How to clean stairs-Carpet Cleaning How to Video by Rob Allen of Truckmountforums
How to clean stairs-Carpet Cleaning How to Video by Rob Allen of Truckmountforums

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  1. TruckMountForums says:

    Couldn't agree more. But as I stated above. all they are doing is dropping the ball and when I get the ball I'm going straight to the end zone!!

  2. Bobby Gasoline says:

    How long do you keep the air mover in position? Is the residential customer ok with it being there? Do you come back for it at the end of the day or next day?

  3. TruckMountForums says:

    Usually till I finish the job. Most every home I clean with stairs will have a living room,dining room and den. If not dry by then I will leave it till after I have loaded up everything and carry it out after collecting the check. That usually gets them nice and dry. PS:Make sure you over lap or double dry strokes on really soiled stairs. Hope this helps.

  4. Patrick Rhea says:

    Thanks for making the videos Rob…

  5. TruckMountForums says:

    Thank you very much. We have built a new video studio and will be making several more like it this year. Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for fastest updates!

  6. TruckMountForums says:

    Thank you for commenting. We are glad we can help and hope we can even more so in the near future.

  7. Adam Effron says:

    Thanks for the advice. BTW you are the reason I decided on the El Diablo. What a great machine.

  8. TruckMountForums says:

    It is a heat beast when it comes to carpet cleaning. Just watch the temps on delicate fibers such as wool and some polys. Enjoy!

  9. keith murray says:

    your making very hard work of cleaning some stairs,
    you miss quite a bit of them out

  10. TruckMountForums says:

    Then make a video Keith Murray lol. Walk the walk don't just talk the talk. And 32 years of satisfied clients like my stair work. Maybe I'm doing ok. But I am looking forward to your video. 🙂

  11. Margarita Luna says:

    Rob Allen and Ed are cleaning my carpet as we speak. Awesome job, I can already see a difference. AWESOME customer service. Provided helpful tips for carpet maintenance. The best in Hampton roads.

  12. TruckMountForums says:

    Thank you Margarita. It was a pleasure meeting you and cleaning for you. Hope you and your husband have a safe trip on your move to Texas. Any problems with the cleaning before you leave let me know and we will help you.

  13. TruckMountForums says:

    Thank you Flat Rate. Please subscribe to our channel. We just built a production studio and will have many more videos coming this year.

  14. TruckMountForums says:

    Thank you Zoom. And as I mentioned above,please subscribe to our channel. We just built a production studio and will have many more videos coming this year that will be of similar quality and information..

  15. TruckMountForums says:


  16. TruckMountForums says:

    Thanks Patrick. Watch for 3 new videos coming out in the new trade magazine TMF Clean Informer. After that they will be released here!

  17. TruckMountForums says:

    Thank you. Glad I could help. Like I mentioned above we have 3 new ones coming out next month in the Clean Informer magazine and then they will be posted here. Thanks for your support.

  18. Clyde Rice says:

    I have learned alot from you…thank you for the tips!!

  19. TruckMountForums says:

    Thank you Clyde. Hopefully you have subscribed. And next month we are releasing 3 similar type videos here on YouTube. Stay tuned. PS:Look for our new Clean Informer magazine where carpet cleaners and floor restorers will have more training than they could have imagined possible via the internet!

  20. TruckMountForums says:

    Thank you Flat Rate. Love the name. So what is your flat rate for cleaning carpets? And whats you website address?

  21. THE DC DOUGH SHOW says:


  22. TruckMountForums says:

    Thanks. I was surprised to see how many other people don't know how to clean stairs though. Therefore the video. We actually are working on a second stair video that will demonstrate how some female techs,men who have bad backs and those that are weaker in strength can clean. Should be out in June.

  23. Alfonzo Williams says:

    love your how to tips for all the different carpet cleaning care and business. I just started in the business and just from watching some of your tips have help me out alot. Thanks alot again for the great Tips.

  24. TruckMountForums says:

    Glad I could help Alfonso. If your not already you should consider becoming a member at Truckmountforums. There is a wealth of information on that site that can new and seasoned carpet cleaners. We also started a digital carpet cleaning magazine called the Clean Informer dot com. Each issue contains 3 new exclusive videos. I know starting a business in this economy is a little tough but we feel the internet,and esp sites like Truckmountforums and Clean Informer,can make the going a little easier

  25. John Braun says:

    Great video! Newbies can learn alot from this.

  26. daventura says:

    Great tips and great video.
    I hope you offered to replace the customers smoke alarm battery.

  27. A Mesa Carpet Cleaner says:

    Thanks for keeping the industry honest Rob. Great video!

  28. ksantiago228 says:

    LOL… thought that was my smoke alarm going out…

  29. Doller Nakib says:

    Nice vide. It is really essential in today’s world

  30. TruckMountForums says:

    Thanks Patrick!

  31. TruckMountForums says:

    Appreciate that. We just released 3 more at cleaninformerdotcom.

  32. TruckMountForums says:

    Thank you Md. Glad you liked it.

