How to Install Drywall Anchors.  My Favourite Anchor!
How to Install Drywall Anchors. My Favourite Anchor!

00:14 Shane Conlan: Gidday, knuckleheads!
Uncle Knackers here! Alright, just give me a sec. Boat number 3, your time’s up, boat
number 3. Love doing that, just love it. Wall anchors, plasterboard, drywall, wall anchors,
wall anchors, wall anchors, the bane of many a DIYer. There’s just so many options. Which
one do you choose? And when you finally do choose one, when you get home, it just doesn’t
work. You try and drill a hole in the wall and you can’t drill the hole. You finally
get the plug in and you push it right through the wall. You finally get it attached and
then your picture falls off. You’re left with a big dirty hole. There’s only one thing for
it. 01:03 SC: I think this is a job for Anchor
Man! You know, the guy from down the street? Real good bloke, blonde hair, good-looking
wife, flies around the world putting up wall anchors, you know him? No? Doesn’t matter. 01:22 SC: I’ll tell you what I’ll do for you,
because you’ve been such a good boy I’m going to take the guesswork out of choosing a drywall
plasterboard wall anchor for you. And this is it, it’s called a WallMate here in Australia
and it comes in a couple of sizes, this is the biggest one. It comes with a screw at
the end to attach your fixture, and a self-drilling tip, and it’s an absolute little ripper. And
they’re perfect for installing things like clocks, smoke detectors, curtain rods, toilet
roll holders, small artwork. And the best thing about ’em is that they’re ridiculously
easy to install. If you follow me now, I’ll show you how to install one, let’s go. 02:09 SC: To install the anchor, it’s really
easy. I put a mark on the wall with a pen of where I want the anchor to go. Get my wall
anchor, my screwdriver, and put the tip on the mark and just exert a bit of force on
the back of the anchor and then screw in clockwise, as they say, righty tighty. Okay, just keep
on screwing, it’s going through the back of the drywall, the plasterboard and just continue
to screw. Screw it in like that, and then when you get to the face of the drywall or
plasterboard just tighten it up nice and firm, not too hard, so it finishes up flush with
the surface, that’s perfect. And now with the screw that came with the fixture, with
the wall anchor, you can put it through a fixture, like a picture hook, put it into
the hole, like that, and just screw it up once again, righty tighty. Some people put
these wall anchors in with a power drill, but personally I like to use the old hand
screwdriver. Okay, it gets a bit tight as you get toward the end. Just keep on going
through like that and you’re almost there, and bingo! There you have it, tight as a drum.
Fantastic! You gotta love those wall anchors. Great tip, knackers! 04:10 SC: And, as per usual, if you found
this video useful, please like, comment, share and subscribe to my channel, shaneconlan1.
Be much appreciated. Till next time, cheers!

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    People should try snaptoggles. They aren't exactly easy to buy in Australia but it can be found.

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  11. jason mcnamara says:

    do not use this type of wall anchor if you are going to mount something that will be continually used by hand or have force / pressure put on it ie toilet roll holders, curtains, towel rails, shelves etc, the threading of the plaster is not strong enough. I have had to fix this type of attachment over and over which was done by diy'ers and builders. Either use a hollow wall anchor or spring toggle with the 3/16" spring toggle being a good strong support but if possible attach to studs. Also make sure there is no stud behind where you will be putting an anchor if you so decide to use one or even right beside it as you will create a repair job or stuff up the insertion of the anchor.

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