How to drill a shallow well by hand
How to drill a shallow well by hand

welcome to Brad’s project number 33 or
133 or something I’m fixing to drill my own well by hand and the reason I’m
doing this is the town I live in charges more for sewage than they charge for
water so if you water your flowers or wash your car or hose your driveway off
they charge you a crazy amount of sewage even though you’re not using the sewage
so I’ve been researching a lot of methods over the years of getting water
shallow well and here’s what I’ve come up with to be the best way for me to
access water this is a fencepost auger it’s 8 inches it adjusts from 6 to 8
inches it’s made by a company called Seymour and I’ve got 5 4-foot extensions
here and the 4-foot that’s on there that should get me down 25 feet when I got
some callers there too and if I don’t reach water in 25 feet I don’t know what
I’m going to do I’m gonna have to move try another hole somewhere else because
the pump the pitcher pump I have will only pull water up from about 22 feet
max so I’ve already started it here I’m down about a foot I just wanted to try
it out I did that yesterday but today I got all my extensions and fix him give a
shot this may be a long video it’s a lot of work and I’ve got to put a casing in
and pea gravel and more pipe and foot valves and I bought a pitcher pump for
20 bucks that needs the leathers replaced and a rebuild kits about 11
bucks from laymen’s so I’ll have to order that so it’s probably going to be
a maybe a 2-part for a 3-part anyway
that’s uh that’s today’s project see you okay I don’t want to jinx myself but uh
I’m officially down four feet and uh god it’s only taken me ten minutes to go
that far I’m going to add an extension and go
another four feet that’s what I get out of here so far I’ve got plenty of holes
I can use that dirty M god it is he’ll be in fact an old alright I put another
extension on and see if I can get another another four foot down there
okay it’s right at eight foot in about 45
minutes it’s starting to get really hard now got to put another four foot
extension on there keep going I’m a little hesitant to go dump this
dirt because if I don’t hit water I’m gonna have to have something to fill
this hole in otherwise all my dog will go up missing we’re a kid okay I’m gonna
take a break and put an extension on and get back to digging all right I got a
next section on and guess what as I was a I don’t know if you can see there I
don’t know he couldn’t see the reflection the last shovelful I took out
his water started seeping in so I’m assuming I’m at the top of the water
table which is good it was a 8 foot down I think I’m gonna go down another eight
foot see what happens and if the water replaces itself quick enough all I just
have me a 16 17 foot well oh okay back to work well I’ve gone down about
another foot and a half and but please don’t drop your phone my god that would
be terrible and it’s getting harder and harder to get a full shovel full up this
is what I’m pulling out it’s a sandy mud muddy sand and as I’m drawing this thing
up the largest portion of it has fallen back down the hall hole so uh I don’t
know what I’m going to do I may have to make some kind of bucket and
well I was sitting here catching my breath and my wife yelled out the door
that she wanted me to knock off clean up and come take her to eat Mexican food
and of course me being the man of the house I said I’m right in the middle of
something and I’ll take you to eat Mexican food
when I’m good and ready so it turns out I’m good and ready
so looks like I’ll be Mexican food here in a few minutes anyway
hasta manana man it’s another day where do I start last night we had torrential
absolutely torrential rains tornadoes touched down all around us I don’t even
know how many inches we had well I had gotten this hole down to about eleven
and a half foot not quite 12 foot I covered it up with this laid the
wheelbarrow over the top of it and then the rains came and let me show you
what’s happened here and I don’t know what to do it has completely filled up
and washed a huge cavity about two feet down below the surface of where I am the
rainwater has washed a gigantic cavity out from underneath this initial hole
here and I got I’m just scratching my head wondering I you know I’ve bailed
I’ve got this bucket here I bailed and bailed and bailed and I’m not even
making a dent in this it’s about half mud half water and I’ve called a rental
place let’s see how much rent in the trash pump would be that’s a hundred and
three bucks a day option two is to button this up and come back in August
when it’s a driest and try to finish this in August so if I
go ahead and if you see this then I decided not to continue and just wait
till August to dig this out all over again I am at my the limit I set for how
much money I wanted to spend on this and I’m a little over 200 bucks right now
and I rent a trash pump would put me at another hundred dollars 103 I’m not I’m
not sure what I’m going to do I’m going to mess with this a little bit longer I
think what I’m going to do is turn the light on this iPhone and hold my iPhone
down this hole so I can record or at least get a look and see how big that
cavity is down here and may not even I mean you know standing on this may not
even be a good idea of that cavity is big enough well I’m going to shut this
off and turn the phone the light on the phone and hold the phone down that hole
