How to Get Rid of Bats
How to Get Rid of Bats

How to Get Rid of Bats. Follow these steps to encourage bats to leave
your house. You will need Heavy gloves A plastic food
container or shoebox with lid Entry point locations and flexible netting with 1/6″
mesh. Step 1. Remain calm, keep children and pets away,
and do not try to grab a bat with your bare hands. Step 2. Wearing heavy gloves, place the plastic food
container or shoebox over any bat resting on your walls. Slide the lid carefully underneath the bat
to capture it, and release it outside, onto a tree limb or wall. Step 3. Locate all openings that the bats use to enter
your house by watching the house for a half hour during sunset. If the bats are in winter hibernation, consider
waiting until the weather warms to try to remove them. Step 4. Place the netting above and on each side of
each opening that the bats use to enter the house. Let it hang approximately two feet below the
opening. Step 5. Watch outside for several nights to make sure
the bats have not found another way in. Step 6. Remove the netting when the bats are gone,
and repair the openings. Did you know Did you know? Scientists estimate that less than 0.5 percent
of wild bats have rabies.

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  1. Sade Mosanya says:


  2. theslothface says:

    he reminds me of allister from the new inbetweeners…… and kinda of the guy from the lonely island

  3. Luis Duarte says:

    in my apartment we have a couple of wild bats but they never entered. now they have babies πŸ™‚

  4. iqra shaikh says:


  5. Ivan Dimitrov says:

    i like bats

  6. phlewis86 says:

    If all that fails call the joker!

  7. arabella says:

    He said carefully slide the lid!!!

  8. Alex says:

    step one- dont live in a cave in south america

  9. wildbillhdmax02 says:

    @godshotthepony Hahahahahahahahaa LOL πŸ˜› Why would you want/Know how to git Rid Of Balls?

  10. Honald Trinton says:

    why would you get rid of bats? they fucking rock.

  11. StainableToast says:

    You will need "bats"!

  12. videogamenostalgia says:

    Batman created 3 different accounts to dislike this…

  13. Sartor Odium says:

    @WowzaBoyz YEAH! I'd like a pet bat!

  14. Ben Tedrowe says:

    bats eats insects and beetles so i wouldnt want to remove them

  15. Melissa M says:

    i will use onions

  16. Alexeivic H says:

    lmao, this vid is funny

  17. Apollo says:

    i take fuckin shits on bats if it came in my house

  18. ObnoxiousAgnostic says:

    why doesnt he just get a gun?

  19. Plantazm says:

    @UberFenix I live in TN and I see them everywhere at night…

  20. Jack Williams says:

    step 1 get ozzy osbourne

  21. ValeriaVillasana says:

    Step 1. Get Batman

  22. Chelsea Kuperman says:

    why do you need an entire video to get rid of bats all you need to do is call Batman

  23. RubenMGMatos says:

    Pikachu is effective against bats

  24. Kitty Johnson says:

    I agree. They are cool, and they eat mosquitos but, just like spiders, some people have irrational fears about them.

  25. BoxCuber says:

    step two ssleet in the house

  26. ssssssssslllllllll says:

    bats tend to shit and piss allot and it smells they are great in the wild but not in your house , I live in Brazil and they live in my house , its time for them to rent somewhere else .

  27. Rataway Man says:

    spray Rataway Fragrance from to control bats, squirrels, rats, mice, rabbits, cockroaches, ants,etc…sold worldwide safe around pets and children

  28. Andrea Patane says:

    Bats are scary!

  29. dmuldoon22 says:

    But The Aqua bats ain't

  30. dmuldoon22 says:


  31. bri brancamp says:


  32. Rowdy StJames says:

    Rataway Man…..quit being a fucking video troll, you have posted this shit on every bat video I watched. REPORTED for being a spamming fuckstick.

  33. bikeordie666 says:

    Thanks for the help. The box idea didn't work for me and my gf. We used a trash bag it's more flexible

  34. matt9c1 says:

    It's easy to say "they rock" until your sitting in the ER with a bat bite on your hand. Then having to get 11 Rabies shots. Yea, they fucking rock. I am on 8 of 11 and my hospital bill is up to $4,500. Yea… they rock. I killed two of them and didn't shed a single tear. Fuck the bats.

  35. MRSmith715 says:

    NEVERΒ justΒ release a bat that you've captured from within your house. ALWAYS take it to be tested. Usually this is a free service.

  36. Rocknrolladube says:

    This is BS. We have a bat problem and every professional we call is more concerned about the safety of the bats than they are my toddler daughter. "We need to gently catch them", "we can't disturb them during mating season".

    One way doors, mesh. shoe box, netting – screw that – I say, get a tennis racket, and hat, and go down there and show those little fuckers who is boss.

  37. says:

    Netting does not work for most species of bats as they can climb the wall up under the net, especially if it is a stone or brick wall. Visit us at for more info, and give us a call if you are in the Philadelphia area

  38. YES4NO says:


  39. Morowin says:

    Do you now da way?

  40. jhepoy says:

    I am batman and I am offended

  41. K Dizzle says:

    It's easy to say "just put netting over it" when, in reality, their entry points are most likely higher up, like the roof. They can also fit through spaces so small you can't even see.

  42. Vincent Lin says:

    The bat is really fake.

  43. Abiba lalala says:

    A scaredy cat like me not doing daπŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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