How to Install BedRug Molded Carpet Truck Bed Liner on a GMC 2500
How to Install BedRug Molded Carpet Truck Bed Liner on a GMC 2500

Hey guys, John here with Today,
I’m going to show you how to install the BedRug molded carpet truck bed liners on this 2015
GMC Sierra Denali 2500. You guys can see here now that we’ve got this
out of the box. It comes with everything you need to install it into your truck, comes
with your liner and also all of your hardware that you need for installing it, hardware
being your Hook N Loop strips or Velcro, if you will, to put this into the truck, so this
is going to look really nice in here. Let’s get it in the truck. All right, what you want to do with your bed
liner, guys, is lay it out, upside down on the floor and then what we’re going to do
at that point is once we make sure we’ve got it all the right direction, we’re just simply
going to zip it together and that’s just a matter of zipping up a coat or a jacket or
what have you. You just slide the zipper in here and then start zipping this. But you
want to make sure you do it with it upside down on the floor somewhere. Another little
tip for you is that if you know you’re going to be doing this the next day, lay it out
overnight, put something on it to flatten it out from where it’s been in the box and
rolled up. It’ll make your installation go a lot easier, guys, trust me. I’m going to
get this zipped up and then we’re going to show you what we’re going to do next. Okay guys, once you have this thing zipped
together, as you can see, really not that tough to do, especially if you leave it out
and flatten it out overnight, it’ll make it way easier. It’ll zip up a lot simpler. Once
we get this done, then we’re going to turn this thing over and test fit in our truck
to make sure everything’s going to fit the way it should and then we’ll start putting
our strips in that are going to hold this thing in there in place. It already looks
pretty good in the back of this truck, it’s going to look even better once we get it actually
installed. Now, something to keep in mind: if your truck has some extra accessories,
like some tow or some strap down hooks, those kinds of things for cargo management purposes
and such, what you want to do is once we have this up in here, I’ll show you guys how to
do that, you’ll want to make a little slice in this bed liner to allow those hooks to
come through if you ever want to use them. If you don’t, you can just put this in right
over top. This truck gets used to pull a fifth wheel so we’ve got a fifth wheel ball spot
that we’re going to be cutting out and also our trailer connector for our lights on our
trailer. So let’s get this back out of here now that we know it’s going to fit properly
and start putting our fasteners in to hold this in. The first step of putting this into the truck,
we want to find out where we need to put our strips in the bed of the truck to hold this
in. So what we’re going to do is you can see in the bed of your truck, you have ridges
that are humped up like this, well, these indents in this are actually the humped up
ridge in the truck. You’re just going to count them over, one, two, three, we know there’s
three, same on the other side over here, three over and then what we’re going to do is take
our tape measure and measure down here, we can see that that starts at 10 inches, should
be the same on this one but you can double check it.. Yep, 10 inches on this one, as
well. Then we’re going to get into the bed of our truck, we’re going to measure back
10 inches and we’re going to clean up the spot, mark it and put our other half of our
strips in the truck to hold this down, so let’s get that. Okay guys, what we’ve done here is we’ve gone
ahead and we’ve counted over our three humps where we’re going to attach our other part
of our strip that holds our bed liner in. Measure back 10 inches and clean this with
some adhesion promoter, which is something that you’re going to have to do if you have
a spray-in bed liner in your truck to get this stuff to stick on here really well. We’ve
got that measured out so we’re going to go ahead and attach this and want to make sure
that we keep it centered when we’re putting it in so that way it makes good contact with
the part that’s on our bed liner. Okay, that’s down there pretty well. Something to keep
in mind, guys, is that if this was just a plain painted bed, you could actually attach
these to the bed liner, pull the strips and put them in that way. But because of this
having the spray-on, I’m going to have to do it just a little bit different and that’s
the reason why we attach these in here separate from the liner so that way, we know these
are going to go where they’re supposed to go and stick really well. Let’s get the other
side done, get the bed liner in here and show you guys how to do the sides. The first step of attaching our sides is to
attach our bulkhead and then what we’re going to do is we’re just going to wipe down the
bulkhead area where our strips are here, which is going to be underneath the underside here
and then across the top with our adhesive promoter and start attaching these. Let’s
go to this. Take your little strips that come with your
kit and we’re going to put somewhere along five to seven of them across on each row and
usually what I’ll do is I’ll put the end ones right in line with each other and then I’ll
stagger the rest of them. Then once we have these on, then we’ll go back and we’ll peel
