How to cut Fire Bricks the EASY way with a mitre saw by VOG (VegOilGuy)
How to cut Fire Bricks the EASY way with a mitre saw by VOG (VegOilGuy)

Hi YouTube, my name’s Geoff and I’m the
VegOilGuy. I’m making an electric foundry which I’ll
be sharing with you soon and I’m using these grade 28 fire insulating bricks. Now these
aren’t cheap costing around £5 each. And the company I bought these from wanted £5
a cut to do some shaping for me which would have made these £15 a block. So I decided
to cut my own using an ordinary mitre saw and save some money.
It’s easy to do… start by soaking your bricks in water for around two minutes until
all the air bubbles disappear. This will massively reduce all that dangerous and messy dust.
Then let the blocks drain for around 5 minutes to remove excess water. If you get water dripping
off them, they’re too wet. Make sure you’ve got your saw set up precisely
with the correct angle and a good stop for consistency. Keep the deck clean as even small
debris can misalign your cuts. Take your time and align the block squarely
on the saw and cut as normal. Don’t let the blade guard hit the block as it will damage
it – they’re very soft. Let the saw stop before raising it.
And that’s it – a nice straight, clean cut.
Not too bad eh? And as I’ve cut 24 bricks that’s a saving of £240. I can’t imagine
the suppliers would have done any differently so I’m very pleased with the results and
the money saved. So there you go, nice and simple. I hope this
very short video is useful to someone out there. Please look out for my electric home
foundry build that’s coming very soon. That’s it for now guys, thanks for watching.

15 thoughts on “How to cut Fire Bricks the EASY way with a mitre saw by VOG (VegOilGuy)”

  1. zumbazumba1 says:

    I think it would be better to do this on one of those cheap hand miter saw guides that you can buy.Or use regular hacksaw.That way less dust will be flying around.Just for the sake of your miter saw engine(maybe wrap it in cloth to protect it from dust).

    Looking foward to see your build,what wire you use etc.

  2. BARNEZY44 _ says:

    They just cut it with an ordinary hand panel saw it cuts like butter

  3. Olfoundryman says:

    NIce cut! What sort of blade is in the saw. Very clever to use the water soak, I had not thought of that….. Martin

  4. Tim Vivoda says:

    very helpfull from Australia god bless

  5. Tim Vivoda says:

    i bought the bricks did EXACTLY what you said and it worked fantastic .i made a kiln for gold smelting and your knowledge was very usefull thanks very much .

  6. Carlos Fuentes says:

    Where can I get blocks like that

  7. Matt Eyles says:

    This channel is golden,so glad I found it.

  8. Steel Umbrella Co says:

    thank you

  9. ANDY P says:

    Hi, that is a marvellous method of getting those bricks cut, will be doing this myself in a few days. Would you recommend this same method of soaking prior to cutting a 20mm hole, at an angle, in one of these bricks? (I am using grade 23 bricks as I don't require as high a temperature).Thanks

  10. JBFromOZ says:

    I recently cemented my bricks together after hand cutting with a panel saw, I got a crazy crystalline growth like fibreglass as it dried over the following days… I wonder if this is common?

  11. robdog15001 says:


  12. nathan hoyt says:

    This guy has fat hands

  13. DANS NEMESIS says:

    Great stuff, thank you.

  14. alessio55555 says:

    what's saw did you use and what's the type of brick? I unable to find in my country

  15. Ballie says:

    You're a real daredevil, aren't you. Lifting that blade guard with your fingers close to a running sawblade…

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