and God help me if I drop this phone down there well I’ve decided to put this project on
hold for a little bit there’s not much I can do unless I rent a trash pump or put
this off until the dry season you know end of July August I’ve got a bunch of
other things I need to get done around here so I can’t afford to waste time on
this well when it should be going quicker I’ve got to get that any Christ
up in the driveway and take some parts of it see if I can’t figure out why I
don’t have any turbo pressure and I still got to make a pad for putting my
firewood down on behind my workshop sold my big-screen TV I need to get my wood
stove in here or the TV was and hooked that up and get the piper in and got a
zillion things I got to get done and I’m getting a little bit overwhelmed being a
truck driver and having a limited amount of time home it’s just you got to get so
much done when you are home and then when you’re on the road all you can do
is think about the things you didn’t get done oh well one day at a time I’m going
to go ahead and put this up if anybody has any suggestions on this well I sure
appreciate whatever input you have already see it well since I can’t finish
digging my well till I find a way to get all that mud out I’ve decided to go
start putting together the casing and the well pipe that will attach to the
pitcher pump and well the first thing I have to do on the casing is to cut a
bunch of slots in this casing in the bottom part of the casing four feet to
allow the water to come into this casing inside this casing will be the smaller
pipe that picks up the water that trickles in through here this is four
inch pipe what I’ll have is an 8 inch hole which will
two inches around it for me to fill in with a pea gravel so here’s what I’ve
done I started at about six inches from the end here I capped the bottom started
at about six inches and went up four feet and I drew lines all the way around
it three and eight inches apart which leaves roughly the same amount of space
in between each 3 and 1/8 inch section right here and here’s what I’ve started
doing every 1/2 inch I’m cutting slots using my sawzall with a hacksaw blade in
it and I’m going to do that in all three sections this section this section all
the way down to the six inch mark here all the way around and that will be
where the water seeps in at the very bottom of the well casing like I said
I’ll have gravel I think I’ll go up since I started finding water at the 8
foot level I think I’ll go up all the way near to the top of this with gravel
and then from there on up to the top of the hole I’ll fill in with dirt so I
still got a good bit of work to do I’ve actually decided to go rent a
thrash pump tonight and I called a rental place and if I rent it you know
just before they close then I have to have it back just before they close the
next day so that’s 24 hours of rental so what I’ll do is rent it get it back here
tonight get it all set up and ready to pump and first thing in the morning get
out here and see if I can’t pump all that mud out of there go down another
4-foot sink this casing fill it up with gravel and get as much as I can done
before I got to bring that pump back it’s about a hour over there to where I
want to rent it this is the problem with living in the middle of nowhere you have
to go so far to get anything done or rent anything or to buy anything but
it’s worth it okay that’s what I got so far see you okay I got all the slots cut
I got my bunk mounted and threaded and I got my collar
on there the collar is going to fit down inside this pipe I’m getting there
I’ve got my foot valves and threaded I don’t have this connected to the PVC
pipe yet because I’m not certain what length I’m going to need so I’m just
getting as much done as they possibly can
ahead of time and I’ve reached the end here so I think I’m fixing to go get my
thrash pump trash pump brother that’s a foot valve if anybody doesn’t know what
that is this is it’s actually goes like this it’s at the bottom of the pickup
pipe this would be near the near the bottom of the casing near this end here
and it’s a one way valve basically it allows water to come up this way that
doesn’t allow the water to go back out of it once you get it in there and the
reason you need that is so you don’t have to constantly prime this pump here
because without water in there there’s not enough suction to pull it whatever
24 22 feet up that pipe without being primed so if you use a foot valve once
you finally get it primed and up to the pump the foot valve doesn’t allow water
to drain back out so you can go away and come back a week later and pump that
handle and water will come out within a few strokes because the water will you
know stay up close to the bottom here okay
nothing uh nothing new when I get that trash pump all I’ll start them all I just couldn’t give up on this I’ve done
so much work to get it down as far as I got it I decided to rent a trash pump
and go ahead working but it’s real slow going all right I am back down to the original
12 foot that I managed to get down to first this thing it’s not easier it’s
just making it doable it was not doable before because the water in the hole
when I would get a bike with a auger get auger for the dirt by the time I got it
through the water and up out of the hole there was nothing left in it so I was
