How To Make a Paper Table – Easy Origami Table (Paper Furniture) Making Tutorial
How To Make a Paper Table – Easy Origami Table (Paper Furniture) Making Tutorial

Paper Table Making Origami Tutorial for kids.

46 thoughts on “How To Make a Paper Table – Easy Origami Table (Paper Furniture) Making Tutorial”

  1. Madhumita Mondal says:

    wow that's beautiful and easy

  2. harshu Choubey says:

    So nice

  3. وجدان البوسعيدي says:


  4. Unat tanu says:

    thnxx and i have subscribedd

  5. Saleha syed says:

    I have given a like too

  6. Alyssa D says:

    It’s not origami if you use glue

  7. zain zani says:


  8. Elite_Dragon says:

    It is to fast

  9. Kaushilya Kurrey says:

    Nice to easy thanks

  10. Abdo Alharek says:

    أنه جميل جدا

  11. Ishan Nethsara says:

    Fake origami. Use glue. It's not a origami. But it is not bad. Really good..

  12. SHITAL DHOLIYA says:

    Thanks for good video

  13. Elena Kostadinov says:

    Lice jel mozes malo brze

  14. Anu Priya says:

    I made this with a gaint new paper!! 😆try it

  15. Alveena Ayma says:

    It's is lol peep

  16. MIFZAL - CUBER says:

    i made it. it looks awesome

  17. Rajkumar Kushwaha says:

    It's not look origami

  18. Serife Seydihanoglu says:

    Çok güzeller

  19. Sk Dulal Uddin says:

    I am like to your craft.

  20. Deepa Singh says:

    Excellent video

  21. Jignesh Patel says:

    I like it

  22. sunnor sunnor says:

    Too fast and confusing!

  23. RAGNORAK 0.0 says:

    i make it a different way

  24. Emily Chiou says:


  25. It’s Me Alli R says:

    This really didn’t help way to fast

  26. ansh singh says:

    fuck offffff…….

  27. Christian Salvetti says:

    Soooooooooooo easy

  28. Christian Salvetti says:

    I did it a pro

  29. Ranjna Nanda says:

    Abgeh Gudu Jabalpur but you have do you want any problems

  30. venkatesh yadav says:

    It's too fast, not the way you should teach. Hope you will rectify in your future videos.

  31. Magician and Gamer Boy says:

    I made it like apro

  32. Meme Cream says:

    I gave all the people a dislike so give me a dislike pls

  33. Rahul Patle says:

    Your video is very nice

  34. Subscribe to instantly DIE says:

    thanks bruh

  35. 5 minute craft desi says:

    Beautiful dear 👌👌👌

  36. Pavan Shrivastava says:


  37. Aatman Shah says:

    It was really hard

  38. bk monster says:

    I looked up very easy but it didn’t even work because there is no yellow paper in my house and I don’t need to be sacked of the paper paper

  39. Mia dinda Nita Official says:

    Yaelah gitu doang, gampang coy

  40. Jaimali Boro says:


  41. Aleksandra Olszewska says:


  42. fudgecow8 says:

    Glue?? In Origami??

  43. Sayli Kadam says:

    Too fast

  44. Mohini Punjabi says:

    To fast I hate the vidio

  45. Shahed A Choudhury says:

    no glue in origami

  46. Susheel Mishra says:

    I am not subscribing you

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