How to care for a Wool Felted Shag rug-By Luv-A-Rug in Victoria BC
How to care for a Wool Felted Shag rug-By Luv-A-Rug in Victoria BC

Hello it’s RugloverMary for Luv-A-Rug in Victoria and today i’m going to talk about a felt wool shag rug here we have blue felt shag rug it’s approximately five by eight and we call these ones a felt shag because the tufts are about a half inch thick in diameter and they’re about and inch and a half long from the bottom of the rug to the top so there are these little spindles these rugs are great to walk on cause they add lots of cushion and this one also adds texture and colour to the room but as you can see this is where they walked on the rug this is where the coffee table was and has not been walked on so this part is faded a bit because of the felt tips have flattened out they’re not as round on the top anymore and they started to fluff out and pull out so these rugs I call them divas of the shag world cause even most shags are divas any way, they need to be cleaned more often and they’re very sensitive and this
ones even more susceptible to looking older than it is so this rug when you buy them do work better in
bedrooms and low traffic areas or in rooms where you’re not going to
have food or drink cause once you spill something on them and they get stained it’s really hard to get them out and it’s really hard to get down to the
base of the rugs to and get all the loose dirt out and you can see on the back of the rug that these fibers are just looped around
the cotton foundation and then this little stitch holds them placed so if that little stitch breaks then the tuffs can come out but if you do own one of these rugs
the best way to vacuum is upside down and then you can also use the crevice tool on the vacuum attachments to get down into the base of the fiber
and get all this stuff out they do take a long time to vacuum because they have to be done by hand but they can be done and once you do have a fiber that pops up like this you can just gently trim it down even with the rest of the
fibers and than doesn’t stand out as much so these rugs should be cleaned at least
twice a year they don’t do well with pets usually
because pets like to ah… use them as indoor bathrooms and just be aware that the part that is not walked on to the part that is walked on you well notice a colour and texture difference and it cannot be repaired so this has been Ruglovermary for Luv-A-Rug in Victoria talking about wool felt shag rugs thank you very much

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