able to suck all the mud out of the hole with this I had to really I had to get
my garden hose and add water and then I took this and just kind of stirred it
all up and took about an hour and I finally got down to the bottom of my
12-foot hole and now I’m taking a few bites with this and then sucking the
water out with that and then going back with the auger it’s time-consuming now
if I get to that top of that handle that’ll be a full 16 foot and I sure do
want to go 20 at least 20 foot or maybe 18 or 19 we’ll see I mean there’s a lot
of water in there so we just had a huge huge rainstorm so that might be you know
I I want this to be able to pull water out of it in the middle of the driest
part of the summer so I’m going to go down as deep as my 51 year old muscles
can pull this thing up out of the ground okay I’m down 16 foot that’s as far as I
can that’s as far as I can go that’s pretty darn far when you’re standing it
up I got my pipe down in there with the slits I cut now I’m going to take the
gravel pea gravel and dump it around the casing from the bottom of the well up to
about the 8 foot level which is where I before the rain that is originally where
I hit the top of the water table so theoretically I’ve got 8 foot of water
down there and when I first started digging this it had been a long long
time since we had rain and we’ve been under drought for quite a long time so
I’m pretty confident I’ll have water even in the driest part of the summer so
all right I won’t start dumping this gravel down there and I’ve got some
place in and I’ve got this watery muddy mixture of clay and mud and sand that
I’ve been pulling out so I think I can fill this cavity that washed out I think
I can use this to fill that cavity in so I’m going to take a little break drink
some water and start pouring that gravel down there okay I got my casing in they
got the gravel in I got the cavity about halfway filled in and way under where I
ran my when I pump this out a whole bunch of mud came out and at the end of
the 50 foot hose is a bunch of more dirt I think I might be able to scrape that
up and fill this in they got my pump ready and I’ll take another break and
then slide that pump down in there and my next video will be of me pulling out
muddy looking water what do they say when they strike oil there it is get you
good better oh yeah chocolate water my plants don’t care
what color it is yeah I’ve got like a whole lot of pumping to make it clear
but uh well if you could just go ahead and pump up some of that Texas tea yippee okay
like they get the hit okay back at the pump I’ve made a form to
pour an apron I have bent some rebar I’ve got it temporarily attached just to
hold it in place using these blocks and a big hose clamp
I made these uh tees here the the concrete I’m going to pour a column up
to about this height right here which will leave these uh tees in the concrete
and I’ll be able to tighten the pump down into the concrete after a oh I
probably give it a week are really getting hard drying and so I’m going to
do this next the pad the apron and I’m thinking late this afternoon it’ll be
dry enough where I can set my other form on it which will is going to be a square
form a bit of a taper a foot square at the bottom and about ten inches square
at the top now pour it right up to about a half inch below this cap here that way
I can undo these nuts and pull this pump off and this pipe just sets down inside
this cap here so if I have to work on it I can pull it all out and put a new foot
valve on it and everything if I have to okay I’m going to get to work mixing
this oh by the way eighty pound bags of a cement they’re lying they’re more like
a hundred and eighty pounds okay there’s the first pouring I want to let that dry
for about 20-30 minutes and come back see if it’s set up enough for me to put
a nice around it edge on the on the top corners and then I’m going to go build
my form for the column I’m going to pour around the casing pipe there and when I
get that built and installed I’ll do another quick clip here’s my form for
the column I’m going to pour around the the casing up to the base of the pump
it’s not pretty but it’s functional and I’m hoping this apron that I’ve poured
will dry and a few hours enough for me to pour this because I’d like to get
this done today because I believe we’re going to have rain this weekend so if I
can if I can get to it all film it and put this video up okay I got my form out
here I removed them blocks of wood that I had in there holding the rebar up and
now I’m fixing to fill this up with concrete using my high-tech concrete
installation tool here this is a paint can did you know they’re making paint
cans out of plastic now anyway I cut it with a knife and I’ll be dumping the
concrete in with that now if this were the government you could call this
concrete installation tool and sell it for 300 bucks alright I’m going to mix
up my first bag concrete and start dumping it in there I’m I’m guessing
three bags two bags exactly and I brought it up a little higher than I
first anticipated on and the reason is this shrunk about a quarter of an inch
so if this does the same that’ll put it at just about exactly where I wanted to
stop with a level of the concrete here okay
tomorrow I’ll pull this form off and that’ll be the end of this video this
this little job here will be complete alright there’s the finished product not
not kind of nice I’m proud of that

