How to Deep Clean Your Carpet | BISSELL
How to Deep Clean Your Carpet | BISSELL

Get Professional Style results when you use a BISSELL deep cleaner to clean carpet. BISSELL deep cleaners are easy to use and have unique features to maximize cleaning. In these video lessons, we’ll show you
how to get the best results from using a BISSELL carpet cleaner. Before you start cleaning, move furniture
and clear the room. It’s a good idea to vacuum carpets first,
to remove debris and pet hair. For best results in removing stains, pretreat any stains and spots on the carpet using a BISSELL PreTreat formula. Now you’re ready to fill the tank. It’s easy. Just remove the 2-in-1 tank and carry it to
your sink. Fill the formula tank with hot tap water. Measure and add BISSELL machine formula to the clean water and you’re all set. The large capacity 2-in-1 tank
means fewer trips to the sink and easy filling and emptying. To get started, plug in and press the power
button to turn the machine on. Recline the handle, then, holding down the trigger, make one slow wet pass forward and back. Release the trigger and make a dry pass over
the same path to suction up any residual dirty water. Repeat the cleaning passes until the liquid
being pulled up looks clean. Then make a few more dry passes to pull as
much liquid as possible. How does it work? BISSELL’s advanced cleaning formula is injected deep into your carpet fibers. Dual rotating brushes agitate and loosen harmful
dirt and ground-in grit. Then, powerful suction lifts it all away,
leaving your carpet clean and fresh. BISSELL’s Heatwave Technology provides
constant heat to help maintain the water temperature throughout
the cleaning process Whenever the tank becomes full, just empty
the dirty water into the sink. Refill and repeat as necessary. When you’re all finished, you may want
to do an optional rinse of the carpet with clean water. Just fill the empty bladder with clean water, and go over the area one more time with a wet pass. Then, do a few dry passes to suction up as much water as possible. This will help your carpet dry more quickly. The machine is designed with an auto diverter, simply lock the unit in the upright position
to clean with the hose and tools. For cleaning hard-to-reach areas like stairs
and upholstery, use the convenient tool attachments to easily
remove spots and stains. Just select a tool and attach it to the hose,
and you’re ready to clean. After cleaning, a few simple maintenance steps
will help keep your machine working its best. Rinse out the 2-in-1 tank with clean water. Check the red filter and clear away any debris. Easily remove the nozzle to rinse it, and
clean any debris from the brushes. The machine stores easily
so it will be ready for you to use the next time it’s needed. With BISSELL carpet deep cleaners,
you can enjoy clean carpets with professional style results. For more tips, or to view BISSELL products,
check out

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  1. mrs white says:

    what model is this?

  2. Talia Beauge says:

    stupid gunk

  3. Nerf Car Wash And Vacuum Videos says:

    Can you use the deep reach tool with this.

  4. Nerf Car Wash And Vacuum Videos says:

    Can you use the deep cleaning turbo brush?

  5. Nerf Car Wash And Vacuum Videos says:

    is this the proheat revolution?

  6. Hanif Ramli says:

    hye, how many hour/minutes it takes to make the carpet fully dry?

  7. Tom Kendrick says:

    These DIY machines only get the surface clean. They operate at a low psi so cannot deep clean effectively.

  8. Kim Smith says:

    I had a bissel upright carpet cleaner,it was useless I bought a vax upright,this too is useless,scrubbing brush works for real,but very hard on the hands,the advertisements for these cleaners always claim miracles,on carpets that to be honest look brand new,the old vax stick type was the most effective,but sorry if your carpets a couple of years old with heavy traffic been through it,nothing will get it clean,i even paid for a steam cleaner professional,he had to do it twice and still not good results

  9. entrim says:

    I should have watched this before I cleaned the carpets

  10. Barb Hayslett says:

    Yikes! Worst purchase ever! No Suction. Please Buy something Else worst purchase ever! Thankfully returned after NO SUCTION. WORTHLESS.

  11. Paul Cwick says:

    Personal opinion: The instructional video would be a lot more effective without the kitschy, cheesy & extremely-distracting elevator-music in the background (which makes me want to bang my head against the wall, frankly.)

  12. Ciaran Tilbury says:

    Stores easy… Easy you needed a whole fucking cupboard for it

  13. Karma bio health Beauty says:

    Hi … Could you plz tell me how much bcz I just moved to Florida and rent an apartment with carpet it looks dirty so I need this machine

  14. mumfordlmh says:

    Pour the dirty water down the sink? yuck, I use the toilet, who knows what is in that water.

