How To Decorate a Christmas Tree🎄| Buffie’s Home Decorating
How To Decorate a Christmas Tree🎄| Buffie’s Home Decorating

– You’re about to learn how to decorate a spectacular Christmas tree like this in seven easy steps, let’s get started. (upbeat music) Okay, the first step is to
select your tree and the theme. So you need to decide, do
you prefer a real tree, or an artificial tree? But we don’t say artificial
or fake, that’s not classy. So, in the comments below, let me know if you prefer
a real tree or a faux tree? Okay something to consider is where you’re gonna put the tree? So make sure you get the height right when you select a tree. Like this is a nine foot tree, because we have a large
area here in our foyer, but just make sure you
get the right height. And then you have to decide
if you want it pre-lit, or with no lights, if you want it flocked like this gorgeous Wayfair Christmas tree. And also you need to decide
if you want white lights, or color lights when
you select the lights. So you also need to select the
theme for your Christmas tree and you can do that by
color or type of ornament. I love an elegant Christmas tree, so that’s why I’ve selected
the gold and the silver and the champagne and white ornaments that give it a really elegant look. You could do like a
woodland theme, or snowmen, or vintage ornaments, or even
your children’s ornaments. The fun thing is, you can have
more than one Christmas tree, and have different themes
based on each tree. Now for step two, it’s
time to add the lights. Now if you have a pre-lit tree, then you can just skip
on over to step three. And one of the advantages
of a pre-lit tree is that with the LED, the LED lights last like 4,000 hours, so that’s like seven years, so that’s a really good way to go versus the lights like this, where if one light goes out
then the whole strand goes out. But I’m gonna show you three methods to adding lights to the tree. The first method is, you can wrap them all
the way around the tree like this in a circle from
the bottom to the top. The second method is, you can do a zigzag method,
dividing the tree into thirds, you can just zigzag in
and out of the branches, like this in three sections. Now I’m gonna show you the third way which gives you the best coverage, but it takes the most lights. So for each foot of the tree, you’ll need at least a hundred lights. So you’ll take your lights,
and you’ll wanna start it at the bottom, but for the demonstration I’m just gonna start in the middle here. You’re gonna start from the back, and you’re gonna
completely wrap your lights around each branch like this from the back to the front. And then you’re gonna wanna wrap around each little piece like this. And this really gives great coverage, it’ll look a lot prettier at night, but it takes a little bit more lights and it takes longer to do this method, but it looks super pretty. Everything that I’m showing today will be listed in the description below, including this gorgeous
Wayfair Christmas tree. And one thing I do love
about this pre-lit tree is not only does it have the LED lights, but it has these old-fashioned lights, that just give it, just
an extra special glow. And I really love this, I
think you would love it too. Okay, moving on to step three, it’s time to add the garland. And you can select any kind of garland, but I really love this faux-fur garland. And I learned about this
from my favorite designer, I wanna give her a shout-out, Randi Garrett who has an
excellent Christmas tree video that I’ll link below as well. And what I love about it, is it just looks like new-fallen snow. Lemme show you how to add it. Okay, so for the garland,
you’ll want to place it along, toward the outside of each branch. And just nestle it in
between the branches, so that it looks a little
bit like new-fallen snow. (instrumental festive music) Okay step four is to add your picks and they help fill in the holes, so I love using these pine branches. So anywhere that you see a hole, just stick it down in there and then you can use the smaller ones too, for smaller areas. So next I’m gonna add
some of these fun picks, like these fun little pompoms, and these little white berries, and some of these other leaves that just add a little sparkle and add a lot of texture to your tree. When you’re adding your picks, just make sure that you add
them pointing down like this. And you just wanna spread them out. So these are some of my favorite picks from Hobby Lobby, these little spheres with the glitter balls, and most or all of these picks literally are like one or
$2 each with their discount. So it’s just really inexpensive to add a lot of interest
and fun to your tree. Okay another fun pick
that I love are flowers, and Hobby Lobby has these
great poinsettia flowers that are very velvety and sparkly and they’re a great filler when you have holes in your
tree that you’re trying to fill. Okay, just like every room in your home needs a touch of whimsy, every Christmas tree
needs a touch of whimsy. And I just love this cute little bird, it has a clip on it, and
