How to Clean Veneer | National Business Furniture
How to Clean Veneer | National Business Furniture

Hi, my name’s Sam, and I’m here to teach
you how to properly clean your wood veneer furniture. Wood veneer is a thin layer of real wood, so the cleaning process is detailed to
ensure the wood doesn’t get damaged. For general cleaning, use a lint-free and
soft cloth. If you are dusting, keep the cloth dry. Or, for a more thorough clean, dampen the cloth with mild soap and
water. and wipe dry when finished. Avoid using aerosol cleaners, polishes
and polishes that are oil-based or contain wax. If your wood veneer casegood acquires a stain do not treat with harsh chemicals as
this can damage the finish. Remember, always contact the
manufacturer to ensure you’re using the proper cleaning method. For everyday maintenance, use protective
surfaces like desk pads and coasters to ensure your furniture stays beautiful
for years to come. To learn more about our wood veneer products, or to determine what manufacturer your
product is, call our furniture experts at (800) 558-1010

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