  33. TruckMountForums says:

    Haha now that is funny. lol

  34. TruckMountForums says:

    Thanks AZ. We are all works in progress. 🙂

  35. TruckMountForums says:

    Haha I tried to reach it but she had high ceilings. Hey what ya gonna do?

  36. TruckMountForums says:

    Yeah not knocking cleaners they are just not educated or shown the proper way to clean stairs. Glad I could help.

  37. TruckMountForums says:

    Come on fess up. You know you didn't know how to clean stairs. Now your a true "Hitman" haha

  38. TruckMountForums says:

    Smart move brother. Your clients will love the results and your company. Good for your self esteem to do things right also. 😉

  39. Michael John says:

    Great Info :o) made it interesting !! However tell that person to prioretise, and get a new battery in that bloody smoke alarm !! LOL

  40. TruckMountForums says:

    haha I hear ya Michael. I tried to get that battery out but being an empty house and no ladder well you get the point. I'm glad you liked the info. I had a carpet cleaner contact me today and said stair cleaning was his hardest challenge. He said even after following the cleaning steps on my video he wasn't able to get bull noses clean. So I suggested using a high ph to clean the bull nose on the carpets. It worked. Just remember to lower it with an acid rinse. carpet cleaning stair cleaning 101

  41. Nick Tech Talk says:

    Nice video!

  42. TruckMountForums says:

    Thanks Nick. Please take the time to join our Truckmountforums YouTube channel. Every month we are making a new video so every 90 days we release them. I hope they can help your business grow. Hopefully you have checked out Truckmount Forums and Clean Informer online too. Lastly,feel free to make a suggestion on any video you would like to see whether it be for carpet cleaning,tile cleaning,uph,water damage,rug cleaning or repair videos for any type of cleaning equipment. .

  43. Walt Bush says:

    Hi Rob, Thanks for the informative video!

  44. wowerman says:

    Well explained. Sorry but subtitles are not matching your speech so i could not concentrate myself first.

  45. Ukwen Njoku says:

    Talk about professionalism!!!!

  46. dzjad says:

    DUDE! I thought that was my alarm!

  47. Samuel l says:


  48. Abraham Stern says:

    Chang the smoke alarm battery

  49. Faith Fyre says:

    Loved the video, it was very informative but the subtitles were hilarious lol 😀

  50. Nick Pratt says:

    Hello my name is Nick and ive just recently started a youtube channel! My channel is filled with funny videos, guitar covers, gaming, and much more. Hope some of you check out some of my videos! My youtube channel link is youtube/nickp6977. Hope to here from some of you! Thanks!

  51. John Stuart says:

    I changed my smoke alarm battery damit

  52. Stephen DUSTY Roberts says:

    Great video. Thanks for sharing so much Rob.

  53. Tawonia Taylor says:

    Nice video Rob! Very informative.

  54. Thomas Cermak says:

    A handi groomer in place of a tamping brush to agitate the sides of stairs works better and does not cause as much nap distortion and/or fuzzing…and gets into edges or gullys much more easily, which is very important for filtration soiling removal.  Try it Rob, you'll like it!

  55. Carpet Cleaning Guy says:

    I have seriously enjoyed viewing your video recording about carpet cleaning with regard to stairs. I'm relatively new in owning my own personal rug/carpet cleaning company so I found this extremely helpful. Do you mind if I ask how long you've worked in this profession?

  56. TruckMountForums says:

    #CarpetCleaning and #StairCleaning is 2 different things – requiring two different tools! Do you know the difference? How to clean stairs-Carpet Cleaning How to Video by Rob Allen of Truckmountforums #VirginiaBeach #Norfolk #Chesapeake #NC #VB #VA #HamptonRoads #Drycleaning #Forums #socialmedia #marketing #Community #CheckUsOut

  57. Dstarcarpetclean Dallas says:

    I am located in Dallas Fort Worth area and I do carpet Clean business and know that there is lot of scam in this business, my policy is to do a quality job at reasonable price, I shampoo, scrub the carpet with a buffer, work on every spot (Stain) with no extra fee (It"s include in the price), Than I pass to the second step steam clean, after every thing is clean I will deodorize the whole carpet without any extra fee, Finally I am happy with my job and all my customers are satisfy and happy and call me all the time. If any one need an advise do not hesitate, email me I will be happy to help/ God Bless.

  58. Bob Dennis says:

    Takes a mighty ignorant person to make a video while the smoke alarm keeps going off and continue on with the video without changing the battery. WTF 

  59. Ron Rivet says:

    Great video Rob…very detailed and thorough. Wish I would have had these when I started in the biz 25 yrs ago 🙂  

  60. UltimateCleaningBusiness says:

    Great video Rob on how to clean carpets on stairs Carpet Cleaning Mississauga – Carpet Cleaning Services Mississauga

  61. Carpet Cleaning NJ says:

    Thank You

  62. torque503 ft says:

    nice! thank you… am learning 🙂

  63. TLCfloorcare says:

    Great video. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge 

  64. Fioravanthe Pomarolli says:

    Verry nice Rob, where can i get a tool like that ?
    Thanks for all nice videos

  65. MotorcrossRacer1 says:

    lol i thought my alarm was going off   change your battery!

