How to Make a Mosaic Table Top
How to Make a Mosaic Table Top

Make a mosaic, the easy way….with this creative
idea. This tiletop table looks like an intricate
mosaic, but takes a fraction of the time thanks to a simple shortcut – and the clever base,
is even easier- using brackets in an unexpected way.
Start with the leg cut to length, sanded smooth and painted. Then use a bracket to mark the
screwhole locations on each face of the leg, on each end of the leg. Then drill the pilot
holes, attach the brackets with screws – and that’s the base.
The tabletop is pretty straightforward too. It’s a piece of plywood cut to size and
glued to a matching piece of tile-backerboard. Glue and nail trim pieces to the tabletop,
making sure to offset it enough to accommodate the tile if you want it flush with the trim,
then paint it. Now you’re ready for the fun part – the tiling!
The great thing about these little tiles? they actually come in sheets, attached to
a mesh backing. And THAT’s the shortcut. instead of laying each individual tile piece,
like in a true mosaic, you can cut larger strips and blocks, and lay them all at once….
saving yourself all sorts of time. The tiles lend themselves to just about any design as
long as it’s based off a grid. Once the tile is set and grouted, place the
tabletop face down and attach the base – for a high style tile table that doesn’t take
a lot of time. for the detailed directions, go

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  1. Joseph Fann says:

    This is actually good.

  2. D TONA says:

    I like the idea

  3. Joseph Foster says:

    Cheap looking

  4. Camille Davis says:

    love this

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