How to Dry Brush Furniture | Furniture Painting Techniques
How to Dry Brush Furniture | Furniture Painting Techniques

Hi there, it’s Rosanne here from Country Chic Paint. Today
I want to introduce you to a fun painting technique called dry brushing, so stay tuned! So in this tutorial we’ll be using some paper towel, a plate, a chip brush and two Country Chic Paint colors Dry brushing is a technique you can use to give your
piece a worn or a beachy kind of look So I’ll show you how to do the dry brushing technique on this little table that we painted in the color Cobblestone.
I’m going to use two different colors Sunday Tea as well as Pebble Beach to dry brush
on top of this. What I like to do is pour a bit of paint on a paper plate and use
that to dab my brush in. If there’s too much on your brush you can dab some of
it off on the plate or on a piece of paper towel. One very important thing to
remember is that you need very little paint on your brush. It’s called dry
brushing for a reason. As you can see the bristles are not soaked in paint. The
brush is almost dry, that is exactly what we want. To dry brush this table I’m
going to use gentle, quick strokes going back and forth. Having a light hand is
key You want to have your brush only just
touch the surface of your piece Sometimes you’ll accidentally put too
much paint on your brush and end up with a bit of a glob on your piece you can just
take a wet cloth and blended it in or remove it I really love this technique, it gives such a
gorgeous, worn look to your piece you know you can keep playing around with it
until you’re happy with what it looks like In the next video I will show you how
to finish that table top of this piece with our Tough Coat so that it can stand up
to a lot of usage. If you enjoyed this video please leave us a comment or a like
below and on our website you’ll find out more about our products. Our website is Thank you so much for watching, and happy painting!

32 thoughts on “How to Dry Brush Furniture | Furniture Painting Techniques”

  1. Natalie Amies says:

    LOVE dry brushing!!! I currently have three projects on the go!!!! Can't wait to get my next shipment of paint in!!!! Thanks for the awesome tutorials!

  2. Sonja Petrik says:

    I dry-brushed my credenza – cheesecake over vanilla and it looked great! I love your products! <3

  3. Dawn Purdin says:

    I love this look & have a dresser sitting in my garage that I've been waiting to do something with & this will be perfect!!

  4. Melissa duthie says:

    Great tutorial! Love the dry brushing technique

  5. Lucy Primeau says:

    I have an old vanity and Hi-Boy dresser that I want to do something with – my problem not sure of the color – going to experiment soon. Love your tutorials.

  6. Linda DiMieri says:

    So simple! Thank you. Been pondering on what to do for my bedroom furniture. I think I know now!

  7. Gilda Stigliano says:

    she has a strong accent; where is she from or what is her background?

  8. Atkins says:

    I love this look and looking forward to trying it out. Thank you so much for sharing, Amy Atkins

  9. Kelly L says:

    What a great technique. I would love to try this on my wooden shoe box. Hmmm, now just to think of colors. Great tutorials.

  10. Holly Austin says:

    I would like to try dry brushing my dining room table. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. daycee farm says:

    I just did my first ever piece and I am Hooked!!! I am in love with your paint and wax.

  12. Cindy Hathaway says:

    I love this technique and am definitely going to try it. I would love to try the Tough Coat product and the Cobblestone color paint. Thanks for the tutorial!

  13. Keyla Carney says:

    Love the information. I just learn from watching so I'm thankful for the videos.

  14. Christina Rossi says:

    I would like to try dry brushing my dining room chairs. I love all your videos, they are very helpful and informative for us newbies.

  15. Merry R from Near New Orleans says:

    I can't wait to try this technique! I just received my recent order and I am thrilled.

  16. Wendy Drake says:

    I have a set of 2 wooden chairs I would love to try this technique on. Don't know what color I could chose at the moment.

  17. Andrea Baker says:

    Going to try this weekend! I already have the perfect piece to try it on 🙂

  18. Donna Raterman says:

    I LOVE this technique! I'm going to do this to a couple of upcoming projects I'll be doing this Fall when I get to them!
    This paint would come in hand y for those projects! 😀

  19. Debbie Stuckey says:

    I love this technique. I have a small side table to do this on

  20. Georgia Morgan says:

    I have a buffet I picked up from an estate sale on my front porch, ready for the weekend, so I can get to painting! Hardest choice: which color!? Elegance or Cheesecake…

  21. Deb W says:

    Another fun technique that I would love to try on a keepsake box desperately needing a new look. Thanks!

  22. Allison Collins says:

    I would love to try this on a a side table.

  23. im1cher says:

    I have so many pieces that I've collected with big dreams of painting them artfully for my cape with beach accents. But other than having a few colors I prefer (soft beige, light gray, a fall blue) I'm clueless to techniques. Dry brushing sure looks easier than sanding to create a distressed look! I'd love to try Country Chic Paints!

  24. Micheleine Ball says:

    Great new painting project idea for me!

  25. Joni Debacco says:

    Thank you for the video, I love to dry brush and would love to win paint, your paint looks awesome!!

  26. Kimberly Lemaire says:

    I have recently moved back home to help family and since our home is the biggest (thank you Jesus) I would like to use this technique on an old buffet piece that doesn't fit due to being black and the home is all rustic barn pieces. Suggestions for colours?

  27. E Logs says:

    I love the look of dry brushing. Cannot wait to try it on a bed side table I picked up for my daughter's bedroom.
    I enjoy all of your tutorials and paint colors!!

  28. Brittany Jantzi says:

    How lovely. I can't wait to give this technique a try.

  29. Crystal Torres says:

    Very well explained. Thank you !

  30. cwgrlup41 says:

    I painted a child's hutch in a french blue and it looked so flat…, I was going use white wax to soften the color in the grooves and details. Now. I think I will try this instead ! Thank you for the great tutorial !!!! Tami 🙂

  31. Mike Daugherty says:

    I love the way your project turned out. I've done a lot of dry brushing and we soon find out that "less is more" is a truism at the foundation of this technique. BTW, do I detect a slight Scottish accent in your speech? Very charming.

  32. Carlos Pelaez says:

    Finally!…One dry painting video worth seeing.

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