how to fix repair squeaky squeaking creaking floors/floorboards
how to fix repair squeaky squeaking creaking floors/floorboards

in this video we’re going to take care of
these squeaking floorboards as you can see you
can actually tell by the camera movement that the floorboards are rather loose in
this earlier which is causing them to creak so the first thing we need to do
is actually lift the carpet up and then we can take a look when we can fix the
problem I have actually seen a video of a screw which is approximately six
inches long which somebody has actually driven straight through the carpets and
into the joist so they went along found that where it was creaking and put the
screw directly through the carpet through the wood and into the joist you
can’t actually do that in the UK if you do that in the UK you are asking for
trouble beneath this carpet are pipes and cables you get that in most UK
properties and as you can see in this example we’ve actually got the top of
the stairs there was a mark across the top where where the safety gate is and
then as we come round it actually leads off into two more bedrooms and then
there’s a two more bedrooms behind me so it is quite a difficult carpet to lift
so what we need to do is look for a corner and we need to find out where we
can lift up the carpets up from so this is the top step what I’m going to do is
I’m going to get all of the carpets there you can actually see that it is a
little bit loose and I can just get the finger behind out you definitely kerf
when you do this because you’re the carpet gripper it behind there which is
very sharp now we’ve got that out we can pull that back and I do have to warn you
now to keep your fingers away from the carpet gripper because it is
very sharp and it will piece your skin once we’ve got the carpet up we can then lift up the underlay you often find that this is stapled down but in this
instance it’s actually been removed in the past probably to do some plumbing or
some electrical work now that we’ve got the carpet up you can see what an
actual mess this is we have a chipboard floor which has been cut in places it is
screwed down in several places but this board
that’s doing the majority of the creaking doesn’t actually seem to be
screwed down anywhere or anywhere where I can see the screws what you’ll find in
a lot of cases is that people have nailed down the boards and that is the wrong
thing to do because it will always work loose also people screw them down and
they use the incorrect screws they can work loose over time and then they
cause creaking again one thing you should never do is go around and put
screws in randomly because you do not know what is under the floor there could
actually be pipes are cables very close to the surface if you put a screw in
there there’s a chance that it could pierce the pipe or go into an electrical
cable so you’d have to be very careful screw the boards down we’re going to use
these floor tite flooring screws these are specifically developed for this job
and they do have a twin thread and the single thread in the same screw that
means that they are incredibly difficult to pull out so once these are in they
should hold the boards down with no problems at all if your existing floor
boards are squeaking and you’ve already got screws in it is a good idea to
remove some of them and put some of these in because these will prevent the
floorboards from squeaking. take that out obviously you can see that that is not suitable
for holding down a floor board and then will simply replace that with the
correct type of screw you can do this with nails as well if you remove the
nail obviously there’s nothing that the screw or nail can hit so you can do a
direct replacement what you should never do is try to go at the side of it
because there’s a possibility that there’s a cable
or a pipe running underneath so I’m going to screw that back down and obviously when
you choose these screws you don’t want really long ones because it could be
cables running through the joists etc so I’m just going to screw that in there and that will guarantee that the floor
does not squeak in some properties you will have traditional pine
tongue-and-groove floorboards it’s quite common to find these nailed down and
that can cause them to creak a simple way to fix that problem is to remove the
nails and replace them with some decent screws so if you take a look at this
long board you can see that there’s virtually no screws that’s all in it in
fact I can only find one screw right at the top end so I’m gonna remove that
screw we’re going to see if we can lift this board up and we’ll take a look
underneath so I’m now going to try and lever this board up from this end to get
this board up and take a look underneath it and then we’ll see why it’s not
actually screwed down so you can see there why the floor has been lifted in
the first place it was obviously to put the pipes in perhaps the cables so the
good news is that we’ve got plenty of places where we can put some good
quality screws in there and that will stop the boards from creaking when you
get to this part of the floor you can see that somebody’s wrote more and put two
lines on and that is actually indicating where those pipes are so I want to go to
the other end and I’m gonna draw two lines on there and when we put the board
back we know exactly where the pipes are and then on this piece of chip board I’m actually going to put a mark showing were the joist are and then we
actually know where we can put the screws when we come to replace the
floor before I put the large board back I’m actually going to put a few screws
into this piece and that adjoining piece there the problem is a that is very close
to the end of the joist there for that reason I’m going to drill a
pilot hole and we’re going to drill it on a angle so that it goes into that
joist but also pre-drill this one as a precaution so to drill this I’m going to
start off with the drill straight up and once I’ve started drilling the hole I want
to turn it like I so and then I’ll drive into that joist on an angle can then simply take a screw
and I can drive that straight in there on an angle and we’re guaranteed not to
break the chipboard and obviously you do need to ensure that screws are flush
with the surface and again and sure that it’s flush with the surface so can now
replace this large board simply going to slide that into position so it’s now safe
to stand on the board we can now take a straight edge and we can draw a line in down there and then anyone in future will know
there are pipes beneath there so I’m just going to put a dot where the joist
is in three places and then I’m going to change them to crosses then we know exactly where to put the screws now we have done that we need to do is take the
floor tite screws and drive those in exactly where the crosses are there are
some people that said that you can put talcum powder between the joints that
might work temporarily but eventually it is going to stop working so this is by
far the best permanent solution so now that we’ve done that you can guarantee that
the floor will not squeak again now what we have to do is put the flooring back
so I’m going to start off with the under lay and you just need to ensure that it
goes back in the exact right position it doesn’t want to be over the carpet gripper like that it needs to be in between the carpet grippers if you want to
you can actually staple that back down although it’s a bit pointless because
it’s not really going to go anywhere once you’ve done that you can then put
the carpet back when you do this need to ensure that you don’t get any creases or
bubbles in the carpet so we can do that by starting a central point like that
and then we can ensure that it is down and you can just kick that across with
your feet when you come to a threshold if you push the carpet like so
and then get something that’s blunt a lot of people like to use a bolster
chisel for this but you can use anything that’s got a wide flat edge on it you
can simply push the carpet back underneath once you’ve done that you can then stand
on it and that should then be gripped back in position so we’ll then need to
ensure that the carpet is pushed back exactly as it was then we just need to
ensure that the top step is put back as it was
so ensuring that it’s on the grippers at the sides there and I’m gonna take
something that’s not gonna damage the carpet and I’m gonna push that in
you do have to be aware that the carpet grippers are very sharp and when you’re
doing this don’t want to be pressing where the carpet gripper is because it will damage
your fingers again once you push that in if you just stand on it that should
ensure that it never comes out again then all we need to do is go around the perimeter just
ensuring that it is on the carpet grippers so now the floorboards are
back you can see that it is absolutely no squeak there whatsoever that is as
quiet as anything I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this video if you have
and you haven’t done so already please subscribe to the channel

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