the backing off on them. Then what I usually do when I do this, guys, is I usually go about
halfway across to start with, otherwise you’ll have the other ones on the other side over
here trying to stick when you’re not quite ready for them to. Then once you get it up
here, go ahead and just rub those down real good so they stick real well. And there you
go. Now, we’re going to go along and do the sides the same way and then when we come back,
we’ll probably have some of those pieces left over, so if you have some spots where you
want to tighten it up a little bit, like here, you can go ahead and put another one in there
and that’ll hold these spots in, as well. We’ll come back and do those once we have
this all attached the rest of the way in here. We’re going to start on this side, get it
done and then we’ll do this side pretty much the same way. We’ve got it down to this point and as a lot
of you probably know, if you have a newer truck, they’re starting to come with bed lights
already pre-installed from the factory. This one also has a bed light in here. Now, we
don’t want to cover up our bed light, so what we’re going to do then is we’re just going
to find out where our bed light goes to here and we’re just going to cut out with a razor
knife the area around our bed light so that way, we’re not covering it up. Once you have
that, then you can continue on with your installation and attaching your strips. Okay guys, just
like so. Now then, you remember we have our cargo hooks inside here, they’re underneath
the carpeting here on the sides. If you want those to be exposed where you can put some
ratchet straps on or whatever to hold cargo in place then we go ahead and put a slice
in the carpet here. I’m going to do the one up in the front and get it out here, then
we’re going to jump over and attach the other side. Okay guys, we’re at the end of our installation
on this side. As you can see here, we have our connector for our trailer wiring. What
we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and put this the rest of the way on here and
then we’re going to come back and we’re going to cut out around that to expose it so that
way, you can still hook up the trailer. If you guys have a trailer you’re towing with
your truck or something like that, you can still use one of these bed rugs in here. It’s
not going to interfere with all that, you just have to do a little cutting here and
there and that will allow you to still use your stuff. Once we get that done, then we
have our gooseneck ball in the center and our spots for our safety chains that we’re
going to cut out as well. Let me start cutting this stuff out and then when we get it all
done, we’ll show you what it looks like. Okay guys, you can see here, we’ve got our
bed rug all installed into our truck with the exception of our tailgate piece. I’m going
to show you guys how to do that. You can see we’ve cut out for our stuff that needs to
go in here, we’ve only got one more spot we’ve got to cut out and that’s just for our hitch
so that way, if you guys have a fifth wheel or something, you know, you can use these,
still, in your truck, because all you’ve got to is just cut it out like we did for our
trailer adapter and for our tie-downs. We’re going to put this back piece on and then I’m
going to cut that stuff out. We’re going to take our supplied adhesive
promoter, comes in this packet right here, it comes with our kit and I’m going to use
it, I want to wipe down the section here where the tailgate piece is going to go on. Let’s
wipe this all the way across and then I’ll do the same thing across the bottom down here.
Do that, we’re going to take our strips and we’re going to attach them to our liner here
and then what we’ll do on the ends, we have some left off, we’re just going to cut it
off right here. We’ll do the same thing with the top part, just go across the top of it
here. Make sure though, guys, make sure when you put this on, that you don’t have a bunch
of gaps in it. You don’t want it to be like this when you put it on because then it’s
not going to set down right and you’re going to have problems with it staying on. Make
sure you get it flat. Once we get that off, then what we’re going
to do is we’re going to just fold this back a little bit because we know that this is
going to lay right down here on the bottom. We want to set that so it’s going to lay right
here where it’s supposed to and then we’ll just go ahead and press it down so that it
sticks really well, tuck this down in here. Then we’re going to peel it off of the top
and then once we have it peeled off of there, we’re going to set this down right on top
of here and press it down. There you have it, guys. That’s how quick,
simple, and easy it is to install this BedRug molded carpet truck bed liner into your truck.
So remember, until next time, happy motoring.

4 thoughts on “How to Install BedRug Molded Carpet Truck Bed Liner on a GMC 2500”

  1. Militaristics says:

    will the bedrug interfere with a tail light bar? it looks like it folds down in the space where they are installed.

  2. Scott Ferguson says:

    whats the difference having the bed spray in liner? why you stick them first instead of just putting on the rug first?

  3. Chris F says:

    Yeah it would be nice to see for older trucks also.

  4. MR. CEO says:

    I thought you are supposed to sand down the spots that are attaching to the bed when there is a bed liner?

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