How to Create Caribbean Home Decor | Interior Design
How to Create Caribbean Home Decor | Interior Design

So Caribbean decor is actually something that’s
really close to my heart. Because I am Puerto Rican, so from the islands,
per se, color is a really big thing for us. We love color and a lot of people from the
Caribbean love color and so infusing it into your home is really easy. Just remember where you know more on the mainland,
here in America, you do a lot of the creams and the taupe’s and that’s what you find predominantly. So just go a little bit bolder. If you have an accent chair, make sure that
it’s a really fun material. Make sure that it’s got a bold texture to
it and pattern. Wall colors are really great. You’ll also find a two-toneness in the wall
color, so it’s not like perfect. You know you’ll have a chair rail without
the wood of just a two-tone color on a wall. So let’s say you have a really vibrant, ocean
blue on the bottom, and then on top you have like a buttery yellow or a white. You find that kind of look in the Caribbean
quite a bit. Also, you have a lot of sheers and whites
for curtains. Not really heavy material, so you don’t have
like what you would normally find in the cooler climates. You don’t have a lot of velvet’s and things
like that. So just make sure that the window treatment
fabric is really airy. It’s really breathable, adding your pops of
color. Pottery, we love pottery. So pottery in different places and just get
really ethnic with it. So if you have something that maybe, you’re
really pulled to a certain island or something, that’s really interesting to you, bring that
out a little bit in the artwork. Make sure that the woods feel very tribal
and very earthy. No sleek and no lines that are – you know
just very clean-edged. You want to make sure there are some knots
and some wormholes in the woods that you choose. So I think that if you stick with some of
those basics, you’ll have a home that at the end of the day, you’ll feel like you’re on

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