  15. HTB Dog says:

    Dump the dirty water in the sink?! Don't because there could be pee pee and poop in that water.

  16. John Kinnane says:

    G'day this is the second Bissell cleaner we have bought. The first one we had for 9 years and it was fantastic never had a problem with it was a pro heat and saved us a fortune in doing the carpets ourselves, and it was lent out to friends as well. This new Proheat 2X pro is fantastic and Bissell have really improved them, it's great how the tank is bigger you can clean the machine easier. I would sincerely recommend these carpet cleaners. Regards John Tasmania Australia

  17. Λloɓ says:

    Just got this exact one. I do everything exactly as instructed, no good results what so ever. I had it set on tools to use the little "hard to reach" thing.. and by the time I'm done with that, there's a huge pile of cleaner and bubbles and the whole tank is empty (the back tank) and the wheels are covered in it. Now my originally off white.. light brown carpet has a huge white spot in the center of the room. It's going straight in our dumpster. Might even make a YouTube video about this and us destroying it, before it hits the dumpster. 😡

  18. Jayne Kun says:

    why wont my brushes rotate

  19. AlyssaPierre says:

    does this remove pet oder?

  20. sara54501 says:

    there are several carpet shampooers, which one is best and what are the differences?

  21. Phyllis Madere says:

    my machine is not putting out any liquid? have I done something wrong?

  22. Ayame Kyoto says:

    Why is it ALWAYS the women doing the cleaning? Are there any dedicated males not afraid of being seen using a cleaning device?!

  23. * Rain비Cloud America Worldwide says:

    this was poorly done. the music was so load I could barely hear the person talking. And on earth would you need to add loud music to an instruction video?! well nevermind lol

  24. Antonio Thomas says:


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    What is with that shot at 2:59?

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    they are hilariously over complicating everything

  27. NO1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne says:

    Wow… Just WOW!

  28. fuhgetabouddit says:

    At 2:26 did she really say fill the empty bladder?????? 😂😂😂

  29. Brookelyn Richardson says:

    okay i wanted to see a nice carpet cleaning video but I don't like this is not a good video

  30. Дмитрий Клешонкин says:

    It works great!>>>   Has great suction! Just wish they had it with a retractable cord.

  31. The Zilla says:

    This is so sexist I’ve been on here for 30 minuets looking for suggestions for cleaning my carpet and all of the characters are women wtf, as a man I believe I can clean a carpet 2x BETTER then these slow mums

  32. Gamal Kevin says:


  33. Pro Carpet Cleaning Sydney says:

    Great Share

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    may i have a some question the what bissell machine can clean the artificial grass

  35. DISHES On2wheels says:

    How long does it take for the carpet to dry?

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    Bissel is sh*t

  37. duray mond says:

    Sorry…**bissell is shit

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    Scull splitting background music spoils the video….

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    Fuckin right tell that bitch you motherfuckin right 🎼

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    Has anyone tried this yet? What do you think?

  43. Kevin DeLuna says:

    No I don't pour down sink due to contamination of the sink use toilet

  44. Natasha 187 says:

    Got the same one and its the best 💯

  45. Petite Larceny says:

    So many people complaining about the music LOL and the description is says that Bissell created of the album 😁😁💀💀

  46. Aggie Marchel says:

    So she deep cleans but is wearing shoes inside…. that makes sense 🙄

  47. Gideon Osei says:

    Great Help

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    Here's a tip.
    Vacuum your floor before you do this …

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    Can I use this device to clean my back hair?

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    What about rinsing?? The heat just drys the shampoo….how is that optional?..

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    please don't empty dirty water into the sink unless you know your pipes can handle it. most sinks aren't built for that level of debris & it can ruin the system. best to pour it outside or into the toilet.

  53. Trajanus LaRocque says:

    I’m here because idk how to even turn this bitch on

  54. Red Rose says:

    I have a little older model. Everytime different issue. So complicated and not functioning well

  55. trevor wenger says:

    My carpet is kinda old and worn (bunched up and has snags from cats clawing at it) Does quality of carpet matter when using this product?

  56. Lisa Glover says:

    Great video! Loved the music.

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    "Well shizzel… gonna need that Bissell" ~Snoop tipping something on the floor, presumably.

  58. PBeloch says:

    after watching this video i opted to hire a company to do this for me.

  59. Misael Rojas says:

    It is a good idea to vacuum first when you deep clean your carpet

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