How to do Cumbia Dancing : How to Put Cumbia Dance Steps Together
How to do Cumbia Dancing : How to Put Cumbia Dance Steps Together

Basic. Here’s a basic with a kick. Here’s
our side step. Double side step. Double side step again. Cross over. Cross over with a
kick. Back into basic to show the turn, and basic. Last time, a turn. Thank you so much
for learning cumbia with me here at Silhouette’s in Burbank on

67 thoughts on “How to do Cumbia Dancing : How to Put Cumbia Dance Steps Together”

  1. Manuel M. says:

    baila como juana la cubana xD

  2. Manuel M. says:

    "dance like Juana the cuban girl" xD

  3. JimmyJoker says:

    do it again!

  4. tala12 says:

    finally i learn these steps, nice videos…thx!!!

  5. Martin Vera says:

    que nadia sepa mi surfir actually

  6. jbonilla25 says:

    Hey pony ass why don't you put a better dance video if you think this one sucks. Great video.

  7. ucsbtony says:

    best short cumbia lesson ive seen 5 stars for you

  8. SERG LAREDO says:

    now this is real cumbia dancin, cinco estrellas

  9. DeadPixel_00 says:

    no lo se pero hay un grupo cubano llamada las anacaonas que tienen una version de esta cancion

  10. kstar75342 says:

    learn how to spell colombian

  11. kambalu says:

    suck my fuckin Cak

  12. Alexandra Jacome says:


  13. adriana ospina says:

    How can she be dancing cumbia not even the music is cumbia .
    Sorry but this is not cumbia . Maybe in the States but not form Colombia .

  14. TejanoStlye says:

    shit might as well watch a selena video.

  15. Ricardo Ivan Hernandez says:

    jackasses! why can't you just let the lady do her thing?… I know the video isn't great but who cares!

  16. razorwings says:

    no the steps loook right, just a little awkward

  17. Well Watcher says:

    i'd love to dance with you!!!!

  18. TexasStoner says:


  19. tupana75 says:


  20. skipsz torres says:

    yhu guys are haters id love too see all yu guyss dance like this if yhu guys are watchinq this it may be cus yu dont know how to dance cumbia alritee.

  21. Daniel Andrés García R says:


  22. Acqua900 says:

    @DrJuan74 she dance better than you speak english anyway

  23. Avarcirith says:

    @dapgarci No…Shakira dances raqs sharqi, or "belly dance" which does include a lot of hip movement. She never dances cumbia, which is exactly what this is!

  24. Daniel Andrés García R says:

    @Avarcirith claro q siii ella baila a veces cumbia…. In Hips dont lie´s video she dance cumbia (one moment) but she dance .. (when she says "Mi vida en barranquilla se baila asi" it is cumbia)

  25. yangomez says:

    Sorry, but this is not cumbia!


    Hey ignorant!!! is COLOMBIAN not columbian.. and that it is more salsa than anything else

  27. bochalema says:

    Sorry, this is how cumbia is danced in ______, but it is not how it's danced in Colombia… Chains on the feet is the key! Remember that cumbia is from the colombian coast, it was first played by African slaves in the Atlantic coast of that country. Cumbia has now spread to other countries and different styles have evolved. However, in Colombia, the original African chained feet style is the only one used.

  28. Daniel Andrés García R says:

    @princessa863 Ahii porq mejor no te callas yo Soy de COLOMBIA y yo se q es la cumbia !!
    Im from colombia i know what is cumbia… the dance of this video is SALSA other dancing… so dont confuse, cumbia is other thing

  29. lanaitto87 says:

    This is Cumbia and she teaches it really well. Don't hate people! If you don't like it then watch something else. Great video, short, simple and to the point.

  30. lanaitto87 says:

    This is Cumbia and she teaches it really well. Don't hate people! If you don't like it then watch something else. Great video, short, simple and to the point.

