1. Christina Avery says:

    Thanks for the tip! It really works!

  2. ANoteToSelf says:

    Thank you very much! ☺️

  3. Sg260 says:

    So do you think a rug doctor would be beneficial at any point during this process?

  4. Jenna Zyxilo says:

    I have a American bully puppy and I’m having such a hard time potty training. They smell horrible too 🤭

  5. PetPeePee Oriental rug Urine Odor Removal Naturally. says:

    Great video I really enjoy your passion however I will love to say this.

    After you have tried all the cleaning product in the market and even a professional cannot remove the urine odor, that drive you crazy please stop.

    Cleaning Oriental rug from dog and cat's urine odor is not an easy task. please visit PetPeePee we develop organic cleaning process that's makes sense.
    Thank you very much for let everybody know that using a vinegar can help.

    Vinegar is the best cleaning product in the market and it can really work if you do it on the first time (first accident).

    Thank you very much for your video

  6. Bass Player says:

    you should know that baking soda or any gritty substance is very hard on your vacuum cleaner…

  7. Little Oz Lorel says:

    Was on live chat today with thempark brews so sorry 2 hear about your 4legged friend take care looks like all your 4legged friends are much loved

  8. Cici Bradley says:

    Completely netralizing the urea and uric acid is key. Blot first then saturate with an ezymatic cleaner.

  9. Nahisha King says:


  10. L B says:

    Hello thank you so much for making this video. My question is which type or kind of Vinegar? Is it the Cleaning vinegar all purpose cleaner or Distilled white vinegar used for salads? Sorry for the silly question 🤪

  11. stephenie orosco says:

    Can you use this on a couch?

  12. Nancy-eduardo garcia says:


  13. Mimi says:

    One tip is to turn the rug upsidedown and do the same at the bottom.

  14. kaleohano72 says:

    Thank you very much. Now all i need is to find a way to keep my puppy from peeing on my carpet

  15. Stephanie Dixon says:

    How long should you let the baking soda sit on the carpet?

  16. Tiffany Mullins says:

    What about if you need to clean the whole rug?

  17. UwU OwO says:

    Thank you so much my dog has been peeing in the same exact spot for a year now in my bedroom and my friends never want to have a sleepover cuz it smells like pee now it doesn't thank you
    Although it reactivating made me throw up

  18. Amy Page says:

    I took my puppy from a dog foster home about a year ago. I love him to bits; he has a great personality, and I feel that he loves our family so much. BUT he poops in the house A LOT. . So, leaving home is always a challenge for us.
    My husband and I were thinking about taking him to 'doggy school', but then again, it’s extremely expensive, and the nearest 'doggy school' is far away from us. Maybe you have some advice? THANK YOU!!!!

  19. goof noodles says:

    What about when you dont know where they peed? I got a female dog, and my male started marking everywhere. My house stinks.

  20. Kristina Smallhorn says:

    An update to this video to help answer some of the questions in the comment section.

  21. Dead-Rose Official YouTube Channel says:

    Were Getting a puppy soon so I'm sure this will be very useful info for me…. so Thanks Hun!!!

  22. BEAUTIFUL says:

    White vinegar n soda .

  23. Joe Scheller says:

    is this for real, acarpet a carpet not a small area rug lets talk about something that would be a problem

  24. Jillian M says:

    Last night I just went to talk with a couple that is looking for a roommate. They just bought a gorgeous 6,250 sq.ft. house 2 years ago, but it smells like a kennel, because they Foster several dogs. They have 2 Great Pyrenees, a Pit Bull, a German Shepard, a Louisiana Leopard, and a Poodle.

  25. Ding Chavez says:

    youre gorgeous

  26. Zoya Zozoy says:

    Thanks so much!!!

  27. Baby Girl says:

    I don't have this problem at all. I NEVER leave my hunnie Bunnie alone. He goes everywhere with me

  28. Bob Hope says:

    I’m trying to make my house smell good… vinegar stinks just as bad if u ask me… u will see that the baking soda lifts up all the dirt ? If u mix baking soda and vinegar it’s foams up… so with or with out dog pee it does it.

  29. simone gurney says:

    I’ve accidentally brought bicarbonate of soda instead will that work?

  30. LainButtons says:

    Hi, I think i left the bicarb soda on it too long, it's kinda crusted and been that way a couple of months. Do you have any idea on how i can clean that up? 🙁

  31. Susan Lea Wouters says:

    My dogs liked to go on the carpet in the kitchen, and we thought we got everything cleaned up and taken care of but since it's wood under the carpet (house is from the 50's), it soaks in. Any time it rains it always starts to smell again. I used your technique on the whole floor this morning and it's helping already!

  32. Meu Mundo * My World says:

    Can I do it on wood floor too ? I will try it

  33. Courtney Whitworth says:

    Does apple cider vinegar work???

  34. Bobbi Michelle cornella says:

    Is it just vinegar or is it vinegar and water mix?

  35. The urban explorer secret channel says:

    This is a fantastic video . And such a Wonderful tip and may I thank you for taking the time to make this video I’m sure you get asked this all the time but But I will ask any way . Would this technique work on otter Urine. As my pat otter who’s name is Mourice keeps wiz in every where

  36. Fox says:

    Is the solution half water and half vinegar, or just vinegar?

