How to Do Ombre or Gradient Tie Dyeing | Tie Dyeing
How to Do Ombre or Gradient Tie Dyeing | Tie Dyeing

46 thoughts on “How to Do Ombre or Gradient Tie Dyeing | Tie Dyeing”

  1. Gunner1423 says:


  2. leah martins says:


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  4. Alliyah says:


  5. rainbowarrior says:

    No, you aren't

  6. Teddy Yu says:

    She's a girl

  7. JadeDoes says:

    Shit head

  8. aydooknow says:

    love her accent

  9. Brianna Castro says:

    Her arms must hurt!

  10. MylkT1023 says:

    would this work on polyester satin?

  11. Mitsy says:

    aint nobody got time for that

  12. Gui cr says:

    Nice teaching

  13. Naululani says:

    I have 5 yards of fabric.  How can I Ombre dye large fabric?

  14. PrincessOfDarkness87 says:

    This is pretty cool.

  15. Y. Husky says:


  16. N says:

    Thanks! I'm new at sewing, I've only made to barbie dresses by had (tres chic!) and two pillows (tres…comfy?) haha! But I have big plans and ideas for designs and products. I REALLY want to make dresses, and this technique will really help once I learn how!

  17. leonard aquino says:

    you should let us see the result.

  18. Claire Wallace says:

    thank you this is soo helpfull

  19. Silver Haze says:

    Hi, I dyed my t-shirt using this method, but then when I made the first washing with the washing machine – as I feared- all the upper white side turns out pink (I used a red color). How can I fix the color and wash ombré dyed wearing without this happening?

  20. Elin★ says:

    We don't have tie-dye where I live, can I use something else?

  21. Prince Daniel says:

    What dye shoud I used?

  22. Larayah Gibson says:

    U talk toooooooo much

  23. john tonog says:

    hey i like you"re tatoo

  24. Aly Woods says:

    you're adorable 🙂

  25. Ashley Doran says:

    @Howcast would this work on tulle also ?

  26. leshawn Billingsley says:

    yes she does

  27. Jacks Apple says:

    i just watched a woman talking and dipping cloth in dye for 4 minutes -_-
    why didn't you show the result? how am i supposed to know if this even works?

  28. Raederle Phoenix says:

    I would have liked to see what it looked like after it was done.

  29. All4One Mixed Media Innovations says:

    Im dying some black pants with a sort of crimson red rit dye. I want to do a fade on them and i was wondering if the pants are still going to be able to soak up the red properly?

  30. Maureen Masway says:

    i get headaches when someone talks to much in a video am interested in

  31. Sofie Songe Kittelsen says:

    How does it work on synthetic chiffon?

  32. ueowsdows says:

    it's like she has no soul while talking sooo much.. ergh..

  33. Edward Esmok says:

    voz de puta

  34. Distinctive Fabric says:

    Ill try this right away

  35. Damilola Kotun says:

    Intelligent tho

  36. aditya marwenda says:

    interesting, new knowledge for me,
    May I know what your coloring?

  37. shahida Nasir says:

    nice work

  38. Gabi Theis says:

    ganz nett, aber permanentes reden?

  39. khadija mohammed says:


  40. DA Ve says:

    she is so boring

  41. ᴠᴧᴨᴛᴧᴃᴌᴧcᴋ says:

    very cute, very informative, 10/10 smile and twinkely eyes

  42. Imagine Glasses says:

    Thank You! This is a perfect beginning technique for me! I am totally using this for my Halloween costume

  43. Mary P says:

    Super nice .. Gracias!!!

  44. The Family Channel says:


  45. Ethan K says:

    Legend has it, she's still dipping the cloth in the dye to this day

  46. sam says:

    If i want to manufacturer 100 tshirt do i have to do one by one or how

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