How to chalk line the ceiling
How to chalk line the ceiling

Hi I’m Barry I’m now going to show you
how to set out the ceiling for lining paper okay so they say that you should
start away from the natural light okay so let’s just imagine that we’ve got the
natural light over there and that’s our window so that’s where the sunlight is
coming through okay so this is the problem that we’ve got is this light
okay so we don’t you can’t have a piece of paper that’s going to come through
the middle of our light because we’re not going to be able to get that light
through there without it sort of ripping so a nice and easy way for you it’s dead
straightforward, so this is just a normal just an off cut off a piece of lining
paper so we know how wide it is and I’m going to split the light as I
call it okay so put that just in the middle of
that light switch there sometimes you might have to go like a few mill either
way just depending on the balance of like little obstacles that are in the
way okay but just for this example so that’s in the middle of the light there
so I’m just going to make a pencil mark come along again, another pencil mark and then to another pencil mark there
okay. So this is going to be our first piece that we’re going to put on the
ceiling and then two three four five and so on
so I’ve just got my tape measure okay we’re gonna transfer this measurement to
both sides of the wall. So I’ve now got two hundred and ninety ml of 29
centimeters I’m just going to write that down so it’s easy to remember and I can
make a little mark on me built painters tip just make a little mark on my
tape measure just so I don’t forget okay so then go down this end I’m not
going to the edge of the wall because sometimes walls sort like they can
curving or they can curve out so again I’m just going to come to around about
here, mark my twenty nine 290 ml and then we’re going to the other
ends our mark the same again not straight to the war we’ve got like a bit
of a column here which is going to be a little bit awkward for us but we’ll get
round it so that’s 290 there you do do these like quite faint but I’m
just doing that so just for demonstration purposes so you can
actually see it okay right now the exciting part
okay we got a chalk line okay, and these are easy to buy and you just buy
these you buy the chalk separate and then you just top up the chalk that’s in
there I did this yesterday so there’s quite a lot of chalk in there okay you
just tip the chalk in there mostly covered in the stuff now so I’m gonna snap
we’ve got a snap a line all the way along there and that’s going to give
us a guide for our first piece of paper now as this is quite chalky so we’re
just going to get a cloth on this right or a paper towel just to take some of
the chalk off because you don’t want to all of it all over our ceiling so let’s
give me a sort of a good length of it see on the chalk there and make sure you
got it on your dust sheets. So I’m just going to take this excess out we
don’t need all this chalk on there okay this is quite tricky if you’re doing
this on your own which decorators generally do okay. I prefer to
paper ceilings on my own I feel like I’ve got more control over the paper okay so
I’ve got some masking tape over here so I’m just going to secure my chalk line
with some masking tape so to put it on that pencil line make sure it’s very
secure double it over just for a bit of extra
strength then I’m just going to walk up here put on my pencil line over there and keep this nice and tight I’ve got my
pencil line quite happy it’s on my pencil line there as well so if you pull
it tight with your thumb okay so that’s the action pull it up pull it tight pull
your pencil line and then just get one chance at doing this so you pull and
snap okay so that’s going to be the line that we’re going to use for putting our
first piece of wallpaper up. Right so we get some get some lining paper cut get
it pasted well let’s get it on.

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