How to Install a Ceiling Fan : Tools For Installing A Ceiling Fan

Hi! I’m Drew Finn and I’m here for
I’m a professional home inspector and I am going to show you how to install a ceiling
fan today. Now the tools that we are going to need for installing the ceiling fan, will
be a measuring device. I like the wood ones; we are going to use that for balance, wobble
correction; tape measure for ceiling height. We are going to initially plan it. A power
screw driver; that;s optional because it will speed up things. A regular Phillips screw
driver and a circuit tester to make sure we have electric power. These are probably $15
to $20 each. They will be well worth getting. So we need to make sure that power is off
before we do any wiring. Some wire strippers to strip the wires back so we can put them
together. So these are the components we need. We could get away without the rigid tape measure
without the power screw driver and these would be the minimum tools we need. Those would
just make life a little easier as you will see as we go through the sun wood process.
So let’s get going on putting this thing together and then we can hang it from the fan and have
a nice cool room.

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