How To Draw A Room with One Point Perspective
How To Draw A Room with One Point Perspective

In this video I am going to show you how to draw a room using one point perspective you start
with a dot in the center of the page the dot is going
to be the vanishing point then around the dot you draw a rectangle using as straight a line as you can manage
and each line of the rectangle should be parallel to the edges the paper next you find the dot in the center this is your vanishing point
and all the diagonal lines end up here you can read from the perspective point to the corner of the rectangle and then you continue that line to the
edge of the paper so from the vanishing point you read to
them to the corner of the rectangle and finish at the edge of the paper you repeat this four times and then you
have what is a box in perspective a shoe box or in this case a room we can now add a door we need to work out where the door would go it needs to go slightly above the center of the back wall and line at the top of the door needs to
be parallel to the top rectangle that you started with next from the vanishing point we can fond the corners of the thickness of the wall those two lines would go towards the vanishing point the upright is a vertical line that should be parallel to your other vertical lines horizontal lines top and bottom of the
door frame will be horizontal to all the other lines you have in the drawing we can continue the edge of the room so we can read the lines across from the
original line to your diagonal lines and then put an end to it lets place another door the corner of the door can be there again the top of the door can be read from a line from the vanishing point that gives us the top of the door
frame the uprights again are parallel to the edge of the paper I am doing this freehand so parallel
is parallel as close as I can get these lines come down and you can see when he stopped by
reading across from the other lines okay next from here continued the line from the back of our original room as if we looking through the doorway on
the right and its a continuation of the room the top of the room would not be shown as it is covered by the top of the door frame lets place a window in now so you need to choose the height where you would like it to start and the vertical line would be parallel to
your other vertical lines but the diagonal line as always needs to come from the vanishing point you read it and continue the line
across from the vanishing point that gives us the top and bottom angles of the window next we do the line coming down and then we have a window we could
probably get another window in and that could be the same high and we can extend the line of the angle that we have and then we find the two uprights and next the window frame needs a thickness just keep a simple drawing the lines come from the vanishing point and we just read them across any down lines stay parallel reading across from the vanishing point you can find out where they go as things get nearer the vanishing point they get smaller as as things more away from the vanishing point they get larger they look larger lets put in a table in the corner not too near the window as that would be a confusing number of lines to start the back of the table at the
back of the room and then the side of the table will go
along at the side of the wall and the other side the table will meet at the corner that’s our choice where the corner is and a continuation from the vanishing point now this line is parallel to the back wall more or less lets make this a glass table so we can see what is happening we give the surface of the table top a thickness following the same rule angles go towards the vanishing point this being one point perspective there is only one point to worry about now to this class will see the back edge of the glass plane It needs some sort of legs now four ellipses one in each corner at the bottom of the glass surface then we can extend these down and read them across the one on the left is a bit lower so I need to bring the one on the right down too so that they are more or less parallel with each other then we need to find out where the back
two legs of our table are again reading from the vanishing point
to the front leg and where it touches were the back leg could be that is the base that we can read across from the vanishing point and these will be slightly smaller than the two legs in front because it’s in perspective we got to remember that things get smaller as they go towards the vanishing point they look smaller okay so next we could add a picture
frame let’s do that using the dot of the vanishing point to be a corner of the rectangle we can draw a simple that picture frame pop that in if we keep it details quite small we can make the room look bigger lets put another picture frame here so again these or parallel with the back
wall it is different rectangles and squares and they will make the wall look flatter because it’s now got a couple of things on it two pictures we can put some lights in so again from the vanishing point read across two lines then I’ll make a mark on one side and then repeat on the
inside as the marks get nearer to the vanishing point they get smaller and closer to each other okay next we can put another door in the
back room I can read it from the angle of the door at the front room and we find out where that to would need to be to be the same
height to the door frame at least next we can add in a carpet again lines that go away should meet at the vanishing point if they are parallel getting the two angles choosing where the lines stop and then maybe putting a few details to give some detail and scale to the drawing we have in front of us on the wall on the right I think I will make another little frame reading across so to get a unity in the image I’ll read across the height of the frame
on the back wall that the original room and just put it in on the right again working from the center point the
vanishing point and we can read the lines of the floor at the back wall the spaces should be evenly spaced and because a coming from the vanishing point
and we are reading them across I don’t want to join them up at the vanishing point as it would look like a cobweb in the middle I am just visually following them through so the floor boards go from the right to the left in a sort of fan like shape because it is a glass like table I can draw the floor boards through it begin to add some details to the table table legs table glass colour the carpet make the black lines solid put the floor boards in do a view through the window colour in some of the pictures I don’t want to over do it so that is probably done…

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