How to Install Hip/Rake/Ridge Cap Tiles – Universal Flashing (3 of 3)
How to Install Hip/Rake/Ridge Cap Tiles – Universal Flashing (3 of 3)

Welcome to the Quarrix Double Roman Composite tile installation video series. In part two of this three part series we covered the installation of our field tile. Now tt’s time to get into the finishing details, such as our hip, rake and ridge tiles. We recommend using our Universal Tile Ridge Vent because it does help achieve that cool roof system. Simply unroll and adhere while on the roof, saving you the need to measure, cut, and bend metal flashing. At this point we’re ready to start installing our rake cap tiles. To start this off we’re going to want to go ahead and cut our first rake tile to match the exposure of our first row and then butt it right against that second row. We’re going to fasten these with two fasteners making sure that those will be able to be covered by the next row. After that, will just start with full tiles working our way up all the way to the ridge butting them against the next row making sure they stay flush to the rake board and flush to our tile on the field. And just work our way all the way up to that ridge. To finish off our installation of our cap tiles up our rake What we’ve done is we’ve taken two tiles and we’ve cut them to match the same angle as our rake and we’ve notched them so they fit around our ridge nailer. Our screws at this point will be exposed, so you have two options. One – you can countersink them and fill them with caulk or simply paint them to match. At this point we’re ready to move on to installing our ridge tiles. So we’ve gone ahead and we’ve notched our hip and ridge starter tile so that way it’ll sit nice and flush on our cap tile but still maintaining a level plane across our ridge. Check to make sure your cap tile sits evenly on both sides of your field tile as well as nesting nicely on top of your ridge nailer. If you have any space or gapping you can always use a furring strip or a tile batten to fill in that space. Moving over to your hips, you want to start off by installing Universal Flashing over your nailers. You do this by cutting it to length, peeling off your backing, and slowly sticking it down making sure to work it into the contours of the tile. This can be used on multiple applications, such as skylights, chimneys, dormers, you name it. Start off using our hip starter tile our hip starter tiles have a bull nose finish to give you a nice clean look. After that you’re going to move over to our regular cap tile working them all the way up to the ridge. And with that your Quarrix Double Roman Composite tile roof is complete. To learn more visit

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    Ok now I’m trying to install a safety hook on an S tile, and the contractors used nails instead of screws, how do I remove the tiles without cracking them?

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