time on this lichen And you want to do the second application before the first has dried. So I better get going as this is drying quickly. After two applications, these signs that had the lichen on them are completed and ready to go. We’ll just need to give Wet And Forget some time to work. Remember, when you’re putting Wet & Forget on lichen, apply it twice. Once then go back and spray again before
the first application has dried. While I was spraying these signs, I noticed that we also have some lichen on this stonewall. We’ll spray it down with wet & forget and you can check back later in our after photos.

8 thoughts on “How to Apply Wet & Forget for Lichen Removal”

  1. Lord Nelson says:

    how long do you wait before you rinse?

  2. Luke blastoise h says:

    Don't forget you should really be applying Wet & Forget when the sun is not on the surface as it evaporates to quick ….

  3. bermudaguy1 says:

    What is "Lichen"?

  4. Skanzool says:

    I applied Wet&Forget to the aluminum awning over our deck and it didn't remove the lichen. I applied it exactly as demonstrated in this video. Almost 9 months later and the lichen is still there, in fact there's more of it.

  5. RoRo says:

    What brand/size.Is your backpack sprayer? I'd like to get one to apply the wetandforget.

  6. Asher Richards says:

    How many times on lichen again 🤔

  7. Henry1405 says:

    Where are the after pictures?????

  8. Laura Thompson says:

    Does this product work on metal roofs?

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