How To Clean Roof Tiles – DIY At Bunnings
How To Clean Roof Tiles – DIY At Bunnings

I’m going to show you how to clean your tile
roof. The reason we clean our tile roof is it improves its appearance and also it increases
longevity of your tile roof. The tools you need for this job are safety
goggles, protective gloves, a high-pressure cleaner, and some chemical to help remove
the like and the moss from your roof. When using a pressure cleaner you’re going
to need to consider where your tap is and the hose length you need to get to where your
pressure cleaner is going to be, and also where your power is going to come from. There’s
a range of high-pressure cleaners on the market. Make sure you select the right one for your
size job. Anytime you’re working up on the roof you
want to be really careful. So, firstly, whenever you’re walking across the tiles, you want
to be walking where the tiles overlap each other because that’s where it’s strongest.
Also it’s a really good idea to have guard rails around your roof. And because we’re
going to be spraying water up here you want make sure you’ve got the right footwear, nice
and grippy, sturdy, because you certainly don’t want to slip down. Doing a job like this, make sure you’ve got
someone with you so they can pass up to you, so you’re not trying to carry it up a ladder. Now I’m going to get my safety equipment on.
With any chemical make sure that you read the directions of use, and also read what
safety equipment that they recommend you to wear. Okay, my safety gear is on. I’m going to apply
this chemical. Always work backwards when you’re working on the roof so that you’re
always working on dry tiles. I’m using a product that assist in the removal
of algae, moss and mildew. For this one, spray on and leave 30 seconds, and then we’re going
to pressure clean it off. Also, if you’re going to use a chemical on
the roof and you’ve got a tank, make sure you disconnect your water tank so you don’t
end up with all that chemical in your drinking water. I’ve waited the recommended time that the
product suggest to wait. Now I’ve had a friend pass up the pressure cleaner so I can get
into this roof. Make sure you work backwards so you’re staying on dry tiles, and I’m going
to put my glasses back on because when you’re cleaning this roof water can spray up, so
safety first. And now let’s get into this roof. Looks real nice. Now we’ve just got the rest
to go. It’s as easy as that. That’s how you clean
your roof tiles.

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