How To Easily Remove REALLY Bad Stains from Seats & Carpet! – Chemical Guys
How To Easily Remove REALLY Bad Stains from Seats & Carpet! – Chemical Guys

– What’s going on everybody?
Thanks so much for tuning in for today’s episode of
Chemical Guys Detail Garage. Today we’ve brought in this
really thrashed Volkswagon because I wanted to show
you guys how to remove deep embedded stains and lingering odors using one simple product. And that is gonna be Lightning Fast. This is one of my
favorite products because it removes all these kind of stains, grease, odors. Well also
reviving the fibers. You can also use it on
your plastics, your vinyl, even your tires to
remove any old dressings, or maybe cleaning up your white walls. Well what I’m gonna show you here is, you see that the seat has
these small squares here, because we’ve already
done some Instagram videos showing you guys how to remove
it using Lightning Fast. But now we’re going in-depth
on the proper procedures, as well as how to use it,
maybe how not to use it. But to start off here we’ve
got our Lightning Fast, and I’m just gonna spray it
directly on the surface here. And then also spray a
little bit on the brush we’ll give this a moment to kinda set in. We’re also using a nifty brush, this works great for
cleaning your seats, fabric, also good for your
tires, things like that, but you wanna make sure
that you wanna separate your brushes. Or at least, designate one for maybe
interior and exterior. You see it just easily removes it, just letting the cleaner do it’s job. You don’t have to
aggressively scrub on there because the fibers are still sensitive. Even though they are very dirty and you wanna really dig in but, they are still very sensitive so you can mat them easily. You don’t want to scrub
aggressively on there, but I’ll show you guys a
trick that if you do have very sensitive fibers, or maybe
if you’re working with suede a trick that I’ve learned is
just take a clean microfiber towel, and I’ll show you how to do that. I’ll just wrap it around our brush here, this way we are gonna cover the fibers and and then we will spray the towel itself just a clean yellow microfiber towel, which we’ve designated for interior jobs. And you’re just gonna
work that back and forth. And again this is if you’re
working with sensitive material, where you don’t want to mat the fibers, or maybe you’re afraid of
scratching something with a brush. The towel is just gonna gently do the job, also shows you how much grime you are pulling off the
surface because now, although this thing was
bright and beautiful before, now it’s very dull, very
greasy, and it’s covered in all that grime that we
just pulled off the seat. It’s also a great way to
continue cleaning your brush because obviously it’s gonna go somewhere, it’s gonna get stuck to
the bristles of your brush. So, cleaning up periodically will keep from cross contaminating or bringing it back onto the surface. Just keep going down the way here. I’ve already vacuumed the seat, and also the rest of the interior because that’s the first job or the first task whenever you are working on any interior, is to remove as much of the filth, so you are not grinding it into the fibers and it’s also just gonna
be a smoother detail. You don’t necessarily
have to work top to bottom when you’re working with the seats here, but I prefer to just so, again
I’m not bringing any fibers or any kinda dirt from the
top down to the bottom. (bouncy music) So now that I’m done
basically scrubbing away all the surface grime and
everything that was kinda embedded in the fibers, without using an extractor, this is simply just a way
to remove any of the stains or lingering odors your car may have. This is also one of the
most effective ways, well also coming as a great price point. Now that it’s clean we
want to protect it, because we don’t want to have these
kind of stains to come back but as you see it a huge
transformation from before. Now the fibers aren’t gonna be brand new, because this car is over 20 years old. It’s seen better days, it’s
obviously had a very rough life, and back here it looks
like somebody may have rebuilt the motor back here. Because there is so much grease
in the pores of the fibers that it took a lot of
scrubbing to actually remove it and some of the stains
are gonna be permanent. But, I think it’s been a
huge difference because just looking from here to here, or even here to here you
see that a lot of the dirt came off pretty easily, because it’s just stuck on that top layer. But now we want to protect it, again using some Fabric Guard, and what this is gonna do is
prevent any kind of staining, it repels water, it
also makes the kind of, rejuvenate the fibers of
the seats, your carpet, anything like that. You simply spray onto the surface, you don’t need to buff this off, you just let it dry. You apply multiple
coats, and this will last probably a couple of months
depending on the conditions, or how it’s treated, and
also how you maintain it. And then you can reapply it as necessary. So if you guys want to
check out these products, head over to our website or at your local detailed garage. If you liked this video or you
want to learn more about this drop your comments down below and give us a like, subscribe, and we will see you next time right
here in the Detail Garage. (bouncy music) (dark bass music)

36 thoughts on “How To Easily Remove REALLY Bad Stains from Seats & Carpet! – Chemical Guys”

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  2. charissa thomas says:

    Thanks fo showing an old , really worst case car.

  3. Justin Diaz says:

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  4. Enrique Sandoval says:

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  5. J.C Meza says:

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  6. BigOldDog says:

    Nice job Nick! Can you also use Nonsense or Fabric Clean? Some videos on how to choose the right product from CG based on the problem would be really helpful. Like these seats, I'd love to know why choose one over the other

  7. Frank M says:

    Anybody know how to get massive dust from clothes seats in my truck? No stains seats looks great for a 2002 they have shampooed but still lots of dust or if you hit it with ur hand it's like a somebody threw a spoon full of sand in Air… thanks any suggestions

  8. thomkirby says:

    After using the brush, how do you clean that grime from it? Hate to spread the grime to the next interior.

  9. Chris Orta says:

    When I bought it, they told me to dilute it, how true?

  10. dmurphie2010 says:

    This product works great. I have it and I used it. Omg the stains were lifted. Awesome product.

  11. Cajun Kevin says:

    We only use the Fabric Clean at my shop.
    Amazing results
    My customers also love the fresh scent when they come to pick their car.

    I've tried a few over the years and the FC is by far the best I've used.

  12. YoMomma says:


  13. gunitsilkcity says:

    What should the dilution ratio be for fabric clean? I’d like some fast and strong results. I diluted 50:50 and it did great on the harder surface (arm rest) but didn’t do the soft seat as nicely as lightning fast. Thanks !

  14. Richard Seem says:

    great tip and video again Nick

  15. bignv _919 says:

    Great video like always man! Just a little extra you can also use a vaccum to suck some of that dirt stuck in seats.

  16. Robert D. says:

    It's a real head scratcher for me to know there are so many people out there that have such filthy cars. I have 3 personal cars that are regularly driven, average age between the 3 is a bit over 12, and they all still smell like and look new. Of course I use Chemical Guys products on all 3. Great products and great videos!

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    Used this stuff and it does work 👍. Dilate, spray on and agitate with a stiff bristle brush then wipe off with a cloth. Leave the seats to dry and the stain is gone. Removed a large stain on a seat

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