How to Crochet a Rug: Cat Crochet Play Rug
How to Crochet a Rug: Cat Crochet Play Rug

32 thoughts on “How to Crochet a Rug: Cat Crochet Play Rug”

  1. melody maben says:

    Went to get the free pattern and it comes up as page not available 🙁

  2. Jennifer Craft says:

    Link to written pattern doesn't work

  3. Linda Waddell says:

    it will be ready tomorrow

  4. Doriemm Lamberty says:

    the yarn are beautiful!!!. can you send me links about project that i can do using caron and bernat super saver? i know you have a lot i would love about granny square.

  5. Doriemm Lamberty says:

    and if you have project for the bathroom

  6. Doriemm Lamberty says:

    thank you

  7. Sarah Lyn says:

    Hi Mikey, love your work and tutorials! What brand of hook are you using in this video, and which do you find most comfortable? Thanks!

  8. Sew Woolly says:

    Thank you for this great tutorial. I know that this is supposed to be for children but my Mom is cat 🐱 crazy and I am always looking for fun cat related gifts 🎁 for her. I am going to hook it up for her. Totally unique and she will never get one like it. Thanks

  9. The Phoenix says:

    been waiting for this one…thank you so much 😻😻😻😻😽😽😽😽

  10. Erica Bates says:

    This is so adorable Mikey, Thank you. i love making rugs even out of sheet yarn. 😋 Erica x.

  11. Erica Bates says:

    Hello Mikey, The Bernard Blanket yarn looks lovely you use slot for your blankets, snuggle sacks & rugs. In the UK it's really expensive to buy with postage or shipping 😣 probably about £10-£15 for one ball… i adapted with snuggle sacks & blankets with crocheting 2 strands for the thickness. Ha ha! ….. i can,t wait to do this puuurrrrfffeccct! cat rug 😁 Erica x

  12. Erica Bates says:

    i just want to Thank you though Mikey, All your tutorials are fabulous i have made a lot of them. i have learnt so much from you, so i appreciate your time you give to making all of variety of crochet projects. 😋 Erica x

  13. Linda Zbranek says:

    Awesome, Mikey. love that pattern. Thank you.

  14. A Knyghtmere says:

    Could this be started with Magic Circle instead of a chain circle? I really enjoy your tutorials and choice of patterns, many of which I wouldn't find on my own. This will be a playmat for my new granddaughter whose parents are cat lovers (as am I). Thank you for sharing your time and craft, it is appreciated

  15. Brigida Flores says:

    cute thanks!

  16. Kathy Every says:

    Hi Mikey!!!!! I love all your great tutorials. I just started crocheting in July. I've learned a lot from you. Could you do a tutorial on making a plush Mario. My son wants me to make him one but I still have problems understanding some of the patterns. I'll keep watching. I'm making this cat for my niece's baby!

  17. Jeanna Blackburn says:

    Hi, Mikey when using a a regular medium 4 worsted yarn should I use 4 strands of yarn for this to come out right. I would like to use leftover yarn for this so it is a scrap rug. Thank You for the info.

  18. Um timo says:

    Thank you for inspiring me to make a birthday gift for my son. His pet is a black cat. l think l'm gonna use a matching yarn color similar to his cat.Great tutorial!

  19. Lucrecia Omastott says:

    lástima que no tiene subtítulos en español😢

  20. Joyce Siesen says:

    I love your videos. Your explanations are clear and I've learned a lot even tho I'm an experienced crocheter.

  21. MsMichaela999 says:

    Mikey, can you do a giraffe rug please? 😊

  22. Theresa Johnson says:

    Do you have a pattern for the bear face rug please, love your tutorials…

  23. Theresa Sills says:

    Could this be done with only one strand of the Bernat yarn?

  24. Maryann Moreno says:

    OMG nice. I would luv if a tutorial for elephant rug in English. I can't find a tutorial. innate that I can't read patterns.

  25. kelly Ann says:

    This is an awesome video! What an amazing teacher you are! THANK YOU😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽

  26. kelly Ann says:

    I shut down my FB Page over 6 months ago because of all the hate happening, however today I am going to make a FB again ONLY because I want to join your FB group. YOU sir are an amazing talent!

  27. Debra Chance says:

    Hi Mikey, thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us. In the last couple of days, I completed for a little girl for her birthday and the cat mat which I made a little smaller using a different yarn for my cat Menace. He loves the mat. Thank you.

  28. Shelia Johnson says:

    Hey Mikey do you think you will ever make the elephant rug, plz plz plz

  29. Terri Hodges says:

    Where do I find the written pattern?

  30. Laura Land says:

    Love this pattren, Thank you

  31. carol loftus says:

    Yes mikey elephant rug please

  32. noemia vieira says:

    amiga qual o vidio seu passo a passo do chipanzzen co banana

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