How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change | Allan Savory
How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change | Allan Savory

37 thoughts on “How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change | Allan Savory”

  1. Highway 1 says:

    I had to stop the video and take a moment….40,000 elephants shot! And then for nothing.😥

  2. Lindsay K says:

    if this isn’t proof nature knows exactly what it’s doing, i don’t know what is. it’s like it’s intelligent, like it was created by something intelligent…because it was.

  3. devin cooper says:

    That’s a lot of methane though

  4. Chuck You says:

    So in other words this dumbass has gone full circle. He took cattle out of the equation, doing so he wiped out the land and 40 thousand elephants (which are on the endangered species list) and then realized the cattle were good for the land.
    He’s done more damage to the planet than he could ever repay, the starvation in his country, the death of some of the most magnificent creatures on earth and yet, he’s still lecturing about what he thinks, he obviously is a flawed thinker and the world would be better off had he gone into the janitor business. The saddest part is, he’s not alone, there are more boneheaded scientists like him that are damaging our planet at alarming rates, yet we are the ones they try and blame.
    There are some pretty smart people in the scientific community, he’s obviously not one of them.

  5. Yogi McCaw says:

    @Allansavory the only thing missing for me was measurements of CO2. Is the soil reclamation lowering carbon emissions, and if so, how, and is there any realistic way to measure how much carbon is reclaimed/sequestered by the reclaimed grasslands? In other words, how does the soil reclamation method you explain help to slow global warming?

  6. Roden Thourla says:

    Thank you for sharing this knowledge Sir. God Bless you always.

  7. Eddy Duncan says:

    Has anybody fact checked this? I hope the numbers are honest. A great achievement

  8. TheDynamiteGuy says:

    Technology isn't causing this it's Human Arrogance & Stupidity!

  9. mickeydougal says:

    I applaud any scientist who is willing to admit his theory is wrong. Congratulations for finding that livestock are not harmful, and also finding a simple solution to what is a significant problem.

    Now I would implore you to rethink the popular assumptions that carbon is poison and carbon dioxide is pollution. Carbon is the building-block element for all animal and plant life on earth. The scientific definition of "organic" is something that contains carbon, and i,s or was at one time, a living organism.

    And carbon dioxide is a crucial molecule which all plant life on earth "breathe." It is as crucial to them as oxygen is to humans and all animal life. In America, we have experienced the most green, lush and beautiful Summer in recent history. Not only has CO2 not harmed our environment, its seeming abundance have resulted in the exact opposite.

    The fear and anxiety produced by actors and politicians over climate change is significant and harmful.

  10. Sanjit Rao says:

    We need to mass develop this idea so as to cover the entire Earth. Pure genius and great use of the First Principle to deduce seemingly counterintuitive ideas

  11. Karu617th says:

    feed the world, provide jobs and trap carbon without spending trillions of dollars. the globalists will never go for it.

  12. Abi Sykes says:

    Aún no termino de ver la conferencia sin embargo no estoy de acuerdo con lo que dice del ganado en el minuto 4:14 no es culpa del ganado, es culpa del propio humano que no sabe nada sobre el pastoreo. Esto afecta el suelo, más no el ganado.

  13. Imnotalone Heswithme says:

    I’m willing to bet that CO2 has played a role in the greening of the earth. NASA satisfies have shown the expanding of aired areas.

    CO2 is the building block for life. From oxygen to water, plant growth, higher yields at harvest time.

    Solar cycles and the number of flares or sunspots have been the greatest determinate of our climate. Research solar cycle 14-17. Take note of the third year in solar cycle 17.

  14. Derek Finch says:

    A fine example of true science being used for the benefit not just of the elite with the benefits of the people of those countries a fine example of our real science works in the real world

  15. Basement3Productions says:

    so keeping in mind Brazil’s new President, Jair Bolsonaro, an unapologetic exploitation of the Amazon – since his inauguration in January, the rate of deforestation has soared by as much as 92%, according to satellite imaging. ack – STOP! What is happening to the earth by human hands IS NOT NATURAL and it WILL be the death of humanity! Start listening to Scientists – there are real things we can do to manage it properly for all humans not just the 1%!

  16. David Dickey says:

    "Cow farts are causing climate change, eat bugs instead"

    Everyone dies.

  17. SolidGoldShows says:

    So controlled grazing and not over graze?

  18. Roch Bourgoin says:

    I'm very impressed.

  19. Myststorm says:

    Why aren't we taught this in school?

  20. The Black Hundreds says:

    That weird global map portion is really wrong. a huge part of that is going into the Russia and even my hometown Novosibirsk. Which is a really woody, humid and cold area. I understand trying to get your point across about how important this is. Though it's obvious this is very motive driven and that takes away a lot of your punch.

    Anyways, it's nice to see we can stop deserts.

  21. rizwan shahzad says:

    40000 elephants killer! Here in ted talk! Welcome onboard

  22. Ahmt xyz says:

    give this man a nobel prize for f** sake

  23. ynotnilknarf39 says:

    Just wow!

  24. Mile High Breaks says:

    So are cow farts going to kill us or save us? The only thing that can be said about scientist is that they are always the first to be wrong about everything.

  25. Zenme Yangzi says:

    This guy is a narrow minded moron.

  26. bertal choayb says:

    Best TEDx ever.

  27. Paul Simonson says:

    Another fine example of mankind believing HE is God.

  28. Juicy Boi says:

    well 40,000 is way better that 7,000,000 so this guy is way better than hitler. look at it that way

  29. Frank J says:

    To what extent would the Albedo effect offset the gains in terms of global warming? Not a reason to deny these regions the benefits of vegetation, but still an important question. Moreover, increased livestock will increase atmospheric methane concentrations (and methane is a more potent greenhouse than CO2). But anyway, afforestation has been the subject of interest for many years, but for some reason the idea never gained traction, even though it's probably the most cost effective carbon sequestration technique available.

  30. belfastboy35 1 says:

    Lmao. Same old crap. Climate change is a hoax fact. The earth does not have to many ppl fact. They are lieing. That's an these clowns know.

  31. Kael7777 says:

    Wow!! Thank you. This is very educational. I enjoyed it.

  32. jhon doe says:

    Geoengineering never works and every time the European interferes with natures will you always have traumatic consequences the white men needs to leave well enough alone, nature will decide the fate of this planet

  33. Sunny Day says:

    I saw a video where they introduced wolfs back into the wild. Same amazing outcome!

  34. karl williams says:

    climate change utter bullshit the earth has heated up and cooled down over the last 1000s of years had it happen in the last 200 years had written accounts from the thames river had a market on the ice every year then warmed up ,the earth needs carbon monoxide without it we die ,these folks go on and on whats the catch ? land cant feed folks then folks need to stop haveing kids too many of us we leave the planet it will heal all by its self she dont need us

  35. Marsha Mahaney says:

    Book: Trees of Power by Akiva Silver

  36. Troy Thomas says:

    But wait…i thought we were supposed to get rid of all the farting cows. Looking at you AOC.

  37. Tick Tock says:

    Going to leave this here too. Droughts in Australia are devastating the landscape and again it is some people on the land that have proven how to manage flood plains through drought cycles, again mimicking natural processes.

  38. Maximus Desimus says:

    Wow!!! it turns out we need those cows after all!!!!

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