How to Decorate Above the Bed | Interior Design
How to Decorate Above the Bed | Interior Design

Hello, I’m Jennifer. Today’s video is
going to be How to Decorate Above Your Headboard. Be sure to stay to the end of
the video because I have some great tips on how to choose wall decor. So let’s get
started. So for the first idea of something to
put above your bed, you could choose a unique architectural piece. Now my go-to
place to shop is flea markets, my favorite. Also, antique stores and the
piece above my bed is one I found at the flea market for $40. It was a dark wood
but I chalk painted it and added just a coat of polyurethane over the top. So,
there’s a couple reasons why I chose this piece. One, of course, it has flowers
in it. The detail of it is beautiful. I love flowers, but the second reason was
for me personally it has a little significance because I grew up playing
the piano. So, if you’re looking for something above your bed you want to
save a budget, architectural pieces are the way to go. So for the second idea, is
to put some artwork above your bed and to do two pieces and that way you’re
kind of splitting the difference of the space above the headboard. Now, I want to
talk to you about the artwork that’s above my bed right now.
It’s Cole’s and it’s her DIY project. You guys have met Cole before and I’m gonna
let her tell you about this. So my first question is where did you get the
inspiration on how to do this project? Well, I had seen some art that I really
loved that was similar to this with the little shells in the oversized mat and I
loved it and it was incredibly expensive. So, on our last beach trip as a family, my husband and my son found some
seashells and I knew that it was something that I wanted to frame and you
know keep those memories and you know have something from that season together
and so I thought to frame the shells similarly to how I saw them you saw in the art.
So that’s such a great idea too because I mean how many of us
have gone to the beach and we have the seashells and we’ve either stuck them in a jar
somewhere or they’re in a drawer somewhere. What a fabulous way to display
that and like you said, every time you look at it it’s a memory. It’s a
memory of a sweet season that I don’t want to forget and we have it forever. I
just love that and so I noticed the shells and the back of the shells is
that in a gray mat and you just asked them to
put the gray mat behind it? Yep I did the custom framing at Michaels or they
have it at Hobby Lobby and I did the gray mat so it would contrast with the
white shells. That’s so smart and do they glue the shells on? Or did you have to do
that? No, they did everything. Really and they spaced them all out? Okay, I like
somebody else doing the math. That is perfect. Okay well I want to say
thank you for sharing that idea. What a great DIY project and like you saved a
ton of money too! So for the third idea, I’m really extra
excited about this one. A vendor in our store that
does a lot of signs, word signs and we’ve become friends and I contacted her
and asked if she could do three different sayings that will be JD’s
exclusives and she agreed to do it. They’re on our online store. The one I chose
today that I wanted to show you is one of my favorite quotes. “Any day spent with
you is my favorite day. So, today is my new favorite day.” The other two sayings
are perfect for a bedroom. So you’ll have to check out my online store. Let me
share with you my tips on how to choose wall decor for a room. So I like to have
continuity in a room but I also like to have variants on each wall and what I
mean by that is, so if I put say I have a mirror on one wall, so on the next wall
maybe I’ll have a bigger piece of artwork. So then on the next wall, I might
do two smaller pieces of artwork and either hang them staggered or one on top
of each other and then for that fourth wall I might choose some word art like
we showed in the video. This is a great way to not have repetition in the room. I
hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope they’re helpful. So be sure to check out
my online store. I’m gonna put a link in the description I’m also gonna put a
link to Cole’s Instagram. She has some fabulous ideas. You need to go check her
out. Don’t forget to subscribe, I’m gonna have a new video out shortly and I hope
you have a great day.

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  1. Pily Fierro says:

    💕like#23💕 Beautiful 💕💕💕

  2. Denise Throndsen says:

    I love your vintage piano piece, but your headboard is the showstopper so I don’t necessarily think you need anything above that gorgeous and high headboard. I have kind of a similar headboard but mine isn’t nearly as tall as yours. I love that black picture with the white flowers. TFS!🌺🌺🌺

  3. Michelle Hall says:

    Enjoyed all these wonderful ideas!!

  4. Basma Alazzawi says:


  5. Simple Yet Chic says:

    These are great helpful tips! Thanks for sharing 💕💕

  6. Shamrock Girl says:

    4 the 1st time ever I have a floor to ceiling window behind my bed. I may place a floral swag across the drapery rod. Suggestions?

  7. Emma Dee says:

    Heck, I thought it was going to be how to make headboard.

  8. Jerry Wilk, Jr. says:

    I really like your videos. You both look so nice and wholesome!

  9. Stacy B says:

    All 3 examples are beautiful and I LOVE that they are affordable and tailored to your memories. I have to say, my favorite for above your bed was the beautiful piano piece.

  10. Donna Allgaier-Lamberti says:

    I like your down-to-earth practical way of decorating. My master bed has an architectural piece over it and our guest bed has an original painting over it.

  11. SuzyQ says:

    L💗ve L💗ve your bedding… where may I ask did you find such a beautiful comforter set?

  12. Traditions By The Seasons says:

    Love the quote above the bed, precious. Love your tips, thx for sharing and have a fabulous weekend! Xoxo 😘 ❤️

  13. MZAC Sunday School says:

    hi Jennifer 💗💗

  14. Diane Smith says:

    Too bad you don’t ship to Canada!

  15. Marilyn Weist says:

    Never would have thought about a piano piece above your bed, but I love it ! All great ideas! ❤❤

  16. S Gardner says:

    Beautifully decorated. Decor means so much more when there is a story behind it. I'll have to visit your store one day, but in the meantime, I'll be checking out the website! Tfs!

  17. Anna Cooremans says:

    Beautiful bedroom and thank you for the tips!

  18. Reagan Mcmichael says:

    Thanks for sharing your tips!

  19. Letha Hartley says:

    Love your style

  20. gr8fulgirl7 says:

    Perfect timing for me…. I only have 29 inches above my headboard to the ceiling and the artwork I wanted to hang there is 11inches high ~ I thought it was too large for that small space. I see I need to give it equal space above and below the piece. Thank you!

  21. Leslie Worthy says:

    Loved each one!! I loved the sea shell idea! That could even be done with colorful fall leaves I would imagine too. Thank you ladies!

  22. Joyce Taggart says:

    I l love your headboard. it is so rich and yet cozy. I am sure you got it through your store . Do you feel you want to change your furniture and decorations often? Joyce

  23. B Kind says:

    Thanks for these lovely ideas. You inspire my creativity.

  24. ForTheLoveOfGrey says:

    I love everything on your online store but holy cow! $$$ I'll have to DIY my own art too.

  25. Belynda Perry says:

    Your channel is so inspiring and I have gotten lots of good tips from you. However, in the spirit of differing opinions, I think your bedroom would look much nicer without anything above your headboard. I subscribe to the theory that if you have a large, tall headboard it is better to not add anything above, and if your headboard is small or short, go ahead and put something above it. I absolutely love the large picture on the side wall, though. I have that same wall in my bedroom and didn't know what to do with it and now I know! I'll hang a large beautiful picture and it will fill the space nicely.

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