How to Find Realistic Barbie Accessories, Furniture, and More!
How to Find Realistic Barbie Accessories, Furniture, and More!

(better subtitles coming soon) hey guys so today I’m going to be
sharing with you how I find my more realistic Barbie furniture clothing and
accessories so let’s get started these are one of my favorite finds so these
are miniature iPhones and an iPad I bought these from eBay when I first
bought them a few years ago they were actually like five or six dollars and
now you can find them on there for only one to two dollars which is crazy cheap
honestly because they used to be so expensive and I needed a ton of them I
actually made my own version which definitely doesn’t look as good in my
opinion I mean I tried with that little Apple logo but it kind of just looks
like Pac Man with hair I have a ton of these though and I love them I just got
these black ones recently here is the iPad it looks pretty similar to the
phone except of course just bigger I found this miniature camera on eBay as
well and I think it looks very realistic because it literally looks exactly like
the camera I’m filming this video with right now this thing is super detailed
it has all of the little details of a real camera the LCD screen all the
little buttons you can even remove the little lens – I know it came with
another lens except I’m not sure where I put it you definitely can find some
pretty cool stuff in this category electronics are definitely one of my
favorite things to shop for realistically I have miniature so if you want your dolls to have really
cool hoodies all you have to do is look up 1/6 hoodie on eBay
I know Amazon also has a few but these are the ones that I got and they are so
cute I also have a pink one but I couldn’t find it this teal hoodie is for
male dolls it fits can pretty nicely but I mean if
you want a really baggy sweatshirt on a Barbie doll this would work perfectly I
want to put it on her but I also don’t want to mess up her perfect little bun I
just did I think we’re good I’m actually going to have Ryder wear this it fits
him real nice it is a little bit baggy on Ken dolls as well not like super
baggy but I think it looks nice that way I mean who wants to wear a tight hoodie
unless you want to on purpose for fashion reasons I like comfy hoodies
though some of you guys probably know that I had skipper wear this purple
sweatshirt in life with Barbie episode 30 so that’s another really cool thing
that these sweatshirts fit skipper dolls this hoodie really just
fits her better but I actually like the bagginess oversized look of the teal one
I know some of you out there might be asking me Kelsey why don’t you just sew
her a hoodie well first of all I am the worst at sewing so I just like to buy
hoodies because yeah I would rather just do that anyway it saves me time and if
you want one of these for yourself they run for about seven dollars on eBay and
not only can you find hoodies on there there are so many different other types
of clothes not all of them fit Barbie but they are pretty much a close match I
found these on eBay these are Burger King mini jerseys you can get them in
any team that you want I just don’t recommend getting the
Eagles okay these were never intended to be for dolls but I really wanted my doll
to have a Jersey so I was searching everywhere for a miniature one and I
found these this is my most recent find and I am
super amazed at the quality of its most of the time you’ll find realistic doll furniture where you least expect it this is actually a mousepad
and you can get these in so many different colors and patterns you can
also get circle rugs so you’re supposed to use a computer mouse on this but they
are the perfect size for dolls I think I paid about $9 for my rug but I also know
that eva has them for about $3 so they’re pretty cheap and a great
addition to any dollhouse a lot of my furniture comes from Etsy so I’ll share
some of my Etsy furniture with you guys first don’t mind this cash cash money
catch catch this ad right here these are little Chelsea beds that I just got
actually I haven’t even opened them oh my gosh so cute perfect size I love
buying from Etsy sellers just because I know that I’m helping out a small
business and they make really amazing things here is another Barbie bed that I
bought from Etsy super good quality it comes with a mattress that you can
remove as well when searching I always search Barbie bed Barbie couch or you
can also search 1/6 couch, 1/6 bed I have a lot of different
couches but here are a few of them this one is from Etsy and this one is from
Amazon this is a miniature pool table not intended for dolls but it fits the
scale perfectly if I’m remembering correctly I think I got this for about
$15 on Amazon I was looking really hard for one of these that would fit the
Barbie scale and I saw this one I looked at the measurements online and I knew it
would be perfect I love this because it looks super realistic and it comes with
the little pool sticks billiard sticks Kelsey and you can actually play the
game which is so much fun I have loved this game ever since I was little so you
can get your doll and your family together and play a game
of pool by the dollhouse Hobby Lobby has a huge selection of miniatures and it’s
one of my favorite places to get like doll food from these are a couple of
hamburgers you can also get these soccer balls basketballs and they just have
pretty much anything you can think of plants microwaves picture frames and you
can easily replace these with any picture you want cash cash money cash
cash windows so Hobby Lobby is definitely a place I recommend for
realistic miniatures always be on the lookout for those little quarter
machines with random little toys in it because a lot of like the keychains and
different things can make really good toys for your dolls these emoji plushies
make greet emoji pillows and all you have to do is just cut off the top and
you got yourself a nice emoji pillow I’ve also found these backpack keychains
that are perfect size even most of my teddy bear teddy bear teddy bears are
little keychains if you’re not able to online shop I know a few good places are
the Dollar Tree targets specifically the target dollar section and Walmart’s for
Walmart I found that this my life brand actually works pretty well for Barbie
sometimes I think that this accessory pack though might be a little bit off
scale they are American Girl sized accessories but I still recommend
keeping an eye out for them because they will work sometimes these little novelty
erasers are from the dollar section at Target just in general when looking for
miniatures again you just gotta have that eye for it because you might find
things where you least expect them they’re not going to be labeled for
dolls or for miniatures or anything like that so just be on the lookout for cool
stuff and you never know what you’re gonna find so that is how I find my
realistic doll stuff I hope this video was helpful for you guys
definitely subscribe with notifications on if you haven’t already leave a like
if you like lemonade I love you guys and it has always I’ll see you in my next
video bye

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