How to cut a brick in half lengthways | cut brick slips
How to cut a brick in half lengthways | cut brick slips

This is the Evolution Rage 3DB which has
been fitted with a diamond blade. That means that this machine is one of the most versatile machines that you can actually buy. Not only can you cut wood, metal and plastic with the blade supplied if you put the diamond blade on it you can
actually cut reinforced concrete and bricks and masonry etc very easily. At the
front you’ll notice that there are two jigs. I’ve actually made these jigs to
fit onto this machine so that you can cut bricks. Cutting a normal brick that
way in half is very easy, you can do that with a bolster chisel. If you need to cut
it that way or you need to cut it that way it’s a lot more difficult but with
this machine and with one of these jigs you can do that very easily. This is the
first jig that I made. I do have a mate who’s a builder and he needed to cut
some bricks lengthways so I made him this jig. Simply it’s a few pieces of scrap
timber. Simply put the brick in there, tighten up the clamp, align that on the
saw with the diamond blade and you can cut straight through a brick and it will give
you an extremely clean like so. If you wanted to cut a brick slip which
is about ten or fifteen millimeters thick you could quite easily do that
using this jig. All you would have to do is move the fence this way slightly and
you could quite easily cut ten or fifteen millimeters off the face
of a brick. You could also improve that if you put slots in the timber there
instead of just screwing it down. You could then adjust that to wherever
you want it, but this was my first attempt at making the jig. I have done a
video on how to make this jig so if you want to do that it is very easy and if
you do have to cut a brick, right down the centre like that this jig will do it easily on that machine. I then discovered that he didn’t want to cut
the bricks in that orientation he wanted to cut them in that orientation.
So then I made mark2 – which has a steel base some three inch box section and the
fence at the back. This one is actually adjustable so you can actually adjust it
to wherever you want it. That enabled me to cut this block paver in half like
so and you can see that it has given us an extremely good cut. There’s just
absolutely nothing wrong with that cut whatsoever. So this one is adjustable you do have to clamp the brick in position to the fence
but then you can cut through it halfway and then flip it over and cut
through the other half and that gives you a perfect cut like that.

28 thoughts on “How to cut a brick in half lengthways | cut brick slips”

  1. Chewy says:

    Nice one. I've always used a stihl saw for this in the past, with either my own or a willing (stupid?) mate's foot holding it still on the ground for me. I think your way is a bit safer!

  2. justgivemethetruth says:

    Nice. That takes a while. How long will that blade last?

  3. Fes Y says:

    Great video, could you link me to your video of that red clamp you used in the video, I remover watching your review on it a while back but I can't find it, it's the red reversible quick clamp

  4. The Restoration Couple says:

    Great jig. Not tried the diamond blade yet, looks like it leaves a nice cut. Might not be the quickest route if using slips over a large areas though! 🙂

  5. Joe Blogs says:

    Now, that is technology. A hard task made very easy.

  6. Jusb1066 says:

    nice accurate job it does too, better than the old stihl petrol grinder and nothing to hold it, i myself have a junior hacksaw and about 6 months spare time, what do you reckon?

  7. TheJeremyevans says:

    how could you make a jig to do 45 degrees cut using an electric plane in mdf

  8. InterestCasual says:

    I enjoy your videos and have learnt a lot but it's starting to look like the evolution brand advertising channel! Maybe feature some competitors and have some balance, the evolution brand have some nice features but I've found the quality isn't up there with Dewalt, Makita, Bosch etc and they are not far off price wise. Keep up the good work otherwise 🙂

  9. Mark Garth says:

    I like the Evolution Rage tools. They are reliable and good value for money.

  10. Arpad Palyi says:

    I would prefer a wet cutter for this m8.

  11. Truffle says:

    great videos !

  12. jordancorey says:

    Can you fit an evolution blade onto a normal circular saw or mitre saw??

  13. Smiftyfer says:

    Hi everyone, it's me who turns to Chez when I get stuck with weird problems on site, this time I needed a safe and exact way of cutting bricks depth ways, as we have a client on a grand design type of build who requires his 6 metre (massive!) sliding doors to look as low as possible (seamless) from the inside. Building regs makes us fit at least a 45mm nose cill on external doors, so we had to drop them 'into' the foundations, just by half a bricks depth. I tried to cut the bricks with our old Stihly but it was crap finish, so then I tried cutting them on a flat 2" X 2" paving slab for more stability and gripping the brick with my boot, again, bit to dodgy for my liking and wonky finish, so with a load of bricks at a £1 each scrapped, I phoned my brick merchants who said they can do it for a £1 per cut plus I had to take the bricks to them (obv) and it was up to 10 days turnaround. Nope, so I phoned Chez to see what he could come up with ASAP, looks great.
    Thanks mate.

  14. Arpad Palyi says:

    its not really true then you can not lay when they are wet, you can but its a little bit difficult, anyway we are talking about cutting not laying, as your video shows, take care have fun

  15. Eddie Prout says:

    Thanks Chez might finally be able to cut one of her mothers scone,s in half…..

  16. girlsdrinkfeck says:

    this channel is better than most forums on the internet

  17. Zed Man says:

    Is there anything else these things can't do!?

  18. Paul T says:

    Great solution, thanks for the video!

  19. ad cr says:

    Hello, I have a stihl cut off saw and I would like to make a jig for it so I can make small straight cuts. Basically it is to save me buying a tile saw. Any ideas on how I could do this. Thanks.

  20. Khalid Al-Kooheji says:

    Nice video, just curious would the diamond blade be suitable for metals such as steel and aluminium as well? I already have the multi purpose and the steel blades but was wondering how the diamond ones would be

  21. Rick Salman says:

    Can you please direct me to the link where you created the wooden jig?

  22. JCBAirmaster73 says:

    Bed it on sand and run your Stihl saw up it,easy with a little practice.Or a couple of bits of lat tacked to a spot board.Keep the kit to a minimum and your money in your pocket.

  23. Unknown says:

    Saw this on display in Screwfix the other day.

  24. Ryan H says:

    Good video great bit of kit , i was expecting alot more dust than that.

  25. Mike Robishaw says:

    Is water required

  26. Snow G says:

    I just wish they sell half thickness size bricks

  27. Charles W says:

    Could I do this with a chop saw and a diamond blade? I want to cut 2 to 3 mm slices widthwise so i can use a small handsaw to cut little bricks for an art project. I have a dewalt very similar to what you have, but it doesn't slide forward and backwards, only up and down. Thanks in advance for the help

  28. rudeboytube says:

    The saw won’t last long with all the dust.

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