How to Clean Crayon Marks Off Painted Walls
How to Clean Crayon Marks Off Painted Walls

13 thoughts on “How to Clean Crayon Marks Off Painted Walls”

  1. TheNickloyd says:


  2. TheNickloyd says:


  3. Christina Huynh says:

    PSH. Just spraypaint the wall

  4. Jemima1377 says:

    It's easy. You will need a dozen different things. Huh? I don't think that's too easy… -_-.

  5. HannaBanana3647 says:

    @flame900f I know right!

  6. Charles B says:

    watch my video on how to clean walls using toothpaste

  7. Letto2103 says:

    step 7… yeah, right! lol

  8. Andrea Patane says:

    Kids are not cavepeople.

  9. Estephani says:

    Or just use a damp towel and baking soda and that should clean it.

  10. Kila'sWay says:

    tried the baby wipe way (video on my page) major fail. lol

  11. Jerry Morrow says:

    step 6 – hide all permanent markers out of reach! most important

  12. Chris Mccabe says:

    the wd40 fumes are not safe for children. this method is not advisable with young children around.

  13. Cam Allen says:

    Ain't nobody got time for that.

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