How To Clean Carpet – DIY At Bunnings
How To Clean Carpet – DIY At Bunnings

I’m going to vacuum the whole carpet today.
We’re also going to give it a steam clean. High temperature is the best way to steam
clean your carpet, getting rid of all those nasties. You want your place to be hygienic
at all times. I know that I do. We are going to use a Rug Doctor, and we are also going
to use a wash and and an anti-foam at a high pressure. If you have a large family and pets,
obviously you’ll be doing it three, four times a year if not five or six and the average
home needs it, at least, twice a year. We’ve got a vacuum cleaner, We’ve got our
ingredients for our stain cleaner, lukewarm water that we need for our stain cleaner.
To start off with, we are going to vacuum the room thoroughly to get rid of all dust
particles and anything that’s large. I’ve got a really good vacuum cleaner here which
helps. For spots and stains around your carpet, what
I tend to do is find all the areas I want to work with, get close to it, to the stain,
work with it. After a few minutes we’ve worked the spot and stain on the carpet. Now I’m
going to work the stain inwards by use of a damp cloth. You can use a sponge also and
work all around the room. Now I’ve completed all the spot staining after a few minutes,
and I’m ready to vacuum one more time and give it a steam cleaning. I got my carpet cleaning machine here with
my bucket of lukewarm water and my chemical solutions. So what we do is we take the canister
out, like this, add nine litres of lukewarm water in here. With the carpet detergent we
need two-thirds of a cup. After add those two ingredients, we also add a third of a
cup of of anti-foam inside our canister and we’re ready to go. From our exit door, we have to use the furthest
point and work backwards from there so we have access to move outside the room after
we’ve completed. I’m going to turn on the carpet cleaner and move backwards. And the
conclusion of the carpet cleaning, give two to four hours of drying time and don’t bring
any furniture inside in that period of time. I’m done for now, I’m going for a cuppa.

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