  37. Tio Miguel says:

    Hooman, why you clean my peepee? Play with me instead!

  38. Her Place says:

    Thank you cause we have a place in the house where we keep pee pads for the puppy to pee but of course he misses the pad a lot and the carpet has a strong odor and we bought a wet vac to get dog stains up but that smell stays so gonna try this. At the point of wanting to tear the carpet up from that area. Thank you

  39. MR.WILLIE 95 says:

    I know you like to sale homes 🏠 as a real estate agent but I bet you would do great making comedy videos support this channel because Kristina is very funny and cute puppy 🐶

  40. Paula De Almeida says:

    Does it really works? My dog is peeing on the same spot on the carpet and it does stinks. I think is because it trapped on the isolation under the carpet. Do you know some tip for this? I’m desperately need a solution for this 😭

  41. RobMotive says:

    Congrats on 100K views🎉🎉

  42. Lone Surviver says:

    MY family leaves are dog in my room with no pads I don't know where the pee is hopefully this helps

  43. Helena Hayes says:

    great video – thanks – I have a house inspection in 3 days

  44. altruistic gamer says:

    Can I use apple cider vinegar on the carpet its pretty much the same color as the carpet so no worrys about that

  45. Manda Panda says:

    Best thing I’ve found is Lysol laundry additive In my carpet shampooer with hot water

  46. Cement syrian TV عالم الاسمنت says:

    Hi from syria 🇸🇾

  47. Cement syrian TV عالم الاسمنت says:

    Iam qusai & my kids love u , we have boby max , my wife was dead in war last year, max from noor wife, i and my kids very sad ,
    We followed u and thx you so match,,😻😻😻😻

  48. Isaac Ixtupe says:

    I tried everything…this is my last resort…thank you.

  49. Cooking It Up A Notch says:

    Could you give me some tips for hardwood floors? I have all hardwood floors, and my puppy keeps peeing off of her training pads. I use fabuloso to mop up my floor, but i just got home after being away for a day and the smell is horrible! I am sitting on my front steps right now because I can't deal with the horrible smell. It's almost like it's in the air!

  50. Uceberg Slim says:

    Does it work on Couches or sofas?? Will the baking soda damage the color of the sofa

  51. i - says:

    my dog literally just pissed on my bed i-

  52. Midlight fair says:

    I would not put animals inside house.. I think is better in the garden.. so that there's no problems. Animals love garden . that s their natural ambient. They love it.. (edit : and a good wood house on the garden all for them! 😊 with pillows inside and lot of toys for them 😀

  53. heidy Em says:

    Thank youuuu sooo much!🙏🏼👌🏼 This is soooo helpful!

  54. hapwn says:


  55. Anthonie Wyrick says:

    Oh my GOSH! I have been using the exact same ingredients for this for years. First when my 3 children were toddlers and had an accident in their beds.
    I got 2 puppies in August, have also used it for them. HOWEVER! The smell has not gone away from them. I have never PUSHED the vinegar in, blotted excess, then PUSHED baking soda in!!!!
    I CANT WAIT TO DO THIS TODAY IN MY GIRLS ROOM! I pray this works!!!!

  56. Spookylil Bean says:

    My dog is 11 years old and had started peeing on my new rug instead of her dog pads …): and I have bad allergies and asthma and I need this

  57. Dana Gomez says:

    From what I read online vinegar is close to the propriety’s of pee so it encourages them to pee again but great video

  58. Antonette Aquino says:

    After tons of failure to get rid the smell of my carpet, I saw your video and applied the same procedure and voilà… so looking fresh again. Thank you for sharing your useful tip. Recommended!

  59. Anthony Domingo says:

    Gonna try this out tonight thank you so much for sharing❤️

  60. Creating Family Moments says:

    I was wondering if you have or can make a video on fridge. Mine (black) is only 4 years old. It has scratches from magnets. How do I fix it??

  61. Swetha Ranganathan says:

    I just finished adding the baking powder and it's caking up. But i have a very time vacuum cleaner and reading the comments i don't know if i should use (in case the baking powder isn't good for the cleaner). Any other way to get out the baking powder now that it's already on? Should i use water??

  62. gabby torres says:

    What can you use instead of vinegar?

  63. livingwell21 says:

    Hi! Just stumbled on your video. I'm from Marrero (Jefferson Parish). 🙂

  64. Devin Smith says:

    What about human urine?

  65. Joseph Houlder says:

    This worked like a charm I even did it in the wrong order but it still worked thank you

  66. Tsetsi says:

    This is excellent advise but what do you do when you have distressed wood flooring?

  67. Deja Rae Boudreaux says:

    Wow!!! I live in ascension parish too😂😂
    I live in sorrento.

  68. Jenny Madaffari says:

    I have the same exact couch as you, how can I get the dog smell out of it?

  69. JP Acuña says:

    I rescued a puppy yesterday and she looks like a miniature copy of your big dog haha so cute!

