How to Make a Football Field Rug (DIY)
How to Make a Football Field Rug (DIY)

What’s going on football fans! I’m gonna
show you how to make a football field rug which is perfect for the living room,
for any Super Bowl party, man cave or if you want to throw a fantasy football
draft. Here are the supplies needed artificial grass you can find this at a
store like Home Depot or Lowe’s. It’s gonna cost about 20 bucks depending on
what size you need. Keep in mind they do cut a custom size and make sure it’s
gonna fit for the room you’re gonna put it in whether it be indoors or outdoors.
You’re gonna need masking tape, some scissors if you’re gonna need to cut the
rug after the store cuts it for you, some measuring tape, white paint… I would
recommend getting the absolute cheapest white paint possible. Don’t get any
that’s too shiny that’s just not the look we’re going for and if this rug is
gonna go outside and if you want some protection against weather get some more
expensive exterior paint. You’re also going to need some number stencils and
of course a paintbrush. The first thing you’re gonna do once you have all your
supplies is lay your artificial grass flat on the ground. In this case I have
more of a hallway rug or a runway Runner sort of like a red carpet event. Mine is
only 40 inches wide and 200 inches long but you can really do this any size you
want you can even do a square if need be. I would recommend laying down all the
masking tape and putting it in place before you do any painting. You can start
from the 50-yard line and in this case since my rug is a length of 200 inches
I’m gonna mark one line every 20 inches. Keep in mind you’re gonna mark nine
lines if you’re doing all the yard lines correctly from 10 all the way to 50 and
then back to 10 again. You can start from the 50-yard line which will be exactly
in the middle. Also try to make sure each line you paint has the same width. You
can do a width of maybe 1 inch, you can do a width of maybe one and a half
inches, just try to keep the width about the same, that way your rug looks uniform
and nice and neat. Once you lay down all the masking tape to mark all 9 lines
you’re gonna want to start to paint now you can dip the brush straight into the
paint bucket if you’re straight savage or if you have OCD like
me I prefer getting a paint tray and covering it with a trash bag for easy
cleanup and this way you can also reuse the paint tray that’s just the extra
bonus tip. After you’re done painting all the lines use a masking tape to hold
your number stencils in place and go ahead and paint the numbers accordingly.
This DIY project is fairly cheap, it’s fairly easy to do just make sure you
double check everything because if you mess up your project is pretty much done
you got to start from scratch and you don’t want to do that. You can even take
it a step further make some customizations. If you have some art
skills unlike me you can paint a custom emblem right at the 50-yard line or like
I did you can make a custom touchdown you can make a touchdown at both ends
really anything you want and this really can fit anywhere guys whether it be the
living room the hallway or in this case I use it as a runway for people coming
to my fantasy football draft. You can also check out that video it’s pretty
awesome. And that’s the final product if you only want to use this let’s say once
a year for a Super Bowl party you can roll up the rug put it away and then
take it back out next year. If this video was helpful make sure you give a thumbs
up subscribe to the YouTube channel and check out my other videos like the best
fantasy football draft party ever, we film it every year. All right guys take
care enjoy the Super Bowl, enjoy the NFL draft, enjoy fantasy football, enjoy your
man cave whatever it may be. Have a great day.

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    Cool idea but can i just buy ,making it takes like work and stuff and I'm not about that lol.

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    How much does a (1×1) piece of artificial grass cost

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    Could l use carpet, instead of artificial grass ?

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