How to Frame & Insulate a New Wall : How to Attach a Newly Framed Wall to the Ceiling
How to Frame & Insulate a New Wall : How to Attach a Newly Framed Wall to the Ceiling

Hi! This is John on behalf of Expert Village.
In this video clip, I will be showing you how to attach your wall to the ceiling. Since
we use construction adhesive to attach the bottom of our wall to the floor, now we need
to attach our top of the wall to the ceiling. We are going to be using some long screws
to attach our top plate to the ceiling. Now I know that behind the drywall, they had to
nail the drywall into something, so if I screw along the back edge, it is going to hit a
stud in the ceiling and that is really going to secure this into place. I am going to continue
this on about every other stud. That should be enough to secure our wall in place.

12 thoughts on “How to Frame & Insulate a New Wall : How to Attach a Newly Framed Wall to the Ceiling”

  1. Scott C. says:

    During one of the other videos he talked about using treated lumber on the floor. Is that not enough?

  2. vlineguy says:

    If you dont have a ceiling put blocksb between the Joist 2 ft on center asn start on the side your going to sheetrock from so the seems break oin the middle I kike to lay them flat so I have more to nail to, or in fis case screw to, if its sheetrocked and you dont want to tear it off to put blocks in glue it with const. adhesive , it should be enough, only if its not a bearing wall though, and wall must fit snug,

  3. Jaffasoft says:

    Was there crews in the floor or just glue? i used explosive nails to go through the cement floor but glue would be easier as i have to borrow the explosive gun.

  4. ErnestPiffel says:

    thanks for making construction look so easy. I'm a middle aged mother of four and feel confident in tackling my new wall.

    However Im not sure why you need a second wall when there was already a perfectly good one there.Perhaps it's just to demonstrate .

  5. Ian Szabo says:

    Loving your videos, I teach Contractors how to Buy & Sell houses, I am looking to promote my video's. Please review my Video's, any help would be greatly appreciated.

  6. JimmY says:

    oh its johhhhhhhn again

  7. Joshua Farnsworth says:

    I need to attach a stud to the ceiling, but there is no joist above. How do I attach the top stud?

  8. Handyjack says:

    The man that never blinks, would you trust him?

  9. B0M0A0K says:

    The title was "How to Frame & Insulate a New Wall" – I must have dozed off cause I saw no mention of insulation?

  10. OTC says:

    never glue a wall to the floor!

  11. Vadym Radkov says:

    IF you want to make it by yourself just go to woodprix instructions .

  12. Corey Mcniel says:

    Hi. If you want to build it yourself just google for 'woodprix' . I know you'll find good solutions for your idea.

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