  66. Pretwou Anna J. Raynor says:

    I’ve enjoyed carpet cleaning columbia sc services by Floor Pro experts.

  67. Carpet Cleaning says:

    Hi Rob, what a great demonstration. This is truly important if you want repeat business. Giving exceptional service is so important. Thanks!!!

  68. lefter tiberiu vlad says:

    50% Off Carpet, 50% Off Install, 50% Off Padding & Materials! Call 866-636-9252

  69. Colonial Cleaning Team says:

    Can you post the link to purchase the stair tool please.

  70. Derek's Carpet Cleaning says:

    I've learned so much from your videos, thank you very much!!!!!

  71. julio sandoval says:

    Great video very professional that's how I learned to do stairs when I started doing carpets didn't know nothing about how carpets and stairs how to get cleaned but I had a good trainer and boss to show me the right way of doing it. Good job keep up the good work.

  72. Andrew Thompson says:

    When I first got into the carpet cleaning industry I watched a bunch of the videos that you guys post about carpet cleaning and really learned alot even after I was IICRC certified.

  73. Royal Carpet Cleaning says:

    This is awesome please check out my site and let me know what you think as we are just making our first online presence I am in Calgary Alberta any feedback would appreciate it. thanks again

  74. Mark says:

    Those stairs are already clean in the first place. Can i see a video with filthy stained stairs? I've gotten a complain on my last job I did because the stairs never turned out to the best it can be. Even tho I did exactly as you showed me.. Pre vac, Spray, Agitate, Hand tool and Vac.

  75. Rajwinder Kaur says:

    Hurry this offer will not get over

  76. Gfunk truth says:

    Ive actually been using a short handle upholstery tool for stairs for about 3months. And finally got a kick ass 10 inch stair tool that really does an awesome job and easy on the back.

  77. Carol Reeves says:

    A good video points, but the closed captions need some work. Some swearing "f" word, and a lot of misinterpretation.

  78. Richard Arenas says:


  79. Jesus Lara says:

    very good video
    thank you for shere your time
    God bless you señor

  80. willardscarpetcleaning Upholsteryservice says:

    Great video

  81. Avon Valley Cleaning Services says:

    Thank you Rob for the demonstration on cleaning carpeted stairs.  Like all your videos it was very informative.  Thank you for taking the time to make our lives a little stressless.

  82. Will Jones says:

    Have you ever had rust come out of that diesel burner?? does the chem go through it or after it?? 5 gallons of diesel = hrs of run time with it?? thank you..what do uyou like better propane or the diesel??

  83. DCUPtoejuice says:

    if you are doing a dry powder cleaning method do you just use a brush or is there a machine for scrubing the powder that can be used on stairs, like a backpack style?

  84. TruckMountForums says:

    Want more? Join our Facebook group today!

  85. B Pods says:

    Fucking Christ, a 12 min long video describing how to clean your stairs? Get to it already.

  86. Paint Daddy says:

    How long do you leave your air movers up? Surely you don't have to wait around long for it to dry otherwise you couldn't make any money like that. Thanks!

  87. GC Carpet Tile and Grout Cleaner says:

    I have a question about tile master is it as good as they say. no scrubbing and in 15 minutes it comes clean.

  88. GC Carpet Tile and Grout Cleaner says:

    Bought a ips pro sprayer one of the batteries doesent charge anymore
    callen tmf it took a about 10 calls before they got back to me then told
    me the battery is ips pro com. problem wont be buying anymore from tmf

  89. ali Hapali says:

    Ho Rob where do I get the glide for the stair tool ?

  90. Rod Colver says:

    Dude! You have the FUNNIEST translator!!

  91. Peter Garland says:

    Just a question. When you say you like to use a high flow jet on your stair tool what are the specifications? Also wondering if you use the El Dialbo for upholstery cleaning and how you get enough water flow to activate the kero burner flow switch. Great video by the way, thanks.

  92. ToxicVaccines ToxicFluoride, HIV HOAX says:


    I would use the upholstery tool to steam clean the stairs.

  93. Brandon Hamilton says:

    And how much do you charge per step?

  94. Ramiro Nava says:

    Wat do u guys usually charge for a stair cleaning some ppl charge so cheap and others so much

  95. Isaac Flores says:

    Hi, nice video. I noticed that you didn’t pass the wand right on the edge by the stair trim, is there any special reason ? I want to think that you want to preven water go to the nails that hold the carpets in place ? This can bring rust spots later, is this correct ?

  96. alcatel device says:

    You might want to look at how the PMF swivel tool with splash guard works dummy!

  97. Mike Hunt says:

    Great video I’ve been using clear end hand tool but now I’m going to invest in the prochem heavy duty stair tool..
    As I want happy customers!

  98. janilink nashville says:

    Thank you good infomation….Please contact JanilinkNashville.
    Janilink Nashville
    1014 Whites Creek Pike, Nashville, TN, 37207

  99. Marcus Hawkins says:

    I would like to see how you get rid of ventilation soil on stairs

  100. Jeanine Mader says:

    😂 the subtitles!

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