How to develop the PERFECT LIGHTING PLAN for your NEW HOME!
How to develop the PERFECT LIGHTING PLAN for your NEW HOME!

– In this video you’ll
learn how to design lighting for a new home including
how to choose lighting, as well as lighting for different rooms. That’s starting right now. – [Announcer] Welcome
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bell so you don’t miss anything. So today I’m joined by Rebecca
Hotchkiss, Interior Designer with Brookfield Residential. And we’re gonna talk about lighting design for your new home. So Rebecca, how do you choose
lighting for your home? – I would say it starts with style and it’s just the type of light. So you have lots of
different types of lights throughout your home, whether that be pendants,
flush mount lights, recessed light, and then the
second thing would be style. So kind of having a main
theme and then carrying that throughout the rest of your home. – And you’re not talking
about having the exact type, same type of lighting
throughout your house, right? No, for sure not. I mean, I would say, kind of
pick a color, pick a style, but it will vary
depending on your fixture. So your pendant light
will likely look different than your flush mount light, even though they have any
sort of from the same family. – So when you talk about
style what do you mean? – I mean color, shape,
size, that kind of thing. They all come into play with style. – And how much lighting
do you need in a home? – I always say go for more. It’s really a pain down
the road to have to try and add more light in. It’s better at the beginning when you wire your home to
make sure that you have enough. – And you can add a
dimmer to make sure it’s, different changes, the different mood, or the different lighting type, right? – Absolutely, and you can
have different circuits too. So I mean you can put
your pendant lights on, you can put one row of your living room on all at different times. – So Rebecca, when you
install lighting in your home or develop a lighting plan,
do you think about replacement or maintenance as part of that plan? – I mean you should. There are some areas in your home like a stairwell or a high vaulted ceiling that are gonna be a little
bit harder to get to. So think about a fixture that’s
gonna make it easier on you down the road when you
either have to change that light bulb, or dust the
fixture, that kind of thing. I mean, generally speaking,
an average ladder’s okay to hop on to change a bulb in
an eight foot, 10 foot ceiling but anything higher than that, maybe take into consideration. – Okay, and how about, let’s go through the
rooms, especially the rooms that are used to frequently, right? So, what kind of light would you think about
using for a bathroom? – Bathroom, I mean you have vanity lights, you have overhead lights. Generally we kind of
say, three light sources would be ideal whether that’s
natural light, a spotlight, or a task light, ambiance
light, overhead light. Each room will be a little bit different, but kind of balancing
different types of light really helps out. – How about a bedroom? – A bedroom, you have your
overhead light and natural light lots people have bedside lights. So that kind of would check
off your three boxes there. – And how about a living room? I guess that’s the one where you can have a
lot of different types– – For sure, you can have floor lamps, you can have table lamps, you can have overhead lights. I mean even if you’ve got an open concept in your kitchen, sometimes you have under cabinet lighting. It just depends. It depends on your home
but making sure you’ve, you’ve got a wide variation really helps. – And how about the kitchen? – Kitchen, you’ve got pendants for sure. That’s a big one. Generally, some overhead lights, some people have track lighting, like they said you can
have cabinet lighting. You can either–
– What is a cabinet light by the way? It’s kind of a focal
point under your cabinet. You can have either a strip of lights or you can have a few puck lights it just adds another dimension. – So Rebecca, what happens if at the end of your light design, you found out that say
one or two of the rooms is not as well lit as you thought. What would you do about that? – In that case I’d
probably add floor lamps, I would add table lamps. You can get larger
scale, one smaller scale so depending on how much
light you really need, maybe there’s multiple
bulbs in one of those lights that will add to that. So it kind of just depends on the space but I would definitely
think your best route is, is to add lighting
fixtures that you can plug into receptacles yourself. – And in terms of design, do you also install or
think about lighting in terms of the design? – For sure I mean if you’ve
got a country style home going with countryside lights. I mean modern with modern lights,
they’re different finishes with lights as well, you could
do chrome, you can do kind of a brush stainless
finish, you could do bronze, you could do black, all sorts. So it’s definitely
important to tie that in with the look of your home. People sometimes say that lighting is the jewelry of the home. – So Rebecca, do you
have anything else to add in terms of lighting
design for a new home? I really think it should be
something that complements the rest of your home, whether that’s in style,
color, functionality. I really think it’s important to add that to your whole picture. So make sure it all works together. – Perfect, and the question of the day I have for you is what
kind of lighting design, did you have for your home, and were there any structural challenges that you actually
encountered with your home that may be prevented a
certain lighting style? Let us know and description below. And if you want to know more about interior design for your home. Check out these great playlists here, and I’ll catch you in our next video.

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