  31. Debra Girard says:

    @alw7 Exactly! That's the way I have danced the cumbia! In a circle. Maybe I danced Yaqui Indian style, I don't know…

  32. Daniel Andrés García R says:

    @princessa863 No because CUMBIA is CUMBIA
    there no are differents moves
    One thing cant be other thing in other place
    Tis video and the women is confussed
    She is dancing SALSA no cumbia
    Is like that i say that in my country the Jazz is rock or the pop is metal
    Dont change…. "CUMBIA" is the name for the dancing that i know and you have to search more 🙂
    Dont forget CUMBIA is CUMBIA 😉

  33. Selenaencarnation says:

    @TejanoStlye lol so true man SELENA ES LA REINA DE LA CUMBIA 😀

  34. DeAtHnOTe70771 says:

    whats the song?

  35. L McRitchie says:

    Awesome thank you for sharing this

  36. WolfsChaos says:

    la mujer es muy feo, pero bueno bailar (:

  37. ozzie Santos says:

    para los que pidieron un video de cumbia ahi les va mi estilo "BAILANDO CUMBIA COLOMBIANA ESTILO HOUSTON Alfonso Y Aurelia en "RUMBAS"

  38. ozzie Santos says:

    i love it when people try but salseros can't dance cumbia IM SORRY its only my opinion im mixing cumbia con un toque salsero maybe u like it

  39. Johnny36391 says:

    its stupid how this chick it trying to teach others how to dance cumbia….i can dance cumbia really good and let me tell u something first learn how to dance it before u put rediculous videos like this to show people how to dance cumbia..

  40. Gary Hauptli says:

    Excellent video. I am trying to learn the differences between Cumbia, Salsa, Merengue…they are all very similar. You make it easier because the camera is focused on your feet/steps for most of the time. Thank you for your help!

  41. bago510 says:

    @ferrocarriles169 cual sonora dinamita lol esto es Fito Olivares que ni sabe tocar Cumbia . la mejor Cumbia es Colombiana . los unicos Mexicanos que tocan bien la Cumbia son los de Monterrey y Gurrero los de mas no saben sorry .

  42. Karen Lake says:

    OMG What are u dancing there? That is not real cumbia!

  43. turtlewax3585 says:

    wtf, she looks like a robot, you can tell she tells her feet what to do.

  44. plaverde64 says:

    It's COLOMBIAN… there's no U in there!!!

  45. swiry rozzeta says:

    Diz shiiity dasent hlp

  46. Monique Mederos says:

    Ummm No Its Not Stupid .! Its Spelled CUMBIA With A U .!

  47. plaverde64 says:

    What? "Columbian cumbia" there's no U in the word Colombian!!

  48. Sunday_ Saint85 says:

    What song is this?

  49. Erika Soriano says:

    Fito Olivares – "Baila Como Juana La Cubana" or simply "Juana La Cubana"

  50. MrMister1227 says:

    Great! Now time to go the the quince :3

  51. T Amaro says:

    You're the Stupid one.!!! -__-

  52. melody tune says:


  53. mamadousako says:


  54. Napoleon Dumo says:

    Very instructive

  55. Francisco Flores says:

    Sorry you need rhythm to dance dance cumbia and mija you don't have it .!! Just my opinion.

  56. Cyrus Siu says:

    Good teaching. 

  57. Maite says:

    Thanks, I need this for a quince!

  58. Joe Frank says:

    I love dancing with my frand

  59. Yolanda Flores says:

    what's the song called?

  60. Brianna P says:

    thank u so much I'm Hispanic but I don't really know cumbia but my friends have been teaching me but it's summer and they can't really teach me so thank u

  61. Caprice Novelli says:

    Don't forget the washing machine, girl! That was a famous move that Selena did when dancing cumbia. 😉

  62. Gabriela Torres says:

    hello im some what getting it but can u do a video that breaks it down a little slower

  63. Juan Hernandez says:

    Thank you! Could you show turns with the guy as well?

  64. Lourdes Romeri says:

    Que no lo vea Pablito Lescano porque se nos infarta

  65. david alen says:

    good demonstration of basic steps for social partner cumbia..

  66. Meme 4119 says:

    You gotta use yo hips girl i am latina and 20 in april still needing to learn

  67. Roxana Valle says:

    I'm not trying to hate here but, why u explaining it in English when the song is in English 😂?

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