How to Hang a Picture : Seasonal & Unique Wall Decor
How to Hang a Picture : Seasonal & Unique Wall Decor

My name is Craig Hale. I am an interior decorator
and I am helping Expert today talk about ways to decorate your walls and
different types of objects it is decorated with and also how to even arrange them on
your wall. So we just finished hanging our last sconce and something I want to point
out is that you need to measure and double check your measurements before you hammer
a nail into the wall. This hanger was actually at 8 inches instead of 8.25 inches, so when
you step back you would have one sconce lower than the other. So always be sure to check
your measurements and measure from the floor up to the top of where you want it to be and
compare it to your pre-hung sconce. So always check your measurements before you pound a
nail into the wall. Obviously we’ve got candle sconces hung on the wall so probably
the easiest answer, the quickest simplest thing to do is just get votive cups, put some
candles in and call it good. Sometimes it is fine to think outside the box a little
bit and one of the right ways is to find things, it can be anything you want, I was thinking
holiday time so I found these great little gourds that you can slip in here, you know
have them out for Halloween, Thanksgiving, the harvest time. I like it. The grain kind
really contrasts well with the red of the hard sconces. Another thing to do again think
in holidays is just simply get some really inexpensive decorations. Don’t spend more
than a quarter and just set them in there and call it good.

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  1. Vinet M says:

    Eww, I don't like those sconces. It further killed me with the green gourds. Where am I???

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