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    I live in the Florida panhandle. It's all sand here. I worked a PVC sand point down about 25 feet. I can hit water with a post hole shovel, so I'm only lifting about two feet. At about 18 feet I hit a bed of gravel. It's flowing with water. But I just worked the pipe down using water to loosen the sand and drove it on down. I can't run that well out of water.

  85. Havoc Rau says:

    well done love the concrete "tower" around it, not really needed for function but looks really good

  86. Donald Smith says:

    I don't remember what it costs but Home Depot has the pipe with the cuts in it. Also they have fittings to make something to wash out the dirt by running water down the hole.

  87. Tankaroonies says:

    What about sleeving as you go down, just large enough to get your drill in. I don't know how that would work though.

  88. Lance Henry says:

    I wonder if a good shop vac would suck out

  89. turbo280z says:

    Turns out I’m good and ready 😂😂😂

  90. RiverManPaul says:

    Good job. I couldn’t watch much of the video because the camera work made me car sick. I did listen though. My granddad uses a water pipe (hose) and PVC pipe. He uses the water pressure to sink the pipe and adds on a stick of PVC as he drives it in until he gets the depth. That way he’s already lined it and plumbed it at the same time.

  91. Sir Jhonson says:

    I dug a well by hand auger like that . I found the water with copper rods. My grandfather taught me how . Its easy . You visualize a bubbling spring .

  92. Sir Jhonson says:

    Dont go past the clay. Your well will go dry.

  93. John Blasik says:

    BC, you're humble, unpretentious, if "I can do it you can do it" style of how to instruction shows that with a lot of hard work and a little money you can take on a project that can have a positive financial impact for folks. Well done sir!

  94. J M says:

    Hero! This guy is awesome.

  95. Michelangelo Buonarroti says:

    If you need a lot of water, hire a backhoe and dig a trench as deep as possible. Slope the bottom of the trench toward your casing. Fill the bottom of the trench with sand or pea gravel. The trench gives much more surface area for recharge, especially needed if you have clay.
    I would do it in August because (1) it's easier and (2) you want to be sure you have hit the water table at that dry time.

  96. Michael says:

    great job.

  97. Jay Dixon says:

    It would be nice to know how you found there was shallow water there? I seen another channel that made a divining rod with 2 drinking straws and coat hangers. Used the straws for handles and this actually works.

  98. Jackson Barry says:

    Planning on digging a well with my grandpa on his farm soon. Thanks for the video and the humor!

  99. FLY ON THE WALL says:

    YOU SIR…..
    WTF !!!!!!!

  100. Jim & Shirley says:

    Excellent job!

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