you can just perch her up here on your tree, so that she’s ready to
welcome all your guests. Okay, now we’re onto step five. And this is my favorite part, and you definitely wanna get your family involved if you haven’t. So put on the Christmas music and get the hot cocoa going, and we’re gonna add the ornaments. So you’ll want to have three
different sizes of ornament, small, medium and large, no
matter what size tree you have. And you wanna put the small
ones up top like this. And the medium ones, this is just such a cute little white, almost reminds me of a
little coconut ball ornament. And then this pretty
little, sparkly silver one, we’re gonna add at the bottom. Okay, so there’s three important things you need to keep in mind
when adding the ornaments. You’ll want to make sure that they’re spaced out
evenly, according to size. And the other tip is, you’ll
want to add depth to your tree by adding some on the inside, and then the middle branches,
and then on the ends. So what I recommend to
make it most economical is to add the less expensive
ornaments on the inside, like these, you can
get like a ton of these really cheaply, and
you can just hang these in the back to give depth. And then these gorgeous
mercury glass ornaments are really special and pretty, and you can put those more on the outside and in the front of your tree so that you can see them. Almost all of my Christmas decor, including these gorgeous ornaments, came from Hobby Lobby, it’s my absolute favorite
Christmas decor store. (instrumental festive music) Okay the third most important step I learned from my mom. I’ve been decorating Christmas trees since I was a little girl, and she would always ask
me, “Do they dangle?” And lemme show you what I mean. When you hang an ornament, you don’t want it to
just sit there like that. You want it to be able to swing, so you wanna do the dangle test by just giving a little touch, and make sure that it swings. (instrumental festive music) Okay, now we’ve made it to step six, and if you are not covered with glitter and faux snow, then you’re
not doing something right. So I really love this
champagne, glittery ribbon, it’s wired, I got it at Michaels and it’s my favorite
Christmas ribbon this season. And we’re going to take
the tree in sections and add some pretty ribbon on each branch. And I’m gonna show you
the technique that I do, it’s a little bit different
than what most people do, but I find it super easy and I don’t have to add additional wires. What I do, is I take strips of the ribbon, like 36 to 40 inches approximately, and I find working in smaller pieces is just a little easier than
taking one big long strip, the length of your tree. And I start at the top, and I just pinch it a little bit, and then I’m just gonna
show you an example. And then I take the end of my tree branch, and then I just kind of fold it over, because it’s made of wire
and that helps hold it. And then I’m going to
twist, I’m gonna twist my wrist to the right
and make a complete turn, so that it has this beautiful fold. And then you wanna make sure that the front of the
ribbon is showing like that. And then I find the next branch down and then I just pinch the ribbon. And then I just fold it
over the branch like this. And then you can just go back
and fluff it a little bit. Now at this point, you
can either cut this off, or you can tuck this into the tree, or you could even just fold it over. But then we’re ready for our next strip. You can have like nine rows, or seven, or even five, depending
on how big your tree is. (instrumental festive music) Okay, so you wanna keep
moving down the tree with your ribbon and just keep
attaching it to the branches, in a nice, vertical line. And, as you get to the very bottom branch, I like to add a little
flair to the ribbon. So just fold it over like this, and then you’ll want to just give it a little V cut on the diagonal, so that it has this cute
little point like this. It just adds a pretty touch to your tree. Okay we’ve made it to step seven and every beautiful tree
needs a gorgeous tree skirt. And I really love this
faux-fur tree skirt, let’s add that next. Okay the last thing I like to do, just so that your tree
doesn’t look so empty the whole month of December, is I like to add some
presents and, once again, keeping with the faux theme, these are faux presents,
there’s nothing in them, but you can still wrap boxes. And these are from Nashville Wraps, these nest of boxes and this pretty ribbon that I got at Sam’s looks
so pretty under your tree it helps dress it up even more. So there you have it, a
spectacular Christmas tree that’s easy to do and for
your whole family to enjoy. I wish you a very merry Christmas and may your home be filled with peace, love and joy this holiday season. Thank you so much for watching. Please subscribe to my channel and make sure you hit the little bell to be notified of future videos and give it a thumb’s up
if you liked it today. Thank you so much and I’ll
see you in my next video. (upbeat music)

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