  70. Dark Wine says:

    I just moved in a new place a few weeks ago and noticed a pee smell. I spoke to landlord because she had some carpets cleaned. And some replaced. Former tenants had small children that peed in different spots in the room. Will this work on human pee possibly?

  71. Diana Levin says:

    God just get to the point!!!!!

  72. Brittney Dawn says:

    I have an elderly dog who pees all the time on my carpets. He will get up & if I don’t jump up in time to pick him up and take him out, he will just go. (I always take him out 2 times in the AM, 2 times afternoon & same at night.)
    I’ve tried EVERYTHING. Store bought products will leave a huge bleach spot. I’ve mixed vinegar, essential oils, soap and water into a spray bottle and it barely helps. I’ve also done this trick & once I vacuum, it leaves a big white spot :/ my carpets are beige so it’s been tough. This is a great trick though, the most effective as far as getting rid of odor. But it’s just the spot it leaves behind that sucks.

  73. Sarah Peterson says:

    thank you so much for this trick i live in a apartment and will be moving soon and my dog as a puppy peed up all of the upstairs thank you i will be tying this

  74. Ashley Gutierrez says:

    I have a husky and for a long while now shes been peeing/pooping on my freaking long part of my sectional. I've literally tried so many products out there, paid a professional deep cleaning service and nothing has worked. Its still happening till this day. Ive thought about possibly replacing the whole cushion for that piece but lets be honest, I dont want to be spending that kind of money if theres one more solution i could possibly try. I came home from having lunch with my boyfriends parents to see that once again, she has urinated on my couch. Im pretty desperate at this point. Do you know if this method would work on a fabic sectional..?

  75. Roxie Smith says:

    What about for an entire room?

  76. Planes, Trains & Automobiles says:

    Thanks so much for your advice. Just love your dog “helping out” with the video there! Mine would do the same!

  77. FUCKTONY says:

    No I peed on my carpet

  78. Erica Garcia says:

    Omg less talking

  79. Shad Greenup says:

    We just bought a home and can smell it so we will try this with our kirby shampooer with vinegar

  80. whoasked says:

    What if there's been a poop stain on the floor? I just moved into this new house and its pretty bad! I'm leaving my window open 24/7 to see the smell go away but seems like it doesn't work

  81. KathehFit says:

    Wait this works on old stains too??!

  82. Andrew Kan says:

    I finally watched the video! Animals are too cute!

  83. Clint Hightower says:

    Nice tip. Thank you. I'm gonna see if it works on car seats 😉

  84. Koren Scott says:

    Kristina, I have another question about pet pee. My dogs have had accidents on my laminate. My small dogs continue to pee there no matter how many times we let them out. I wanted to sell my house but I’m fearful about this laminate issue. I also cannot afford to put in new flooring. Is there a way to get the pee smell out?

  85. Garden Fairy says:

    Thank you so much! My mom was complaining about the dog smell and this made it completely go away !

  86. The Power Elite says:

    Ugh, thank you soooooooo much I had to roll up my carpet and put it in a corner till I figured it out. Well tomorrow I'll get to work lol.

  87. Nurul Anna says:

    Hi, love ur video! Just a question, can i mix the vinegar and water for the spray?

  88. to the light says:

    Can we use this same method for pillow ?? My dog pee on sofa and pillow also .. cant get rid of the smell . We dont have vaccum !! Plz reply

  89. Jay C says:

    Thank you.

  90. Jesseny Aviles says:

    i don’t have a vacuum 😭 how can i clean the baking soda or is it necessary

  91. Brandon Duet says:

    Lafourche Parish here

  92. Janet Policios says:

    I also have same problem but mine is in our bed. What if I don't have a vacuum? What can I possibly replace it? I did the steps.. vinegar, baking soda, how to do after? I don't have a vacuum. 😔

  93. Aaron Wade says:

    I forgot to get the excess vinegar before I put the baking soda on. Will this do anything?

  94. Diana Kakar says:

    Awsome gonna try!

  95. Jac K says:

    Throw it in washer or…chuck it…smell gone!!!

  96. Jess_ Honey2018 says:

    Im WAY late to the party, the POTTY PARTY!!!! LOL🤨 so will this or something similar work for the baseboards?? My male dog apparently has peed on the wall which caused the paint to peel back so now the urine gone down to the baseboards and I cannot get the smell out. So now I want to cry when I walk into my house bc its all I can smell😭😭😭😭 SOS!

  97. Poyntell Johnson says:

    We have a Maltese who is 11 years old, and seldom pees in the house. When he does, it's on the wood floors and the legs of our furniture. Though our house has never smelled of urine, it's just the disappointment to use when he does. He doesn't do it when we leave the house only in the middle of the night, even though we take him out to potty. How can we fix this? There's no urine smell in our home!!!

  98. joe jones says:

    That toy flute in the background is really annoying.

  99. Maria Rodriguez says:

    the baking soda brought up the pee like u said. but it was still there after i vacuumed it. i put paper towels to soak up but the smell is still there 🙁 (i did this at night when i realize my dog had peed the carpet that morning)

  100. Alexis Marie says:

    can i do this on tile floor ?

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