How to Install Flooring in Your Basement : Sealing Grout When Installing Flooring in Your Basement
How to Install Flooring in Your Basement : Sealing Grout When Installing Flooring in Your Basement

Hi! This is Steven from Keilholz Flooring
on behalf of In this segment, I am going to show you how to clean the grout.
In our last segment, I used an acrylic grout versus a sandy or a non sandy grout. Typically
we would use a sponge and a bucket of water to clean the grout. Because I used an acrylic
grout I will use a bottle, a spray bottle of water and a dry sponge. What I am going
to do is I am going to spray my grout, I am not going to over-saturate it I am just going
to spray the water on it and I am going to count to 30. I am going to give it 30 seconds.
At the end of my 30 seconds I am going to take my sponge, I am going to come across
my tile in a diagonal angle. I am going to flip my sponge over and I am going to come
across again in another diagonal angle making sure not to damage my grout joints. Just to
get my tile clean. You can also use the sponge if you get a pocket in a grout to reshape
the grout line. Repeat this step until your whole floor is cleaned up with grout. After
this is done and the whole floor is completely done take some cheesecloth if you want, little
bit of vinegar and water go over the whole floor one more time to get the final grout
haze off. Your new floor is ready, stay off it for 16 hours. Enjoy your new floor. In
this last and final segment we are going to seal the grout in our new ceramic floor. It
has been 48 hours since we set the tile letting the tile sit for 24 hours coming back the
next day to grout. It has been 24 hours since we grout it. Our last and final step again
is to just seal the grout. There are different kinds of grout sealers there, some you can
roll on, there are some you can brush on. There are ones that have a one year and there
are some that are five year. In my opinion I think the grout is to be resealed every
year no matter it is five year or one year. In this instance I am going to use a brush
on. This is an applicator bottle with a brush on the top. You simply loosen this the top
of the bottle, light pressure and just apply the sealer to the grout. Do all your joints
going in one direction to so many square feet, turn around and come back in the other direction.
Wipe off any that gets on the tile with a napkin or a paper towel. Let it dry. Your
floor is done. You are perfect. You are ready to walk on it.

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  1. bombarderoazul says:

    You don't really have to spray the floor with water, although I have never done it that way. I just dip my sponge in my water bucket and I just try to use as little water as possible I guess it's just a little faster that way, also I use hot water so it cleans easier.

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