How to Clean Carpet | BISSELL
How to Clean Carpet | BISSELL

Hi. My name is Mike Foote. I’m a chemist at BISSELL. Today we’re going to talk about why it’s important to deep clean your carpet versus just vacuuming alone. Vacuuming alone does a great job. It removes surface soil and it keeps your carpet looking fresh and clean. The importance of a carpet cleaner is you can get all the deep down dirt that’s brought in by kids and pets and normal wear and tear in your carpeting and it removes any sticky messes that might also be there. The reason that you’ve got to use the carpet cleaner is to have the solution, the detergent, the agitation from the brushes, and the ability to suck all that material up and remove it from your carpet to keep it clean. I’m going to show you what I do to prep and get ready to deep clean the carpet with a carpet cleaner We’ve determined that we want to go ahead and deep clean this carpet due to all of the dirt and stains. We’ve also got some stains back here that we want to clean, so we’re going to start by removing the furniture. We vacuumed here to remove any of the loose soil Now we’ve vacuumed the carpet, removed all the loose soil. We’re going to pre-treat our spot. Now we fill the tank with hot tap water to the waterline, put the detergent in, measure it out in the cap, and add it to our tank Okay, we filled the tank We’ve got the cap on tight. Another tip don’t depress a plunger or your tank might leak. We’re ready to clean now Start in the opposite corner because we’re going to exit the room this way We’re gonna do two wet passes followed by two dry passes And do it an arm’s-length that’s comfortable for you, we’re going to move it over. Then two wet passes. Two dry passes. Check the stain to see if it’s clean. If it’s clean, continue on with the rest of the carpet, heading back towards your exit If I have the time, go ahead and rinse the carpet. If you’ve got solution left, pour it out. Fill it up with just hot tap water Go back to the same corner where you started. Go back and forth again with the two wet passes and the two dry passes You’re going to have a lot of dirty solution that’s still going to come up. You’re going to be surprised at how much is there and the value of why you go back and rinse your carpet. For more great tips watch our other cleaning videos and subscribe to our channel. If you enjoyed this video, please give us a thumbs-up. if you have any comments or questions, please post them below Thanks

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  1. المطبخ الخليجي says:

    ليش ما تسوون عروض مباشرة للناس في الكارفور؟؟؟الكثير من الناس يريدون شراؤها

  2. المطبخ الخليجي says:

    لقد حاولت كثيرا ان اشتري منها ولكن لا يوجد احد من معافي استخدمها للاسف..وجميع المحلات لا ترضى بفتح العلبة وتجربتها قبل الشراء ماهذا !!!!

  3. mytree123 says:

    thank you I have the same machine and it's awesome and your deep clean with oxy is awesome wow I've had the carpet for 10 years and it never has look so good with this cleaning from your machine thank you

  4. Shannon Nichols says:

    On the two wet passes do you keep the trigger down in the both going away and coming back? Just seems like in the coming back all you’re doing is sucking up the water you are still releasing with the trigger. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  5. panashe says:

    1:55 That part looks edited. Credited on the continuity but the way the water instantly turns clean and the way the color changes on the front left panel as you are going over the stain is quite suspicious.

  6. ian greenacre says:

    this machine is leaving brown stains on my beige carpets… What is going on???

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