How to Clean Your Roof with Jomax Roof Cleaner
How to Clean Your Roof with Jomax Roof Cleaner

If you have problems with unsightly black
streaks or stains from dirt or mildew on your roof, JOMAX Roof Cleaner and Mildew Stain
Remover can help. Not only does this powerful product remove black streaks and stains fast,
it also kills mold and mildew. Get dramatic results on asphalt, wood, metal, and composition
roofs. To activate the JOMAX concentrate you’ll simply add water and household bleach. Be
sure to use gloves and goggles while working with the mixture. Before you begin, read all
instructions carefully, and test a small inconspicuous area. One gallon of JOMAX concentrate makes
20 gallons of solution–enough to clean and treat a 2,000 square foot area. Measure the
water into a tank-type garden sprayer, then add the bleach. Next, shake the bottle of
JOMAX well, and pour in the correct amount. Stir thoroughly. To protect any sensitive
plants in the area, spray them with water both before and after applying the JOMAX mixture.
When you’re ready, spray the surface liberally with the JOMAX solution. Wait at least five
minutes, and thoroughly rinse with water. That’s it! You’ll see a clean as new surface.
Moss and heavy mildew stains may require a second application. Now enjoy your stain-free
home. Any black streaks or stains that were on the treated surface are completely gone.

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